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MeowWhat t1_j1yyz5h wrote

Yeah I don't see how this wasn't considered when op made the post. Do they think that the company should cherry pick people that lost service? What a great use of their time.......


aDramaticPause t1_j1zkc20 wrote

Yes, that's exactly what OP thought... and is quite reasonable. I know, crazy high expectations!


AnchoriteCenobite t1_j1z19j1 wrote

Well I would have thought in this day and age they would have some kind of simple computer program that could identify which customers were out and only send messages to those, yes. And if they don't, and this was sent out to everyone (I got it too, service is fine), they really should have worded it differently. Like "IF your service has been out, we're working to get it restored". I saw that text and immediately got nervous and went to check my connection. This was poorly executed.


Leading_Degree_5502 t1_j217rzp wrote

You should write the program and sell it to them. It's not just the program it would take a ton of bandwidth server space and a high corporate electricity bills to check and see if each single customer here and there is out. Plus when one area goes out it usually not just one or two people