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JayhawkInMaine t1_j1x08av wrote

I got the same about 30 mins ago, while watching YouTube TV through the Spectrum connection 😂


beninan t1_j1xfo35 wrote

And here I was assuming it was just me. I upgraded my cable modem around 30 minutes before getting that message, so I thought it was related to that and triggered a generic/automated message.


Guygan OP t1_j1x6kb8 wrote

Bunch of fucking clowns.


Derstilweedndat t1_j1xflcs wrote

Why are you so angry about this? Could just be an outage in your area


urlocaldesi t1_j1xin5c wrote

Spectrum is one of the worst ISP’s available, but for many is the only option. Their crappy customer service (during regular service, not weather-induced complaints) and their hidden fees tick a lot of people off. The fact that they don’t seem to have clear communication with the folks who actually need to know when their internet service will be restored, outside of corporate boilerplate language, is a very heavy straw on the camel’s back for a lot of us stuck with Spectrum until better options are more widespread/affordable.


sixfootskunkplant t1_j1xl8o8 wrote

Not defending Spectrum, per se, but I work in networking. When there's an outage in a general area we notify everyone in that area. You may have service, and your neighbors don't.

They're not actually looking at individual houses to see who does and does not have an outage. It's based off of people calling them to report outages. Maybe the guy down the street called, who knows.


BigFatBlindPanda t1_j1xpc4c wrote

Used to work a NOCC and yeah, lights go flashy flashy until the buttons make them stop.

Definitely not investing into precision push notification services.


Comprehensive-Act-74 t1_j1zn0k0 wrote

Not saying that Spectrum is looking customer by customer, but they definitely have that ability. Every device on a cable companies network is registered and managed by them whether they own it or you own it. They have the ability to get signal levels from individual modems and STBs, and track how many devices are up/down. There are always going to be devices on/off, but if you have a segment that has ~90% of the registered devices normally online, and then it plummets to near zero, they know about that outage about as quickly as you do to be able to tell the techs.

I worked for a small cable company on the backbone side, but in a small outage, like one tree on the wires or car into the pole, the NOC could look at the devices offline and account addresses and tell the techs the break was mostly like between house 10 and 12 if they were both subscribers. Bigger events we would lose backhaul fiber, so lots of nodes would be down, and you would troubleshoot that node by node at first before moving down to street by street mop up.


sixfootskunkplant t1_j20mzcw wrote

Of course they have the ability, but there’s no way in hell they’re paying for the monitoring tools, or taking the time during a big outage to reach down with that granularity. No chance at all.


Guygan OP t1_j1z7sz8 wrote

> They're not actually looking at individual houses to see who does and does not have an outage.

Then the message should say "To our customers who have an outage: We are working hard to restore service in your area."


gamertag0311 t1_j1yvxx2 wrote

I have Spectrum where I live (Washington County) and they seem to be reliable for me. Maybe the people hating on Spectrum don't understand weather


Massive_Fault9013 t1_j1xjyr9 wrote

To be fair, I got the same message and my internet speeds have been all over the place today. Spectrum is working in the midcoast, but not well.


z-eldapin t1_j1x085c wrote

Mass text to all subscribers. I've gotten it a couple of times


MeowWhat t1_j1yyz5h wrote

Yeah I don't see how this wasn't considered when op made the post. Do they think that the company should cherry pick people that lost service? What a great use of their time.......


aDramaticPause t1_j1zkc20 wrote

Yes, that's exactly what OP thought... and is quite reasonable. I know, crazy high expectations!


AnchoriteCenobite t1_j1z19j1 wrote

Well I would have thought in this day and age they would have some kind of simple computer program that could identify which customers were out and only send messages to those, yes. And if they don't, and this was sent out to everyone (I got it too, service is fine), they really should have worded it differently. Like "IF your service has been out, we're working to get it restored". I saw that text and immediately got nervous and went to check my connection. This was poorly executed.


Leading_Degree_5502 t1_j217rzp wrote

You should write the program and sell it to them. It's not just the program it would take a ton of bandwidth server space and a high corporate electricity bills to check and see if each single customer here and there is out. Plus when one area goes out it usually not just one or two people


waywardzombi t1_j1wyn1t wrote

Just had fiber installed today, calling to cancel first thing tomorrow!


