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78FANGIRL t1_ivytkx6 wrote

He is such an embarrassment to the state. His comment "These are guys with the name D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty... they come up here, they sell their heroin... half the time they impregnate a young, white girl before they leave," is unforgivable. His comment about Mainers choosing abortion over heating oil was equally ridiculous.


hateboss t1_iw0v8mq wrote

What boiled me the most about that heating oil vs abortion thing is that it's such a false dichotomy. As a political leader, you can care about both. It's not a zero sum game. Caring about and promoting female health advocacy costs literally zero dollars, you can take all that 100% savings and invest or advocate/lobby for affordable heating oil.


andsendunits t1_iw1ktxu wrote

I still wonder how he would have saved the day concerning heating oil this coming winter. Would he try to get the state to buy a bunch of oil to distribute or cheaply sell to Mainers? Maybe drill for oil himself? How?


zoolilba t1_iw29eql wrote

He was acting like being governor would give him as much power as president. He had plans to lower food costs by somehow giving money to local farmers (that's fine with me). As if we don't have a global food market.


hateboss t1_iw2odki wrote

Basically, his plan was to petition the Fed for releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve which was created with the intention of being able to release large quantities of heating oil to various commercial heating oil distribution entities when supply was dangerously low. The problem with that plan is that there really is no supply issue, there is plenty of supply in the commercial market, it's just expensive. That reserve should be maintained for cases of extreme supply emergency, especially now in a reality where Russia has made a point of showing their ability to cripple energy infrastructure, a la how they destroyed their own Nordstream pipeline. A lot of people doubt that Russia did it to their own pipeline, but it's really a classic Russian move of assymetric warfare.

  1. That pipeline was never going to be serving Europe again as the war in Ukraine had pushed Europe to develop alternative supplies so that they didn't have to be beholden to Russian influences, so there was no real loss to themselves if they destroyed it.

  2. They could use their own destruction of it as a false flag operation so that they could blame Ukraine for doing it to serve as war propaganda in their own domestic news agencies.

  3. It served as a message to the rest of the world that they could covertly destroy other countries sub sea delivery systems if they wanted to at any time, so think carefully about supporting Ukraine unless you want to risk having your oil pipelines disrupted.

That is why we need to maintain those reserves more than ever. Instead, LePage was using the high prices and the existence of the reserve to fear monger that people would be freezing to death in their homes... Really, that would be an inappropriate use of that reserve.


"Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve


Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve


Former President Bill Clinton directed the emergency reserve of heating oil on July 10, 2000, when he directed then-Energy Secretary Bill Richardson to establish a two million barrel home heating oil component of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the Northeast. The intent was to create a buffer large enough to allow commercial companies to compensate for interruptions in supply during severe winter weather, but not so large as to dissuade the companies from maintaining stock levels sufficient to respond to routine weather events or to recognize that increasing prices are an indicator that more supply is needed. The reserve would give Northeast consumers supplemental supplies for approximately 10 days, the time required for ships to carry additional heating oil from the Gulf of Mexico to New York Harbor."


zoolilba t1_iw2rltt wrote

Sounds nice and complicated. Complicated enough to not happen. Which may have been his plan.


hateboss t1_iw4gk27 wrote

Precisely. He'd make a big public stink about petitioning for its release, knowing that the Fed would say no. Then he can demonize Biden and the Dems. It's a big win for him.


TraditionalPiccolo28 t1_ivz5inr wrote

B b b but he said he meant to say "Maine women" so he's not racist 🙄 guess I'll add the /s just to make sure


reutech t1_iw02eea wrote

D-Money doesn't sell drugs, just weed.


[deleted] t1_iw1guk5 wrote

And his little binder he carried around that he claimed had all these black criminals in and come to find out it was mostly white people.


LobsterMan101 t1_ivyjtgl wrote

I bet you if trump were president or had the influence he used to have, LePage wouldn’t have conceded and he would have dragged this out somehow. And it’s good bc trump being nobody reallly shows these republicans they can’t just scream whenever they lose.


clhomme t1_iw01yve wrote

Ron DeSantis 2024 enters the chat......


timothypjr t1_ivz921g wrote

My favorite thing about this run was his confession speech—wherein he says that he wished he never got into politics. On camera, you can see an older woman console her daughter (I assume—both were adults, but the interaction was definitely a familial thing). They were shocked and distressed that he said that. I hope they go to Florida with him.


Runnah5555 t1_iw00r8l wrote

Wow it’s almost as if you shouldn’t base your entire personality and happiness on politicians.


tdhorus t1_iw0k2xp wrote

Agreed, and perhaps it would be good if we collectively stopped posting about politics in this forum. Kinda tired of r/maine being littered with political post and ideologies on the regular. There should be a separate subreddit for politics in Maine imo.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iw0spvv wrote

Politics are one of the few things that get people really talking. And I mean really talking. As in, "I'm introverted but man does politics get me fired up."

Maine is no exception. Plus we're just a few days after Election Day, so political post rates will be increased for a while.


xavyre t1_iw0lyod wrote



tdhorus t1_iw0ok2p wrote

Great. Thanks for contributing. Now perhaps the mods could facilitate a move of the political discourse.


xavyre t1_iw0qnv2 wrote

Well if we're going to put things where they belong then all the Portland posts should go to the Portland Maine subreddit as well.


middayramadanbuffet t1_iw28a7a wrote

Really looking forward to never hearing about this clown ever again.


Automatic-Raspberry3 t1_iw2ubbt wrote

The lobster forums went batshit when lepage lost. The fuck your feelings and the you lost get over it crowd really can’t handle losing. It’s sad really.


roundeye2020 t1_iw2w8h2 wrote

Far worse than any liberal in 2016, it cracks me up though.


mirage74 t1_iw2scn9 wrote

Re: his ‘I didn’t know this was about abortion’ comment - once again he didn’t take women’s views seriously enough.


TheUnknownNut22 t1_iw23c6j wrote

LePussbucket is now officially insignificant.

Congratulations Maine!