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Present_Assistant_60 t1_j1kcd45 wrote

Beautiful stove


cmacridge OP t1_j1kcetg wrote



MrsMurphysChowder t1_j1mht9h wrote

Yes, gorgeous and useful. Hubs wants to get a woodstove and I'm generally against the idea, but I think if we had one like this I could get to like it.


LaChanz t1_j1kasu0 wrote

Nice. Wish I had room for one.


cmacridge OP t1_j1kb6d6 wrote

It's a beast! Had to use a car jack to lift it 1/2" to put risers under the feet. It's not moving until it's no longer functional - not the most efficient but maybe the most charming!


LaChanz t1_j1kbjmg wrote

I did flooring and had to lift more that one of these types of stoves. If you do tile.they can stay in the room. I had a guy want me to cut a vinyl floor around one. I wouldn't do it and he relented and got help to move it out.


cmacridge OP t1_j1kc1xl wrote

Right now, there's cement board underneath. Stone or tile someday is the plan! The list of projects for this house is immense but hopefully, in time, we can get it back into shape to last another 230 years :)


20thMaine t1_j1kcvge wrote

Ah we had an even bigger ole wood-fired kitchen stove like that back when I used to live in Kingfield. Man I miss that place.

Someday I’ll have two woodstoves in the same house to tend again, and I’ll have “made it”.


MarZGlencross t1_j1keq2o wrote

That stove is so cool…


cmacridge OP t1_j1kgqu9 wrote

Thanks! It's a Wood & Bishop Co. out of Bangor, stamped 1911, and came with this old farmhouse. House is estimated around 1780-1800.


CrouchingGinger t1_j1lq18j wrote

During the ice storm in 1998 I was doing home health and a patient had one similar. We just heated her bath water on top and she was good to go. We had one when I was growing up too ( old farmhouse north of Bangor.) Those stoves will likely outlive us all, and are just gorgeous to look at. Thanks for the nostalgia and hope you’re up and running soon.


Artimesia t1_j1khx2l wrote

I hope you get power soon. Mine just came back about a half hour ago.


Eccentrically_loaded t1_j1kh7qr wrote

I was out and about today and saw probably 20 utility bucket trucks. Hope they work safe and get to you soon...


bump909 t1_j1kk25w wrote

Come share on /r/woodstoving


Msghall1229 t1_j1knnnn wrote

Wow amazing stove. I would love to have that. Bet it throws plenty of heat too. Think of the amount of meals that thing has made. Reminds me of grandmas biscuits and cornbread.


cmacridge OP t1_j1kosjk wrote

It puts out some heat if needed! Been running it a little slower today though. Kitchen is around 72 right now and the rest of the house around 62. Bedroom is directly above the kitchen, so that's toasty too. When we have power, we point a fan at it and that definitely helps distribute the heat a bit better.


bubalusarnee t1_j1kq8du wrote

Heat Powered Stove Fan. They just.... work. They're great!


cmacridge OP t1_j1kqf01 wrote

After this past week, we will definitely be checking those out, thanks!


MathematicianGlum880 t1_j1kda0w wrote

I love kitchen cook stoves. Glad you are warm.


Shilo788 t1_j1m00ho wrote

We have one but my so uses it as a decoration piece. It isn't hooked up and currently pouring gas into a generator to keep the electric appliances going. He is an asshole at times about utility stuff. I ran out and got another propane indoor and fuel cause his ge erator is ancient and unreliable.


rifenbug t1_j1kpf96 wrote

I have a slightly smaller one in the kitchen. Been great to have this weekend.


noghostlooms t1_j1ljjn2 wrote

My boyfriend and me have a dream of building our own smaller-sized home (like an 800 sq footer or something along those lines) and the two things I would want to do is get are solar panels and a wood-burning kitchen stove. Not only would we save money on electricity but if we ever lost power we'd still be able to cook.


Antnee83 t1_j1lngmj wrote

Gas stove would give you the same power-outage resistance.


TimothyOilypants t1_j1lsrig wrote

Can I cut down LP for free in my backyard also?


adambair t1_j1meob1 wrote

Potentially, depending on the pipeline location. Wouldn’t recommend it though ;)


bubalusarnee t1_j1mflpv wrote

No, but I am amazed how long a propane tank lasts when it's only running the kitchen.


