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bleahdeebleah t1_j20ldae wrote

They'd be Leroy and Herbie right here.


Crimson_Jew03 t1_j20uhlr wrote

It is like I’m listening to my grandfather and his friend talking again. Thanks for this it brings back a lot of memories of him. He was one of those old timey Mainers.


Blatts t1_j20m5yv wrote

They are both just delightful


coolcalmaesop t1_j214lij wrote

Herbie is in the exact hat I was picturing when I made my comment. Perfection.


JamesT3R9 t1_j216dd0 wrote

Does anyone remember the red green show?


kauaime t1_j21ayu0 wrote

Great show!!


JamesT3R9 t1_j21bhwq wrote

It was hilarious! And Red reminded me of a composite person of quite a few “old timers” I know


kauaime t1_j21o2po wrote

" if women don't find you handsome they should at least find you handy "


eljefino t1_j21zmxt wrote

"I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess."


MisterMan-Maine t1_j21ehy9 wrote

Fuck yeah I do, I went to see him live in Canada in 2019 on his "This Could Be It" Tour.

Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


StrangerAstringent t1_j220po8 wrote

I get up in MInnesota and live here now, always thought that was midwestern humor lol


coolcalmaesop t1_j20mxjg wrote

Work pants, work boots, chamois (growing up I thought it was ‘shammy’) shirt, old hat of some kind (ain’t one of those friggin’ snapbacks though).

I just think of my old man, his old man, and all the old tradesmen around the state.


Antnee83 t1_j20olwb wrote

Watch The Lighthouse. Willam Defoe in that movie is the Maine stereotype all the way.

And its a fuckin great movie too.


weltron3030 t1_j214pk2 wrote

Psychotic, sadistic, weirdly poetic pervert. Sounds about right.


Cosmoplasma t1_j214sdy wrote

Awesome movie. I will watch any movie Eggers makes.


seanofkelley t1_j20wxi9 wrote

Flannel Bean shirt. Bean boots. Riding on a moose with a lobster perched on their shoulder. Bottle of Moxie in one hand and Allen's Coffee Brandy in the other. Really old Portland Sea Dogs hat.


sfurbish t1_j23yj08 wrote

That's a Portland Mainer. They're a breed all their own.


Maughlin t1_j20mpqe wrote

I think it's Jud from Pet Sematary


LaChanz t1_j21qtkj wrote

Fred Gwynne for sure. John Lithgow is great and all but those were pretty big shoes to fill.


Lorindel_wallis t1_j210yvh wrote

Beard (male or female) and red plaid. Work boots


gfunkdave t1_j20oe7f wrote

Stable Diffusion generated these pics from the prompt “a photograph of the state of Maine represented as a person”


xach t1_j20pnzg wrote

Maine is big and things look different in different places.


bugdude666 t1_j20ycct wrote

Flannel. Boots. Lined jeans. Knit cap. Carhartt something.

E: moxie is optional but recommended.


Henbogle t1_j227bov wrote

The must be worthy of the greatest compliment a Mainer can get, delivered at graveside: “s/he was a hard worker.”


rickeer t1_j23ho6q wrote

For a while, I lived on the other side of the country and whenever I'd fly home, it was relatively easy for me to know that I was at the right gate for the final leg of my trip. Aside from knowing the gate number, I could see in the group of waiting passengers almost everyone would be wearing blue or black jeans, flannel or chamois shirt and maybe a third of us were wearing a Carhart or similar type of jacket.


ecco-domenica t1_j23tolb wrote

When I had to fly a lot for work, on the last leg of the trip, weary from being on planes or in airports all day, it was always comforting to sit at the gate in Detroit or Pittsburgh or Charlotte and listen to the murmur of Maine accents from the other people booked on the same flight home.


bugdude666 t1_j29ry78 wrote

I lived in Texas for a harrowing two years and whenever I flew home and had a connection to Portland, I always knew my gate. Met a lot of really interesting people that way - shoutout to the leatherworking and flannel wearing old Mainer who talked with me about boots and the Haystack lesbian and flannel wearing old Mainer who talked with me about art.


207snowracer t1_j24n381 wrote

Tall glass of Allen’s with 2 cups of heavy cream.


macesta11 t1_j20p61p wrote

Bean boots, flannel shirt, blue jeans, Red Sox hat. (Spring and Fall)


Leading_Degree_5502 t1_j2187wu wrote

Lol I literally saw a dude walk out of ll bean with bean boots cathart pants typical red and black plaid shirt beard. Old times military hat. Even my dad said wow that guy's not from Maine sarcastically


TheRogIsHere t1_j221sal wrote

The guys from Dead River Rough Cut. That film is an absolute perfect embodiment of Mainers, and the most authentic representation to have ever been documented.

And I know the easy answer is red/black flannel or wool, but Dickies work pants are a staple.

If we're talking women, it's usually a non-hoody baby pink sweatshirt with a print of kittens on it playing with blueberries or some shit.


Ecstatic-Bandicoot81 t1_j223muc wrote

Jack Torrence at the end of The Shining - all froze up solid witb icicle boogers hanging down... probably wearing a Moodys Diner truckers hat to boot.


needles617 t1_j21da11 wrote

I’d go with a fan favorite - Downeast Dickering Star - Tony Bennett.

Millennial Mainer goes to Mitchell on the show.

As time goes on, the Mainer is changing


e_sully12 t1_j21p9ny wrote

My neighbor, Lance, the dairy farmer. Dirty jeans, old tee under a flannel, work boots, old ball cap. White, almost retirement age, short and shaggy haircut.


NPC_Bae t1_j21zzj8 wrote

Ethel Beavers (RIP) in a polyester LL Bean knock off


Lucky_Excuse3140 t1_j22mj22 wrote

I don’t know but they would be driving a subaru


americanineu t1_j25693a wrote

They'd wear red plaid flannel and jeans, Allen's Coffee Brandy in hand, work at BIW, have a beard, talk like Tim Sample but act like Spose.


cunnsco t1_j21wu6j wrote

Flannel. Lots of flannel. And bib overalls


eljefino t1_j21zxga wrote

This is how Maine ladies show off a little side-boob.


ptmtp26 t1_j22hot4 wrote

“I’m Leroy, he’s Leroy, behind the camera. There’s always something to do.”


DirtyD0nut t1_j236b5i wrote

It’s all dudes in Maine by the sounds of it


leomagellan t1_j23arvo wrote

They'd be fresh but a little bit salty


sfurbish t1_j240f2b wrote

No single person can be the embodiment of Maine because Maine is a collection of tribal villages. On the coast you might have a leather-faced lobsterman who looks to be in his 70s but is actually 35. He's like to be thumbing through a Stephen King novel between trap lines hoping to see his town mentioned. He's probably wearing thigh high boots and a well worn mackinaw in good weather with an oilskin overcoat if the weather goes bad. Trousers are optional. To the north and west you have the Paul Bunion look. Red flannel shirt, trail pants, a beat up old bomber cap and ankle high boots from Bean. He's got a 20 inch chainsaw in one hand and his deer rifle in the other. To the south you have a guy wearing the latest fashion trends from Boston and these are the ones who "talk funny" .


hcrichton6969 t1_j24beny wrote

Fox Racing shirt, dysarts hat, work boots and shorts all year long


Apollo235 t1_j22wavr wrote

When I think of a Mainah I think of someone like Bill Green or Angus King


sspif t1_j23h88k wrote

Those are posh Mainers, not typical Mainers.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j22rr9t wrote

Thanks for the reminder that 95% of this subreddit is full of boomers, OP.

I'll go weep in my zillennial corner.