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78FANGIRL t1_ivkbgs1 wrote

It's a real shame that there aren't any places closer that could build this ferry! 🙄


rdstrmfblynch79 t1_ivkp3gi wrote

I'm picturing BIW building portland a 6 billion dollar ferry that has nuclear warhead capabilites and is named the Mikmaq


Laeek t1_ivlee77 wrote

Ferry service has to bid these out. If they paid more to have a local shipbuilder do it people would bitch about that too.


snackexchanger t1_ivli014 wrote

Such as?


Crowderhairalert t1_ivr71rw wrote

Uhhh... doughty and washburn. Maine Taxpayer funds spent on purchasing boats for the people of maine should be going to maine builders.

Looking at you CBL and portland fire boat.


78FANGIRL t1_ivlm80o wrote

🙄 I am so sorry to be reading you don't know how to use the internet. Google is extremely helpful, look into it.


snackexchanger t1_ivm907u wrote

I found the website you referenced (I think you called it goggle??) but I didn’t find any boatyards that said they had ever made a ferry before. They seem to all be large ships (BIW) or yachts (everyone else) but maybe I’m using goggle wrong because today was the first time I’ve heard about it so maybe you have honed your searching skills more than I


PatsFreak101 t1_ivlm1p4 wrote

There are, they’re just too busy getting that sweet sweet department of defense money.


Massive_Fault9013 t1_ivm5txv wrote

Why? Alabama is literally the most backwards, fucked up, area north of Venezuela. They teach creationism in their state colleges. They regularly pass laws making it illegal to conserve wildlife (while fishing) and put oil profits above all. Who in their right mind would entertain these fuck-wads on a state level?


[deleted] t1_ivkh9el wrote

The last one the state bought has been broken more than it hasn’t. Very frustrating for the people who depend on it


King_O_Walpole t1_ivlf9gp wrote



yupuhoh t1_ivlwqam wrote

I'd say poll some Islanders. Probably the only place you could get that info


[deleted] t1_ivm4vpn wrote

I live on the island the newest ferry services, it’s also public information when any scheduled state run ferry trip is canceled, not hard to find the information at all you can even sign up for text messages letting you know when scheduled runs are canceled


[deleted] t1_ivlpqsm wrote

I don't trust or buy anything made south of the mason dixon line.

If it's made in Dixie I'd rather by something made in Mexico, China, India, or Sri lanka.


Bywater t1_ivkdt9t wrote

Toot toot! Dats cool.