ScottyNuttz t1_j1yyxw9 wrote

I got Fidium fiber installed a couple months ago (in the Saco area). We've lost power 2 or 3 times since, but the internet has been up the whole time :)


iamatechnician t1_j1ze1al wrote

Also in the Saco area, I went with GNS over Fidium simply because GNS was available first. Pricing was similar. Though I could be swayed over to Fidium if that 2gb tier were a bit cheaper…


ScottyNuttz t1_j1zl9es wrote

Yeah, I didn't even look too far into it. Just got a flyer in my mailbox and was like "shut up and take my money!" Basically doubled my internet download speed for the same price I was paying TW (not to mention 10x the upload speed). Nice to know there are choices for service providers though, so maybe I can bounce back and forth to stay in promotional period.


old_lady_tits t1_j1x1eyb wrote

What fiber ? I want to cancel too.


waywardzombi t1_j1x2dps wrote

Gonetspeed in the Bangor area


old_lady_tits t1_j1xbfjk wrote

How’s the service? You’ve only had it a day but so far?


waywardzombi t1_j1xw0p5 wrote

Great for the few hours I’ve had it so far. Installer said 950/950 ish at the wall, getting about 850/900 in my speed tests with an 8ms ping. First time having a symmetric connection, definitely feels faster than before.


silverballhoops t1_j1xngqc wrote

Netspeed in westbrook has been awesome. They're most expensive package was $5 cheaper than spectrums least expensive


DrMcMeow t1_j1x42wi wrote

this is normal.

there is an issue somewhere on the node so you may lose connectivity while they work on it.


200Dachshunds t1_j1x6bfy wrote

We did NOT get that text and our spectrum has been out since the 23rd.

Ope, there it is, we got the text. Still no spectrum, hardy har.


thread100 t1_j1x8giv wrote

Check to see when your internet will be restored by using the internet.


Vallerand58 t1_j1x0gon wrote

I got the text. The only spectrum I have is internet and I’ve had no issues.


noizviolation t1_j1x5kdx wrote

Yeah, I’ve gotten a bunch of these from Spectrum and from CMP. It is funny being told your power is out while watching YouTube.


Longjumping_West_907 t1_j1x7c3f wrote

Same here. Watching the Bruins and Celtics and using my phone on Reddit courtesy of Spectrum internet.


JustKeepSwimming1233 t1_j1xgjsw wrote

I’m was supposed to get a call back when mine was fixed….never did


OriginalGordol t1_j1xu2l0 wrote

There could be sporadic outages in your general service area, some people lost cable, others didn't. And unlike power, a downed cable line does not cause or need to cause an entire grid section to go offline either because of or to fix the break, only those downstream from the break are affected.

Plus, they're being more proactive about it than CMP...


aDramaticPause t1_j1zk8zb wrote

I'm getting the same thing. Just laughed and moved on. Pointless. Combined with CMP doing the same thing telling me my power is Assessing or coming on in 48 hours when it's already on... Spectrum and CMP are not sending their best.


derpmcperpenstein t1_j1x048p wrote

I got the same email version 30 min ago. Never lost service either. Mass email/texts?


sjm294 t1_j1x42ja wrote

I got that too


backbaybilly t1_j1x6d9a wrote

I got the same message. My internet is fine.


jihadgis t1_j1xh0gw wrote

Right up there with the direct mail pieces I get every 10 days despite being a current customer for years at this address. Godawful pieces, totally tin, printed on things that should not be in the recycling stream. Because the only thing they are good at is sucking.


B0ndzai t1_j1xj4c2 wrote

I got that as well and I'm having no issues.


NPC_Bae t1_j1xjpxq wrote

We got it too. I assume it’s a blanket text to cover their bases.


Vendetta5885 t1_j1xq6nt wrote

They don’t have technicians individually checking each subscriber. If there are a power outages in an area they will send out a blanket message.

What an odd thing to complain about.


tOmErHaWk420 t1_j1ymrz3 wrote

So what? Is this just a way to bash Spectrum? Lol weird flex


capran t1_j1z7i86 wrote

I canceled service and switched to fiber a month ago and got one yesterday. "Unsubscribe" didn't produce a response either.


