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scurvy4all OP t1_iueoqw1 wrote

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Thank you for the in depth reply. I might need to buy 1000 post cards and send 100 a week lol.

My brother will be so happy if I'm able to to get in.


Girhinomofe t1_iueq9a2 wrote

Ah, but it’s not like that!

The window for postcards is usually April 1-April 15, and they start drawing names on the 16th. If they draw (or see) a duplicate card, you’ll be disqualified for the season. Yeah, that means that if you get pulled, and called, your reservation is set, and they find another card from you— they’ll call back to cancel the res!

I give credit to Erin and staff for the old school system to keep it honest and give everyone a fair chance. They have way, way, way more demand than they can serve, and I remember seeing an interview where she didn’t want to let the reservations come down to someone who writes a script to pinch reservations online before humans can click through.

I would venture to say it’s one of the most exclusive reservations in the US, and I think that The Lost Kitchen has done a decent job to keep it fair on getting a spot for dinner.


scurvy4all OP t1_iufaj7y wrote

That's actually really amazing. I'm happy to know that it can't be rigged. Thanks for the info.