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priceless37 t1_ixa37fi wrote

According to a brainwashed republicans all facts are wrong. They only believe those alternative facts, AKA lies.


Nomadbytrade t1_ixab0u3 wrote

Hes already backtracking saying you " just didnt get his intent "

Which is weird cause 1 you didnt respond, and 2 if it was a joke it was fucking brain dead, and ill get a kick out of asking him to explain it.

Lets wait and see how he plays this out.


hike_me t1_ixamynm wrote

It was an obvious joke making fun of republicans that think their opinion is as valid or more valid than facts that contradict said opinion


Nomadbytrade t1_ixaq5xx wrote

Mmmm idk he seemed pretty serious. But hey. Ive been wooshed plenty of times.