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Lieutenant_Joe t1_ix9d28b wrote

Sucks. I voted for the guy he ran against. Dude was a lot like Angus King. I’d much rather have had him than this dunce.


RubberWishbone OP t1_ix9fnrb wrote

I thought he ran unopposed?


Lieutenant_Joe t1_ix9fs2p wrote

I’m fairly confident I saw Joe Wagner’s name under his on that ballot.

Edit: I’m wrong. He was running against Heidi Sampson, who is even worse. Which means Heidi won another term.

I apologize to everyone on behalf of her district.


esspants t1_ixars25 wrote

Such a shame. Joe's a good guy, history teacher, very cool headed fellow. But Sampson is a name in a hard district.


bfdTerp t1_ixb5l9q wrote

Billy Bob ran against Roy Gott. If you know Roy he has a personality of a rock. Not exactly someone inspiring to vote for.