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Skjeggape t1_ixdc3o8 wrote

I looked at a yurt, but they are not cheap, nor particularly expandable or a whole lot better than a $200 bell tent (IMHO). especially if you're heading towards a cabin in the future. It all depends on the land you get and how undeveloped it is, but in our case it started with access. We needed a driveway permit, which starts the dialog with the CEO. In fact, as soon as you buy the land, you'll be interacting with the town folks over things like taxes. You can probably scoot by a few years "camping" for weekend getaways (we did, with a 16ft bell tent+cots) , but pretty quickly there will be questions about how you're handling the waste water disposal situation.


Sufficient_Risk1684 t1_ixdj3bc wrote

Exactly. A yurt will cost you much more then a cabin or camper.


mymaineaccount46 t1_ixj8y2f wrote

Not for the same amount of interior space. I compared both options and a yurt was far cheaper for the size.