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hjboots t1_iy4qgxz wrote

Everyone has seen the "CAMP IN THE WOODS, NOT THE LEFT LANE" one too, right?



Federal_Dingo_4495 OP t1_iy4rqpe wrote

Absolutely. Unfortunately, they should leave that one active. Constant left lane horders. They tend to dissipate north Augusta.


GraniteGeekNH t1_iy4h0ov wrote

I did a story a couple years ago about New Hampshire's control center for those signs. They said they would not follow Maine's keep-it-light model, much to my dismay.


Federal_Dingo_4495 OP t1_iy4h8un wrote

Live free or try!! NH has always been a bit serious! Was raised there and love it. Our DOT signs read more like, Drink and Drive =Death


UrchinSquirts t1_iy7r3c6 wrote

“Live Free or Die” on the license plates, stamped out by prisoners . . .


McGrupp1979 t1_iyaarwr wrote

Man never thought about it like that before, harsh!


bern_trees t1_iy4qaxm wrote

My favorite one was “Seatbelts Keep your stuffing on the inside”


BracedRhombus t1_iy4mzu9 wrote

I was on the turnpike yesterday and got to enjoy the signs. "Gobble, gobble, easy on the throttle!" "Keep your stuffing on the inside, Buckle up!"


keanenottheband t1_iy52lun wrote

I just want to say thank you to whoever makes these, I look forward to them when I'm on 95


Dr_Clout t1_iy50qop wrote

“The only thing baked should be your Turkey”


DidDunMegasploded t1_iy57rid wrote

Actually, I read New Jersey can't have these signs anymore. They have some really good ones--"Slow Down, This Ain't Thunder Road", "Get Your Head Out of Your App"...stuff like that. So it isn't just Maine.

I just hope they aren't outlawed in Maine, either. They're pretty amusing.


dabeeman t1_iy5xwky wrote

we just had a campaign that said driving drunk = OUI!

(operating under the influence)

In a state with a significant portion that speaks french at home.


Stunning_Ad9784 t1_iy5gynw wrote

On a trip last weekend up north with spouse, can attest that when you keep it light, most people will repeat it on the trip. In my husbands case multiple times....heavy sigh...every car that passed us on the left he would exclaim loudly. Mash potatoes!!!. This is burned into my minds eye FOREVER. Thanks DOT sign person.


WildlyUnprepared4___ t1_iy6ds2b wrote

I can guarantee you not enough. The job is useful, so I’m sure it’s underpaid


IamSauerKraut t1_iy4lm5r wrote

Mashing Potatoes... is that Willy Korgan's cover band?


FatPanda5000 t1_iy6f4yd wrote

Feast your eyes on the road too! I love it here.


Existing_Bat1939 t1_iy4u71j wrote

Does anyone else remember the Maine Highway Safety Commission signs that used to stand in the Turnpike median? Are your tires safe? I think the last sign with their name on it was the one in Augusta that showed what the lanes were supposed to be used for.


bugdude666 t1_iy5myna wrote

I think the “please don’t use engine brakes in this area, thank you!” yellow diamond signs with the italics are the funniest. Why are our signs so polite

My out of state friends have told me that there’s a meme about this


RagnarDaViking t1_iy5nxi7 wrote

I swear there was one about keeping your eyes glued to the road, or peeled on the road. I saw all these signs on the way home from New Hampshire Friday haha


Baphometwolf83 t1_iy6cwum wrote

I 🤣😂 when I saw the signs but right away made up my own that werent appropriate.


Mannymarlo t1_iy7hgf1 wrote

He actually only makes 230 k for this


esodankic t1_iy7y16f wrote

I’m pretty sure Mills writes all of these.


Federal_Dingo_4495 OP t1_iy87wxw wrote

Intent was a light hearted post. I am not mad about sign programming. I find it entertaining.


wessex464 t1_iy8drrj wrote

Starting your post with asking about how much tax money goes to the author of the signs heavily implies you think it's a waste of tax dollars. That's why people think you're mad.


TonyClifton86 t1_iy85aeg wrote

This happens in almost every state & it saves a life or two it is worth it. How much of a curmudgeon do you have to be to be mad about programming a safety sign during the busy travel periods. Wow…


Federal_Dingo_4495 OP t1_iy86mtc wrote

I am not mad. Not sure how anyone is perceiving it this way. I think it is great. Nothing wrong with being light hearted. Give it a whirl. I will edit post to state obvious if you read the thread. (Fun and light hearted post). Read the rest.


primordialforms t1_iy6ba8a wrote

You are tilting at windmills I'm afraid. I'm sure it is a minor aspect of one state employee's job to do that shit. Might even just be someone trying to have some fun. Ease off my friend, if you wanna get mad, there are a lotta better targets out there


Thepants1981 t1_iy58g7a wrote

It seems like a 15$ an hour teenager is trolling us.


Federal_Dingo_4495 OP t1_iy5apkx wrote

I think they make more than that these days. I think I made 6.25 in presque isle at that age!


snackexchanger t1_iy4gsd7 wrote

Feels like those signs violate MUTCD – Official Ruling No. 2(09)-174 (I) – Uses of and Nonstandard Syntax on Changeable Message Signs (

NJDOT was recently told to stop putting silly messages on their changeable signs, surprised Maine hasn’t been told the same (


snackexchanger t1_iy4heg9 wrote

Also, and this is mentioned in the DOT ruling, I actually don’t read those signs any more because they are almost always useless. And when people stop reading the useless signs they also miss when the sign actually says something useful (which is very rare but presumably that is the reason for the sign)


IamSauerKraut t1_iy4luxr wrote

The art of levity is lost on some. oh well.


snackexchanger t1_iy4s40u wrote

When I drive between Portland and Bangor and see that same 2 saying multiple times in each direction it gets real old real quick. Multiply that by doing that drive multiple times per month and they very quickly become uninteresting


Notmystationbro t1_iy4iby7 wrote

Well at night it’s almost impossible not to notice these signs. I think it’s human nature just to see what they say


IamSauerKraut t1_iy4lx1o wrote

Better the sign alongside of me than a moose in front of me.


FragilousSpectunkery t1_iy5gr43 wrote

The only possible culprit in the ruling would be the 3rd, reading “Convey a clear, simple meaning. Clear and simple messages are easy to read and comprehend with only short glances away from the roadway, resulting in minimal visual and cognitive distraction from the driving task. The use of witticisms, colloquialisms, and popular culture references that target or are comprehended only by a limited segment of the population is not consistent with a clear, simple meaning for all. Instead, these messages rely on hidden meanings or targeted cultural knowledge to understand the message. Similarly, the use of newly coined terms (neologisms), words combining the meanings of two words or blending of sounds (portmanteaus), metadata tags ("hashtags"), electronic shorthand ("Internet slang"), and other forms that do not use conventional syntax do not convey a clear, simple meaning to many road users.”

If anything, the witty sayings on the Maine CMS system fulfills all of those requirements. Quick read, no slang, easy to understand and translate into roadway directions. They are also, besides in your case, something that is eagerly anticipated by drivers and passengers, rather than ignored. An example of an ignored sign is “Yield” or “65 mph”. You should stop ignoring the changeable signs. They are there for a reason, and your judgment of their efficacy is not a condemnation of them, but rather, of you.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iy57y2p wrote

Go back to shaking your cane, boomer. You can't tell me you haven't laughed at least one of the signs just because it tells a funny joke hidden inside of a safety message.

Would you rather have "gobble gobble, easy on the throttle", or "speeding is against the law, don't do it"?