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the_paruretic t1_j2be4n0 wrote

7 years.

Stop giving garbage advice to people.


Sticky_Robot t1_j2bg7ns wrote

Yeah, how long will it take to pay off medical debt? Use your head.

If someone has tens of thousands in medical debt biting the bullet and taking the credit hit will give them significant financial freedom no longer needing to worry about the debt. Bad credit isn't the end of the world when the alternative is drowning in debt. If you can't pay your bills you end up with bad credit anyway lol.


the_paruretic t1_j2bgnln wrote

>a few years.

That's not the point. Personal bankruptcy stays on your credit for 7 years. Use your head, you fucking idiot.


Sticky_Robot t1_j2bhwlv wrote

7 years is nothing compared to the damage persistent medical debt can be. No not 10k, but people who get 75k from uninsured surgery and can't pay it off. Bankruptcy doesn't mean you can't buy stuff at all it just hurts it by 150~ points. With decent credit prior you'd still be around 600. If you have bad credit bankruptcy can actually increase your credit score.

Bankruptcy is a consumer benefit, not a penalty. If you can't pay your bills it's much better to go bankrupt than to go deeper and deeper in debt.