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TimothyOilypants t1_j1mmjyp wrote

Just replaced the propane stove that came with our place and couldn't be more pleased. We cook a lot; LNG ranges are great, LP sucks. It's more water vapor than heat and the hit to indoor air quality is significant. I do wish Maine had more LNG infrastructure, but at this point that's not likely to ever happen.

Induction all the way baby.

Plus a wood cook stove as well, mostly for heat. 👍🏻


bubalusarnee t1_j1my7uu wrote

LP is not gonna be to here in my lifetime, and I lose power too often to reply only on electric for cooking, but I hear you on the water vapor. Dry enough here to be fine, but this place came with an LP floor heater.... and I can't even with that. That came right out.


TimothyOilypants t1_j1mz5lh wrote

FWIW we can run our whole house, which includes well pump, a 4-burner induction range/electric oven, and a 3 head 36,000BTU heat pump setup. (Plus a boatload of non-essentials) off a 13,000W portable generator no problem.

We have not needed to supplement the heat pumps with any wood or propane yet this year.