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satanshark t1_ix91b47 wrote

That family is ass clowns up and down the tree.


BeholderBalls t1_ixb15p5 wrote

This is my family and it’s really not. Bad branch though


weakenedstrain t1_ix8yzms wrote

Maine G-O-Poop really scraping the bottom of the bucket these days. Just make sure not to scrape ANY bucket handed to you by Billy Bob.

What a shitty choice.


New_Sun6390 t1_ix8zsw9 wrote

We should all be very, very afraid. Again, is this the best the Republicans could do?


IamSauerKraut t1_ix8yb40 wrote

Billy Poop? Is that how you pronounce his name?


For evermore shalt it be.


Twerks4Jesus t1_ix9304t wrote

Was it his or someone else’s?


SemaphoreBingo t1_ix93t1h wrote

You can't dust for poop.


Wald0_17 t1_ix9b6bs wrote

Really one of those things, you know, the authorities said best leave it...unsolved.


Guygan t1_ix8wad7 wrote



demalo t1_ix9zeqa wrote

Feels like it should have been r/atetheonion…


TraditionalPiccolo28 t1_ix8zfoz wrote

Gotta admit, I chuckled while reading the article. I'm definitely a Mainah with generations in the dirt and this is the stuff I expect here. It's crude, gross and dumb but it makes for a really funny headline and some humorous conversions.


Glass-Management-867 t1_ix93cnq wrote

>I'm definitely a Mainah


You know how I know you're not a Mainer?


DamienSalvation t1_ix93tos wrote

How many bans you gonna evade, bro


Glass-Management-867 t1_ix9hvb3 wrote

Do you upvote people saying "Ching Chong" when they mock a Chinese accent?


DidDunMegasploded t1_ix9rr9w wrote

You know how I know you're not a Mainer?


When you don't realize that Mainers are laid-back about their accents and jokes surrounding them.


FatRedDragons t1_ixayq0c wrote

Wow, you're an ACTUAL douchebag? I thought you were trying to make a relevant joke. Ayuht. I fell for it like a deeyah stovin up the ol lady's cahh


priceless37 t1_ix9u09t wrote

This guy sounds like a typical republican candidate. A boisterous idiot who thinks he knows more than experts, because he saw it on a conspiracy site. A criminal that votes against the worker while claiming family values. Yep a typical republican candidate..


bubalusarnee t1_ix9zxry wrote

His opinion's worth two of your facts


Nomadbytrade t1_ixa2mze wrote

What facts did they get wrong?


priceless37 t1_ixa37fi wrote

According to a brainwashed republicans all facts are wrong. They only believe those alternative facts, AKA lies.


Nomadbytrade t1_ixab0u3 wrote

Hes already backtracking saying you " just didnt get his intent "

Which is weird cause 1 you didnt respond, and 2 if it was a joke it was fucking brain dead, and ill get a kick out of asking him to explain it.

Lets wait and see how he plays this out.


hike_me t1_ixamynm wrote

It was an obvious joke making fun of republicans that think their opinion is as valid or more valid than facts that contradict said opinion


Nomadbytrade t1_ixaq5xx wrote

Mmmm idk he seemed pretty serious. But hey. Ive been wooshed plenty of times.


Emp3r0r_01 t1_ixc70gl wrote

Looks like Bubs a typical Republican… can’t explain his stupid comments and he has to act out.


bubalusarnee t1_ixa3ar6 wrote

Aside from misreading my intent, they wore their thin skin out in public today.

You here to take offense on their behalf lol?


Nomadbytrade t1_ixaam2h wrote

What was your " intent " ?


bubalusarnee t1_ixabu0b wrote

it had nothing to do with anyone here being "wrong". That was your word, not mine.

Did you need a hand with anything else?


Nomadbytrade t1_ixady2q wrote

What did it have to do with? Youre trying to weasel out of your stupid comment, that didnt even make sense. Just say " i have no idea what i was trying to say, i just dont agree with them because left "


bubalusarnee t1_ixafjle wrote

I'm trying to what now?

Why should I clarify when you're having such sport telling me.

I'm your blank canvas, tell me more about how I can serve your imagination and rage monster dear sir.

Also, when you check my comment out once your cortisol levels drop, I assure you, you'll be all.... "oh, I get it now".


bubalusarnee t1_ixag0od wrote

on the off chance I am incorrect about that last part, count the fucks I give with both hands in your pockets.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_ix9d28b wrote

Sucks. I voted for the guy he ran against. Dude was a lot like Angus King. I’d much rather have had him than this dunce.


RubberWishbone OP t1_ix9fnrb wrote

I thought he ran unopposed?


Lieutenant_Joe t1_ix9fs2p wrote

I’m fairly confident I saw Joe Wagner’s name under his on that ballot.

Edit: I’m wrong. He was running against Heidi Sampson, who is even worse. Which means Heidi won another term.

I apologize to everyone on behalf of her district.


esspants t1_ixars25 wrote

Such a shame. Joe's a good guy, history teacher, very cool headed fellow. But Sampson is a name in a hard district.


bfdTerp t1_ixb5l9q wrote

Billy Bob ran against Roy Gott. If you know Roy he has a personality of a rock. Not exactly someone inspiring to vote for.


gtmbphillyloo t1_ix9jeyp wrote

People are really surprised to hear this?

That is exactly the kind of classy behavior I expect from any republican candidate.


Bywater t1_ixa7244 wrote

I mean, if it was another state I would think it's fucking hilarious Instead I am just kind of sad.


XxHANZO t1_ixekem4 wrote

The whole story from a friend who knows Billy Bob. Another fisherman had stabbed Billy Bob's dad, and had a habit of shitting on boats. So Billy Bob threw shit on him.

I mean he's a Republican, but he deffo isn't the worst of them.

Edit with clarifications


SeelieForest t1_ixagnc4 wrote

Well, to be fair... most politicians deal in slinging crap around.


Yourbubblestink t1_ixapdoi wrote

At first glance he looks like a guy with a relationship to beer.


Born_in_Maine t1_ixav9zu wrote

Polititians talk shit all the time. At least this guy throws what he says.


AmericanMinotaur t1_ixbemea wrote

I… don’t know if I should find this funny or be disturbed.


uniqueshell t1_ixc7i2a wrote

And the people in his district that elected him will defend him and their choices because libs


randomman2071983 t1_ixcj3xi wrote

Seriously so many white guys with circle beards are just so, errr, shitty. Why is that?


lobstah t1_ixa90xj wrote

I wonder how long it's been since Billy last saw his Bob without the aid of a mirror !