TimothyOilypants t1_j1mmjyp wrote

Just replaced the propane stove that came with our place and couldn't be more pleased. We cook a lot; LNG ranges are great, LP sucks. It's more water vapor than heat and the hit to indoor air quality is significant. I do wish Maine had more LNG infrastructure, but at this point that's not likely to ever happen.

Induction all the way baby.

Plus a wood cook stove as well, mostly for heat. 👍🏻


bubalusarnee t1_j1my7uu wrote

LP is not gonna be to here in my lifetime, and I lose power too often to reply only on electric for cooking, but I hear you on the water vapor. Dry enough here to be fine, but this place came with an LP floor heater.... and I can't even with that. That came right out.


TimothyOilypants t1_j1mz5lh wrote

FWIW we can run our whole house, which includes well pump, a 4-burner induction range/electric oven, and a 3 head 36,000BTU heat pump setup. (Plus a boatload of non-essentials) off a 13,000W portable generator no problem.

We have not needed to supplement the heat pumps with any wood or propane yet this year.


busterhaha t1_j1kfp16 wrote

And it's all the way up to "biscuit"! Got molasses?


Fabulous-Opposite838 t1_j1lstf8 wrote

You are all set with that beast. It’s beautiful. Sadly, we have a partially set up whole house generator just sitting in the yard. 🙄 our “electrician” couldn’t get to us the last few weeks. Perfect timing there Bub. Lol.


cmacridge OP t1_j1m0jb2 wrote

I hear ya! Whole house solar setup is on the list for us but need to first pay down our HELOC after having the attic insulated this past summer. After this past week, very glad we chose to do that!


wildwillows207 t1_j1kxzln wrote

Same here in South Paris! Yay for wood stoves!


tmoneyfish t1_j1lgohk wrote

/r/castiron might get a kick out of this


xrocket21 t1_j1lzjqj wrote

You cook on it or just heat with it?


cmacridge OP t1_j1lzzsx wrote

Mostly just for heat but we'll occasionally use it to cook - cooked some frozen burritos in the oven during the outage! The oven is a bit tricky to keep at a steady temp, requires pretty constant monitoring/adjusting. The six burners up top give tons of options for adjusting the temp when using the cooktop. Main difficulty is not burning yourself or clothes when cooking after running it for heat all day.


cmacridge OP t1_j1m08n9 wrote

We have an IR thermometer which can be helpful in selecting which burner to use but generally the two on the left are full heat and then progressively less hot moving to the right burners.


bubalusarnee t1_j1mnf8i wrote

Do you have one of these?

I got a much better deal on one at a random antique store in the midwest, but these sit right down -in- the ring, and the whole thing flips over within the ring. It is both very cool, and makes darned fine waffles.


cmacridge OP t1_j1mnt0d wrote

That is awesome! Definitely going to keep an eye out for one now :) Can't quite justify $120 for waffles but if I find a good deal.... Thanks!


bubalusarnee t1_j1mo9gw wrote

I got mine for 20 bucks, but that was in the middle of nowhere. I saw one in Bridgton at a place, so they're around.


Yankee_Jane t1_j1m98yb wrote

I'm jealous. These are hard to find and even harder to find someone who would be willing to install it... Then I am pretty sure my homeowners insurance would be through the roof...

I don't live too far from you and my goal is to have a house that can function without electricity... Not solar, just no electricity.


cmacridge OP t1_j1ma69k wrote

I see a few pop up on Craigslist from time to time, usually going between $500-$1500, which is cheaper than the nice new models, around $3000. Install shouldn't be too difficult other than the weight of the things! If you don't have an existing chimney though, install gets more complicated - have to cut through a wall/ceiling. I used to work at a camp in upstate NY with no electric - fun for the summer months, running kerosene lamps and such, but I don't think I could do it full time!


Yankee_Jane t1_j1mccm2 wrote

Yeah having electricity is my preference; I wouldn't go full time off the grid. More of a if "shit got real" backup plan...


shapesize t1_j1nr7o3 wrote

That’s so cute looking. I thought this was a doll house picture for a minute