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SyntheticCorners28 t1_j28taxh wrote

Traffic is minimal. I hit a red light and think the traffic is awful today.

Gas prices suck up here though.


lafnmatt t1_j2a17dh wrote

Gas prices compared to where?


rdstrmfblynch79 t1_j2a7oom wrote

Gas in the south is cheap as fuck. Probably like 250 right now in tennesee where it's 330 up here

Natural gas is also expensive as fuck up here because NY and mass won't run a pipeline from the mid atlantic


wurkbank t1_j2acfek wrote

Give us our power line, we’ll give you your gas line. Fair’s fair.


the-hb t1_j2akzso wrote

Now if only politicians could think this way


Beasagdeux t1_j2ewtu4 wrote

... why do you care? Seriously. It literally makes no difference to you other than supposed greenhouse gas emissions. It certainly won't be cheaper than the electricity you are already getting.

Besides that... we already have natural gas pipelines throughout Maine.. but only for commercial businesses not residents.


Uharugger t1_j2ccjwb wrote

It was $3.30 by me the other day in florida.


PhiloBlackCardinal t1_j2cf9rc wrote

I moved back up here from Rhode Island and gas was 20-30 cents cheaper down there a month ago.


oskis_little_kitten t1_j2d5r2p wrote

i'm from cali (grandparents in maine). 330 gas would be incredible here! granted, salaries tend to be a lot higher here, so that compensates... but i'm a student and don't have a salary! pain.

But yeah, gas in the south is so cheap that when I was there I thought they had made a mistake or something. I went to a different station because I didn't want to rip off people and saw the prices were the same.


seeclick8 t1_j2dobym wrote

Yeah, but you have to live in the south, and although the cheaper standard of living is nice, you’d be living in confederate and Trump loving land.


Beasagdeux t1_j2ewhvw wrote

We have natural gas here. There is a pipeline and a repressurization station a couple miles from me. Natural gas runs through most sections of the state to support what used to be papermills.

They just don't let residents use it because they say it's too expensive to pipe to our houses.


tricheboars t1_j2b39yo wrote

I now live in Colorado and gas is way cheaper in Denver than Brunswick


DropNo7983 t1_j2bqfox wrote

I moved from Colorado to Maine. Although gas is cheaper, it's literally the only thing cheaper lol. I no longer struggle to survive with a good job while living in Maine.


tricheboars t1_j2cpg9l wrote

Well that's not true at all. Groceries and heating costs more here since Maine likes heating oil and pop density is low here.

What is more expensive in Colorado? Groceries? No way. So what are you talking about? Restaurants here cost more than restaurants in Denver. 100% due to y'alls lack of workers and restaurant competition being low in Maine.

Homes are cheaper in Maine than in Colorado I'll give you that. I've lived in Denver for 15 years now and before that I lived in harpswell.

Literally according to this the only thing more expensive is homes. Food and utilities etc all cost more in Maine.