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lafnmatt t1_it2x2n4 wrote

No, they weigh our catch. The lobsters in the traps I haul tell me what’s in the ocean. The majority of them are undersized and therefore go back over the rail along with the eggers. There’s no lack of lobster in the 200ish square miles we are allowed to fish (which isn’t even a thousandth of percent of the Gulf of Maine) let alone the rest of the ocean which covers 70% of the globe. You can’t imagine the vastness of the ocean. So I answered your question. My question to you is do you fish? If not then what makes you think you’ve got a clue what is going on in the northern Atlantic Ocean?


TarantinoFan23 t1_it2xqtt wrote

If I fished everyday in the same 2x2 spot in a lake, I wouldn't assume I knew the ecology of the lake just from fishing that tiny fraction of the lake.


lafnmatt t1_it2y0it wrote

Right. But you’re assuming lobsters are going extinct and have broken how many traps over the rail of a fishing vessel?