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Metal_Worldly t1_ixz04np wrote

People say holidays are the most wonderful time of.the year. I say no tourist is the most wonderful time.


panadoodle t1_ixz9mvx wrote

I feel the same down here in NYC. It ‘s a totally different vibe without the tourists and commuters. I do love Maine! Btw, is there a web cam one can tune into for a daily dose of calm?


lateja t1_iy1a281 wrote

NYC is just weird now... And not in a good way.

Almost has a bit of a post apocalyptic vibe to it.


Metal_Worldly t1_ixz9z5q wrote

I'm not sure but I am confident a quick Google search and their is something out their.


[deleted] t1_ixz2axc wrote

Thanks for the reminder, I’m going to go.


Industrial_Golem t1_iy08vuk wrote

yeah I might jet up there next slow season. I stayed in old orchard in October. It was nice.


[deleted] t1_iy0k3ka wrote

I live in Maine, so it’s an easy trip. It’s very odd to be there when it’s empty.


Industrial_Golem t1_iy0q7x0 wrote

i'm down in PA. still not to bad but i need plan it out. I want to go up to Cadillac mountain in Acadia


Blue_Eyed_ME t1_iy0usfm wrote

Cadillac on New Year's Eve is a fun time. You get to see the first moment of sunrise in the U.S. on the first day of the New Year. Just dress for very cold weather since you'll need to hike partway up the mountain.


wearsbluescrubs t1_iy1y147 wrote

Is it mobbed then?


Blue_Eyed_ME t1_iy1yk0j wrote

Not mobbed. The road is closed, so you have to walk the 3 1/2 miles, in the dark, in the cold. I did it about ten years ago and there were about 50 people at the summit.


so2017 t1_ixzauqk wrote

When I lived in Bangor I spent a lot of off-season weekends in Bar Harbor. It felt like it was mine. As the tourists came back it quickly became evident it was not mine.


sooooooooyep t1_ixzemxj wrote

Who are you and why are you telling people?


MaryBitchards t1_ixzay8f wrote

That's good to see. Last time I was there, there were two cruise ships in and the town was absolutely overrun. It was unrecognizable.


Gonzorvally t1_ixz9v3k wrote

Are there any good places to eat during the off-season?


Sandusky_D0NUT t1_ixzekbo wrote

Yep there's always a few places open especially before the holiday season is over. Then they'll stagger with temporary closings ranging from a week to a month or two depending on the place but there's always some open year round. Hours will be shorter and menus are typically different but places like my favorite in town Mckays did a ton of great holiday specials last year. Finback alehouse is usually a reliable winter dinner, Atlantic and fogtown do great pop ups. There's always plenty to enjoy!


mymaineaccount46 t1_iy06yce wrote

Honestly I found the food in bar harbor almost universally more disappointing than other towns. Eaten a few different places there and would say just go to Ellsworth or Belfast instead.


Gonzorvally t1_iy1igz5 wrote

I'll look into those towns... any recommendations ?


ratjar19 t1_iy1teud wrote

Thai Sana on the way to Bar Harbor, hidden gem. I like Shinbashi in Ellsworth, but its older brother Green Tea in Bangor (if you’re on the way) is where it’s at.


mymaineaccount46 t1_iy38iar wrote

If you're looking for something easy fogtown brewing does great pizzas (they have a bar harbor spot as well but I've never been) 86 This in Ellsworth does really good burritos, in Belfast Chases Daily is a great coffee shop with good food options.


capt_jazz t1_iy170rk wrote

The Thirsty Whale, Peeky Toes, and the Barnacle are my in-town off season favs! Note that the barnacle is mostly a bar w/ oysters, not a spot for dinner.


greeneman05 t1_iy0ss6h wrote

It's now the best time to visit. You can actually drive and find parking.


casewood123 t1_ixz99lv wrote

I was there in the last week of July, and it sure didn’t look like that.


vayloo10 t1_ixzf05b wrote

Is there still a lot of stuff opened up?


hike_me t1_iy24j9q wrote

There are a decent number of shops that at least stay open through Christmas, and there are always a handful of restaurants open.


Xyzzydude t1_iy10mh1 wrote

Nice and quiet but also everything is closed


Lady-Kat1969 t1_iy26g66 wrote

I love visiting here between November and early May.


AndiWhyte t1_iy13589 wrote

Spent an out of season night here at the end of March. Loved it. Quiet but still enjoyable.


Bokchoyboy14 t1_iy1esl8 wrote

I just visited two weeks ago, it was dead but me and my girlfriend appreciated that


Ellykenzie t1_iy1kzh3 wrote

good they can all get!


Dizzyluffy t1_iy23hk5 wrote

Is that the fountain under that green tree-like teepee?


hike_me t1_iy24xb1 wrote

As someone that lives here, November has been great this year. We had some absolutely awesome weather early in the month. Spent a little time walking around town on the weekends. Enough stuff was open and there were a few people out and about so it kind of felt like a normal town.


battletank1996 t1_iy3ci1k wrote

Ive been to Bar Harbor three times. One of those times I went there last year around this time. The square right by the water was 100% empty. None of the normal tourist restaurants were open. Buy the book shop and the candy store were still open. Hotel rooms were cheap in the area too. If you want a relaxing vacation to see a part of Maine without the tourists? December to February is the time to go to Bar Harbor.


DamnMaineYankee t1_iy3pua7 wrote

Had another fantastic Thanksgiving dinner at Gaylyn’s and the town was empty - luvin’it!