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indyaj t1_ixvh4r3 wrote

As a driver myself, if you don't think you'll pass a driver's test then stay off the fucking road. Sorry for your situation but you could hurt or kill someone and that's not ok. Figure it out. Pass the test. I believe in you.


J4ywolf OP t1_ixw3puw wrote

Only reason I failed first time was bc I roll stopped pass a stop sign, everything else I passed 100%. Second time I failed more things bc of nerves and I was overwhelmed bc everyone was convinced I'd pass and had a lot of weight on my shoulders. I'm a good driver, and drive very cautiously due to PTSD. I tend to overly look, don't go thrue yellow lights, wait till cars pass even if I have time due to fear, and even look bothways when crossing an intersection since that's where I was T-Boned and almost killed. I just can't handle when people watch my every move like a hawk. So please don't assume I'm a risk to everyone without knowing my backstory. Thank you!


neuromonkey t1_ixwsgh4 wrote

I think you may be missing the help that people are offering. Nobody is criticizing your ability to drive a car. To drive well, you need to make good decisions. Driving without a license would be a very bad decision.

(wow. my insanely long comment could have just been that^^ ... I guess.


New_Sun6390 t1_ixwrqh2 wrote

I failed my first time for rolling thru a stop sign as well. So did more than half the people I knew who had to drive the same route for their tests. The examiners pick intersections with stop signs set way back in order to fail people.

I have also been t-boned at an intersection, despite having right of way, looking both ways, and seeing the other car slow down. I got over it and got on with my life.

Stop using "depression" and "PTSD" as excuses for your lack of adulting skills. If you are that afraid to drive, move to a city with public transit so you won't have to drive.


indyaj t1_iy09fkc wrote

I'm truly sorry for your struggle. I can relate to some of it. The driving issue aside, you might benefit from some therapy. I'm not saying you're nuts but it might help you sort out the ptsd, depression, lack of confidence. You know, give you some coping tools. We all need them. I mean, it can't hurt, right?

As far as the driving test, I meant it. I believe in you. Follow the rules (including rolling fucking stops!) and ace it. You can do this. Dig deep for the confidence. It's there. You know the rules. You know you're good and fuck what everyone else is saying. Who is the driving tester guy but another human? Just ignore him and drive properly. You know how to do it so do it. No excuses.

Sorry for the platitudes but that's all I got. It's up to you to figure it out and find that confidence in you. It's there. Find it.