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Antnee83 OP t1_iu3rbao wrote

> The proposal would require automakers to make wireless repair and diagnostic information available to independent shops in Maine. Only car manufacturers and dealerships have access to data collected by the wireless technology that is in most new vehicles today.

> That means many consumers need to take their cars to a dealership to diagnose and fix a problem, leaving independent shops out of the loop, said Tim Winkeler, president of VIP Tires and Service in Maine.

This also has broader implications and can help ensure that products sold here are not locked behind an impenetrable wall of DRM.


BachRodham t1_iu3t46x wrote

>> said Tim Winkeler, president of VIP Tires and Service in Maine

Man, they really should have picked a different guy to be the public face for this.


Antnee83 OP t1_iu3td60 wrote

Ha, yeah no doubt.

Still, I will take a win for consumers.


metalandmeeples t1_iu42foy wrote

Tim Winkeler is a good guy. I worked with him many years ago when he first came to VIP and he was the kind of executive that would strike up a conversation with any employee and show genuine interest beyond pointless small talk.


MathematicianGlum880 t1_iu43406 wrote

VIP is the worst. Changed rotors on a three year old Honda. They weren’t even bad, so I took them back and told them they did work I didn’t need done. They look for stuff. Then years later, I had my mothers car and it needed an inspection so I took it there as it was available. They stuck a piece of metal in the brake pad. I saw them looking and looking at the engine (not needed for inspection) and I knew. Car never gave me issues until I drove it from that place. Never went back.


metalandmeeples t1_iu439qs wrote

Which location? It was unfortunately hit or miss.


Adventurous_Lion_919 t1_iu6yjjy wrote

VIP really is. Used to go to them just for the convenience of getting in the next day, but after they charged my mother almost $200 for 8 lugnuts (roughly $27 a piece) after a simple brake job, I refuse to give them another penny.


eljefino t1_iu48sb6 wrote

Say what you will, they're among the largest independent chains of shops.

My new prius has a 4G connection to Toyota motherland, so if I ever get a check engine light, they'll know about it. I can't disable it without also killing my hands-free phone-- I've tried. I told Toyota to ignore my car but you know how that goes...


Sufficient_Risk1684 t1_iu529c1 wrote

How about the vehicle owner?....


Antnee83 OP t1_iu5cra7 wrote

I don't know what you're asking here.


Sufficient_Risk1684 t1_iu5ssd0 wrote

Does the proposal allow owners to get the information to do their own repairs, or just businesses?


Antnee83 OP t1_iu5tz45 wrote


I don't know. I imagine it would be confined to ASE certified techs or some shit.