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hike_me t1_j1k071r wrote

It’s expensive. People are bitching about their CMP bill now, wait till it goes up a few hundred bucks a month to build out all the infrastructure to support this.


bubalusarnee t1_j1k9x7f wrote

You know, you have people bitching in this thread about how people from out of state bought up all the good land before mainers could after that law passed.

Well, bub, those same assholes from NY and MA are building grid sized strorage at the moment, and you know why maine is gonna miss the boat?

Because you would rather moan and catastrophize and cry poor. If mainers don't, some asshole will.

I can only point at the sane future, I cannot chose YOUR LANE for you, but do try to take it on board, yea?


hike_me t1_j1kq1cb wrote

What Massachusetts is building for storage is a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed, and they’re spending billions on green energy. There are challenges to increasing grid scale storefronts

I already spent $27,000 on solar and I’ll looking at battery storage and have a reservation for an 85k EV, so I don’t think you need to worry about me “crying poor”.

Obviously Maine needs to spend money on storage but you said “it’s not difficult”, which means you’re grossly oversimplifying it.


mymaineaccount46 t1_j1mvfmi wrote

Storage options for solar are incredibly expensive. It's not a matter of a few dollars here or there, even a small battery for an off-grid cabin runs around three grand. Scale that up to a grid level and you're looking at a massive amount of money.

In addition to the concerns with lithium mining. It's just not actually a clear cut easy problem.