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waterson2022 t1_it0lfdi wrote

Yes, prices will go up for Lobster since crab is not available. Higher prices for lobster may cause more harvesting which could weaken the lobster population.


King_O_Walpole t1_it1vlv7 wrote

Not a concern of over harvesting in Maine. Our lobster fishing regulations are the best, it’s the NH and MA fisherman who are allowed to land oversized lobsters, lobsters caught as by catch, and do not honor the v-notch/egg filled lobsters the same way we do.

Maine does it right, the other states give a huge middle finger to Maine with their regulations


lafnmatt t1_it2740t wrote

That must be why they dropped the price 50 cents on Sunday. Doesn’t jive with your crab not available argument. What is it you do for a living? Obviously you don’t fish.