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J4ywolf OP t1_ixw4ft2 wrote

First time: Roll stopped passed a stop sign (Bush was obstructing view so I kept inching fwd till I could see past it) 100% passed everything else. That one stop sign failed me.

Second time: no blinker on parallel parking, no backing up straight, to wide of a turn, didn't check one mirror when changing lanes. Once the instructor corrected me I gave up and stopped caring which lead to failing more things bc I was already upset with myself. I was already stressed and overwhelmed by all the weight on my shoulders by everyone being 100% sure I was gonna pass bc I only failed one thing my first time.


neuromonkey t1_ixwso0m wrote

None of that matters. Choosing to drive without a license is overwhelming evidence that you haven't reached the right answer quite yet. People are trying to help you, not cut you down.