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TraditionalPiccolo28 t1_ix8zfoz wrote

Gotta admit, I chuckled while reading the article. I'm definitely a Mainah with generations in the dirt and this is the stuff I expect here. It's crude, gross and dumb but it makes for a really funny headline and some humorous conversions.


Glass-Management-867 t1_ix93cnq wrote

>I'm definitely a Mainah


You know how I know you're not a Mainer?


DamienSalvation t1_ix93tos wrote

How many bans you gonna evade, bro


Glass-Management-867 t1_ix9hvb3 wrote

Do you upvote people saying "Ching Chong" when they mock a Chinese accent?


DidDunMegasploded t1_ix9rr9w wrote

You know how I know you're not a Mainer?


When you don't realize that Mainers are laid-back about their accents and jokes surrounding them.


FatRedDragons t1_ixayq0c wrote

Wow, you're an ACTUAL douchebag? I thought you were trying to make a relevant joke. Ayuht. I fell for it like a deeyah stovin up the ol lady's cahh