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TheDiceMan2 t1_iw0c77c wrote

judging by the road shoulders….everyone


mainemandan t1_iw26tcl wrote

Came here to say this…I pickup empties on the daily. Someone in my neighborhood has a particular fancy for natty ice and fireball.


TheDiceMan2 t1_iw2e9x3 wrote

while that may be true for your neighbor specifically, it is also the general rule. natural ice cans and fireball nips are the two pieces of litter that i consistently see on the side of the road while i'm biking. the (not so) funny thing? i live in south portland and i do most of my biking in cape elizabeth. so, we're not just talking about out in the mountains or the county. it's a statewide plague


BabylonByBoobies t1_iw3373w wrote

Lakes Region NH here. Same bottles. What is wrong with these boozers.


TraditionalPiccolo28 t1_iw06535 wrote

Fireball, in Maine? Probably a lot of people for gag gifts.


MaineJackalope t1_iw1qirg wrote

Fireball nips got named most money making booze in the state a few years back ((Allen's coffee brandy winning by volume though))


AyArian t1_iwgjqaa wrote

Mainers love them their fireball


muchomojotx t1_iw08q7i wrote

What? No Allen's Coffee Brandy filled candy canes?


ScenePlayful1872 t1_iw1duwh wrote

NGL, would work great as filling in those Cordial chocolate balls/truffles


Lemonchicken207 t1_iw07830 wrote

I had the same thought when I saw those too...looks like the Brighton Avenue Cumbys lol.


marrymejojo OP t1_iw0htyi wrote

Yup that's the one. According to the cashier it's mostly little kids that want them and then get pissed when their parents dont buy them.


TheCoub t1_iw0im5b wrote

Its actually for people like me, who want to drink fireball while also creating the most plastic waste possible. I usually buy the buckets of nips, but around the holidays, I get these, a lot more plastic for me to litter!


DidDunMegasploded t1_iw0odoi wrote

Gotta start 'em on the Fireball addiction early. 'Tis the way of things.


K8nK9s t1_ixgqcw8 wrote

Came here to say this. Conditioning-not just for hair lol


MeepleMaster t1_iw07uy2 wrote

Getting heartburn just looking at it


Skippyandjif t1_iw0gww6 wrote

I thought they were full of caramels for a second and then I zoomed in and was disappointed 😂


Patsaholic t1_iw0iy65 wrote

If they’re the fake cinnamon fireball sure, for the uncle that gets blitz and everyone drinks the real fireball whisky.


RealMainer t1_iw35e90 wrote

Looks like this is at a Cumberland farms, which doesn't have a license to sell hard liquor, so they are the weak ass fake fireballs for sure. Those would go straight into the trash if I were gifted any.


riefpirate t1_iw09a3t wrote

I would if they had Jim Beam.


blzac33 t1_iw0f5ox wrote

Buy a chocolate or candy filled cane, empty out the chocolate and buy a dozen Beam nips to refill. He will appreciate it.

Signed, Not your husband but maybe your husband.


OmniMegaGiraffe t1_iw17wuv wrote

Are those the real ones or are they the Malt Liquor versions? That's the question


BongRipsForNips t1_iw1rczv wrote

That's the 13% gas station malt version. Yeah, it's cheap, but it's down from the 33% real Fireball is and it just tastes like someone soaked Big Red gum in cinnamon schnapps


OmniMegaGiraffe t1_iw2mcea wrote

Who better to ask about nips than the man who tales bong rips for them?

It feels like the only people who would buy that A.) Haven't had the real thing B.) Just want something hot


stillcoolrr t1_iw0dovz wrote

That looks big enough to use as an actual cane😅


eljefino t1_iw0lntf wrote

Maybe liver failure can get you into a nice cane or walker by your 45th birthday!


New_Sun6390 t1_iw1bdf3 wrote

The candy cane is cute, but I like the bucket better. It is reusable and very handy!


baxterstate t1_iw2fmyu wrote

Proof positive that poverty in Maine is overreported.

If this is how you buy liquor, you have money to burn.


bubalusarnee t1_iw3lmjs wrote

That is some remarkable sleight of hand there, blaming poor people for what is in a store.

Wheeee must be fun around the dinner table at your house.


K8nK9s t1_ixgqh0q wrote

News flash: poors aren't the target demographic


baxterstate t1_ixgtpsd wrote

News flash: Poor people aren’t the only ones hurting by inflation. The cost of liquor is far far higher if you buy it in nips. It’s like buying one M&M candy at a time instead of in a bag.

You don’t buy nips to take home and enjoy a quiet drink.

So buying a nip is economical stupid, and dangerous because you’re buying it to drink and drive and toss the evidence out the window.


Septicrogue t1_iw0h78p wrote

Maybe if it was Allen's I would


contra-bonos-mores t1_iw0ipfm wrote

I found a discounted Fireball Halloween bag recently. They’re festive


tesaril t1_iw0mlpi wrote

I think we bought a few when the kids were little. 20 years ago.


Snoo_4108 t1_iw0no51 wrote

No one yet. Those are all full cases


Kickitup97 t1_iw0oy59 wrote

We get them as gifts for friends and family out of state.


Starbuksman t1_iw0v1et wrote

I bought 2 this afternoon


alteredst88 t1_iw1crem wrote

"Everyone!" - Gary Oldman


kmkmrod t1_iw1dm8x wrote

Who doesn’t?


sheeponabowl t1_iw2ha4i wrote

I’ve bought these as gifts for people. I don’t hate Fireball, but it’s absolutely NOT my go to. That shit is way too sweet to drink much of. I prefer ya know, regular whiskey. Like woodford…or Jameson.


baxterstate t1_iw2j88a wrote

I drink but I've never bought a nip. The only purpose is to drink while driving and then toss the evidence.


Trajoman t1_iw2p2u6 wrote

Thank you for the reminder. Its that time of year everyone!!!


daisakai42 t1_iw2smc1 wrote

The amount of people who don’t even realize these are the “malt beverage” ones with a lower alcohol content cracks me up. They think they’re buying straight fireball at places without a hard liquor license.


londonphase t1_iw2xk00 wrote

I work at a certain grocery store who's name rhymes with Jaws. I sell roughly 5 of these in an 8 hour shift.


Bywater t1_iw38s7w wrote

They make great gifts for the kids!


acister t1_iw3cyke wrote

IIRC Fireball is the top liquor in Maine now beating Allen's Coffee Brandy


Substantial-Spare501 t1_iw3pq3h wrote

My “sober” stbxh. But probably only when the buckets aren’t available


meowmix778 t1_iw4g4xi wrote

I got one when I was like 22 from a yankee swap.


Hefty_Musician2402 t1_iwb4uhq wrote

I have bought them for Yankee Swap games at Christmas parties!


AyArian t1_iwgjnb9 wrote

Hahahaha as someone who worked in damrascotta around Christmas.. funkin everyone lmao


MDIwoman t1_iy1jz9q wrote

Men with no imagination


[deleted] t1_iw163r2 wrote

Shouldn't that be behind a counter or something? Seems a bit irresponsible to have them out where people can easily just grab and go.