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MathematicianGlum880 t1_ixd4ep7 wrote

That’s a phenomenal idea. I love that theme song and remember when they wanted to change it but it shook up some feathers.


jimberley t1_ixe7wgp wrote

You should Tweet at them. They’ve got a thousand versions of that file.


LawDogSavy t1_ixed0lc wrote

The theme is on YouTube. There are apps that let you grab audio from YouTube if you use Android.


neuromonkey t1_ixel8qk wrote

tl;dr-- Here's a half-decent WAV file, and here's a smaller MP3.

I used to make the wav, and for the mp3. If you want to grab video or audio with, take the YT URL, and then remove the "ube," so:


This one? ...or this one? Do you want something cleaner than what's on YouTube?

Ah. Here we go! It's from the 1986 Frank Gari Television News Music Package, Good News. Here's a cleaner copy of the audio, without voice-over. It's licensed by Warner-Chappell, but you'd have to find the production number.