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SnooCats7847 t1_it37yer wrote


lafnmatt t1_it3bev4 wrote

I fish out of Prospect Harbor


SnooCats7847 t1_it3ef0h wrote

Thought it might go down a little for the fall. Pretty soon there won’t be a split price so that’ll be nice!


lafnmatt t1_it3ev64 wrote

Amen to that. The alewives started about a month later so I’m hoping it’s just a late year. Good luck to ya. 👍🏼


lafnmatt t1_it3bd1s wrote

We were @ $4.25/run 5.25/select up til Sunday when they dropped it 50 cents on us after that 3 day blow. Now we’re sittin at 3.75/4.75 respectively. Price is supposed to go the other way this time of year. Scary time for the lobster industry for sure.