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MathematicianGlum880 t1_iu43406 wrote

VIP is the worst. Changed rotors on a three year old Honda. They weren’t even bad, so I took them back and told them they did work I didn’t need done. They look for stuff. Then years later, I had my mothers car and it needed an inspection so I took it there as it was available. They stuck a piece of metal in the brake pad. I saw them looking and looking at the engine (not needed for inspection) and I knew. Car never gave me issues until I drove it from that place. Never went back.


metalandmeeples t1_iu439qs wrote

Which location? It was unfortunately hit or miss.


Adventurous_Lion_919 t1_iu6yjjy wrote

VIP really is. Used to go to them just for the convenience of getting in the next day, but after they charged my mother almost $200 for 8 lugnuts (roughly $27 a piece) after a simple brake job, I refuse to give them another penny.