FreddyEngelsMustache t1_j1zlyxk wrote

I got an update yesterday from cmp’s dumb outage alert thing saying there’re still “assessing” our outage. Power has been on for four days lol


americanineu t1_j258h9t wrote

We got the same from CMP and (thankfully) never lost power. But our Spectrum internet was down for over 3 days and we couldn't get a status update for anything. Of course we were too busy to complain because a 14 foot chunk of tree pierced our roof, flooding our living room, putting a hole in the kids bedroom wall, four holes in the attic roof and a ton of water in the basement. What a s**t storm.


Handoftel787 t1_j1xd8af wrote

I lost it every day since the last storm spectrum blows


lridgehoward t1_j1xiury wrote

I got the same one at 7:08 and 7:10, and my service is working fine.


Sventhetidar t1_j1xktzf wrote

I got one of those at 7:07. Also have internet.


Super-Lychee8852 t1_j1xpanz wrote

Wow received a generic outage text after a storm that created mass service outages, how outrageous. How will you ever recover?


raggedtoad t1_j1xr8a2 wrote

Spectrum sucks almost as much as you do.


Faendol t1_j1xxqhb wrote

Got mine 2 days after service was restored


2muchyarn t1_j1y9ako wrote

Same but I got a phone call last night with their news.


fastIamnot t1_j1yqj3t wrote

I got this too. Didn’t click on the link they provided in case it was spam or phishing attempt.


iglidante t1_j1yvtqn wrote

First Adelphia, then Time Warner, now Spectrum. Every time our cable internet provider has been sold/absorbed into another corporate entity, things have gotten worse.


realtorKen t1_j1z1fwo wrote

I got the same text from them last night. Everything’s fine lol!


nochedetoro t1_j1zflbn wrote

Send them my way, they keep saying they don’t know why we don’t have service but they’ll send someone out January 10th to investigate.

We did get a $10 credit tho so there’s that….


Zephyr4813 t1_j1zghu7 wrote

I got that text and I cancelled Spectrum for Fidium a month ago lol


SnooCrickets4626 t1_j1ztugc wrote

Me too. But, don’t alert them otherwise as they are supposed to debit your account for time that you are without service.


TacomaMan2019 t1_j2046se wrote

Spectrum and CMP are some of the most corrupt companies I've seen. They both suck.


Leading_Degree_5502 t1_j2174i4 wrote

Dude it's just a general Mass text you may have service but others in the area may not.......not everything is specifically tailored to revolve around you about 1st world problems haha


Guygan OP t1_j21dhf1 wrote

Why would any service company send a mass text telling people they don't have the service when like 80% of them still have the service?

They are idiots.


ecco-domenica t1_j21vd75 wrote

You're taking this much too personally.


800grandave t1_j1yaz1l wrote

dudes spazzing about having service. we are the worst


theora55 t1_j1xcovc wrote

I got an email. Whoever wrote this is a clueless, customer-hostile, doofus.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j1xetb5 wrote

I don't understand your issue with this very generic message. There's nothing out of the ordinary or hostile about what's underlined. It seems very business proper to me.

The links and stuff, I take that as you can download whatever that is on your phone. They may be attached to every email sent out, not just this current issue.


theora55 t1_j25iqgy wrote

I said why.
It's like when you call them, and the recording tells you, over and over, that you can get help online. But you're calling because your internet is borked.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j25rpb1 wrote

Yeah.. still don't understand your issue. The internet was out, may still be out, no sure, not in your area. This email you posted is a very generic message. The links and closing of the email are probably set it be attached to every email sent out, regardless of the reason for the message.

A lot of busy business have similar messages when calling, but usually there is an option to wait on hold or receive a call when an agent/customer service rep is available. Considering the amount of customers who were/are without service, I can only imagine the call volume was/is through the roof.

They should keep customers updated on progress, but unfortunately some areas of this previous storm wreaked havoc on many things, clean up and restoration takes time. You could always request a discount of service? But you should understand that customer service rep cannot always make those things happen, and are most likely having a shitty time through this whole ordeal. Possibly being yelled at and cussed out for something they literally have no control over.