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Nomadbytrade t1_ixady2q wrote

What did it have to do with? Youre trying to weasel out of your stupid comment, that didnt even make sense. Just say " i have no idea what i was trying to say, i just dont agree with them because left "


bubalusarnee t1_ixafjle wrote

I'm trying to what now?

Why should I clarify when you're having such sport telling me.

I'm your blank canvas, tell me more about how I can serve your imagination and rage monster dear sir.

Also, when you check my comment out once your cortisol levels drop, I assure you, you'll be all.... "oh, I get it now".


bubalusarnee t1_ixag0od wrote

on the off chance I am incorrect about that last part, count the fucks I give with both hands in your pockets.