Submitted by Mewexx_ t3_zg1ehm in Maine

Me and my boyfriend just moved here from arizona, where is a good area to make friends our age out here? 22m/24f. We’re both pretty introverted so we don’t usually go out often but we are trying to get out more :) we are in the limerick area but are not against going to further areas to find cool spots and cool people



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aluredus t1_izelher wrote

If you’re into tabletop gaming check out Crossroads Games in Standish. They have a lot of events at the store there!


[deleted] t1_izgxs6l wrote

speaking of standish guffs has good food and pinball


ChildlessDILF t1_izeiesz wrote

Where is “here”?


Mewexx_ OP t1_izeiizz wrote

Oh shoot! I thought I put it in there haha we moved to limerick.


wittyname01 t1_izejo3w wrote

Easy! Woodland valley disc golf! Give the sport a try and start going to doubles! Its one of best courses in the state and SO MANY PEOPLE your age play there every day/weekend. It's such an addicting sport and amazing community of people, even in the winter!


wittyname01 t1_izepupu wrote

It's right in Limerick! My other suggestion is trivia nights at bars. You might need to venture more towards Portland/Westbrook/gorham for that though


OustedStrongman t1_izejj4g wrote

Just head down to the nightclub district in downtown Limerick. You should be all set.


KaseyXU t1_izetf4u wrote

Angel Lane is limericks only proper nightclub. Highly recommend. Bit of a hike though...


colinhd27 t1_izekcsx wrote

Coming from a wicked small town. I would say try and focus on events rather than bars and restaurants. If you look online or the local newspaper I'm sure you will find community activities to get you out and about with local people.


ecco-domenica t1_izh1svw wrote

This is good advice. In the small towns, news tends to get around on Facebook these days. Even if OPs are not fans, and that's understandable, it might be worth it to monitor the local group pages. Then just show up for things and talk to people. Keep it low key. Don't talk politics. Volunteer if something looks like a fun event.


emilyfenfen t1_izesv7k wrote

Disc golf. Big disc golf scene around here. Easy way to meet awesome people.


YayforFriday t1_izfltih wrote

Someone in government deserves a raise for getting these young couples to uproot their lives and pay above asking for places in Chesterville and Limerick. I'm not too sure what there is to do there, I thought the isolation was part of the appeal. A lot of the new residents in my area are making connections by joining local government and boards of directors, although some locals find them overbearing, and this can be financially prohibitive as it is almost always required to make a large donation beforehand. It's always a good idea to connect with your community via outreach, be it volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping your elderly neighbors shovel snow.


Mewexx_ OP t1_izfsgms wrote

Haha I came out to spend time with my dad before he retires, also tired of the city life. I like being more isolated but not completely:)


maineman1990 t1_izeklbb wrote

Book clubs! Trivia nights! It is hard when you are coupled and not trying to “party” and you don’t have a core group of folks to grab dinner or a flick with. Me and my wife have been slowly growing our close friend circle and it honestly takes work to make new connections. Good luck, be yourselves!


Lcky22 t1_izelqas wrote

My son is early 20s, and he and his partner were having similar issues. They had success participating in a local “coworking Wednesdays” group where people get together every week to work on crafting projects. My son shared with me that for making friends purposes it’s helpful to go to the same event every week. Maybe there’s something similar in your area?


satanshark t1_izempcc wrote

If you like indie music, Sun Tiki Studios and The Apohadion in Portland are full of people in your age demographic. Both are safe and friendly places, and there’s a stupid amount of talent in this town.


yupuhoh t1_izf1580 wrote

Start a bonfire and put a "free beer" sign on driveway.


Mewexx_ OP t1_izf6poz wrote

Haha I might if our apt wasn’t connected to someone else’s property


Adventurous_Deer t1_izekpk0 wrote

Bless you. I live in Limerick, there is nothing here but ancient family feuds. (The rural is why we moved to Limerick though, could do without the feuds that no one cares about)


SheSellsSeaShells967 t1_izev80z wrote

I spit my coffee laughing at “ancient family feuds!” That is a popular past time in Maine. My grandmother enjoyed her several feuds that lasted at least 50 years 😆


Adventurous_Deer t1_izewf53 wrote

Lol, we moved here because we like the area, we like to live rural, and we generally like to be left alone but omg. The weird inter family histories and feuds and Facebook wars drive me up the wall and make it so I never want to talk to anyone in this town. You haven't lived until you've experienced the Christmas decoration debacle of March 2022. (Someone undecorated the town gazebo because the decorations were still up in March and then THREW THEM OUT!!! the horror!! Said townsperson was crucified on social media for doing what our town apparently could not for 3 months. I still dont think the poor townsperson is allowed back in the town facebook group)


SheSellsSeaShells967 t1_izixu54 wrote

March must be the breaking point for people! The same grandmother I mentioned gave people until March to get their Christmas wreath off the door. We would be in the car and she would point out how “Marian” hasn’t bothered to take her wreath down yet. And it wasn’t unheard of for her to make anonymous calls to such people to give unwanted advice 😆


Mewexx_ OP t1_izeqmpq wrote

Yeah we love the rural but definitely need some buddies to talk to and hang with every once in a while.


Adventurous_Deer t1_izesc7g wrote

What are your interests? That would help to know as far as ideas for meeting people


Mewexx_ OP t1_izf6ba3 wrote

We’re both into gaming, I like art and nature oriented things as well. We both grew up really city locked so we’re not used to too much of the nature oriented things but we’re both trying to get into better shape stamina wise to do more. We both love animals, horror, I’m really into gardening. Honestly we’re really up for anything. Gabe really wants to try lobster fishing and to get into hunting.


hesh582 t1_izlejvt wrote

> lobster fishing

There's some baggage associated with this one. You can do some amateur lobstering without issue, but if you aren't plugged into the local scene it's easier than you might think to step on toes or otherwise piss people off. Lobstermen aren't... nice, to put it politely.


A lot easier to get into if you have some firearms experience, but there are a lot of rules. Read them, follow them.


HazelEsmeDamian t1_izeku7r wrote

Whenever I move to a new place I have had good luck meeting people at gyms or sports clubs, like rock climbing, mt. biking, etc.

You will also have a common interest which makes breaking the ice a bit easier.


LonelyHeart2022 t1_izelk14 wrote

Lol I'm always looking for a few decent people to hang out and shoot with. I have the land just need intelligent people who like to practice and have fun lol


Mewexx_ OP t1_izf5pr5 wrote

Oh Gabe likes to go shooting! You should message me :)


Super_Butterscotch30 t1_izeu8iz wrote

I tried Gneiss brewing for the first time last weekend if you like craft beer it’s a cool little spot in town .


Mewexx_ OP t1_izf6l1r wrote

Oo that’s could be fun, thanks for the tip!


Opening-Owl-1546 t1_izexrkm wrote

I second any suggestions relating to disc golf, we have some awesome courses and leagues up here.


melvincollie t1_izej8jy wrote

If you're an introverted type, good luck. Girlfriend and I have the same exact issue, if you're not into the bar or party scene it's pretty tricky to make friends.


Antnee83 t1_izelcb6 wrote

I made it through my whole young life without getting into the bar scene, and I'm really glad for it. Bars aren't worth the trouble.


Mewexx_ OP t1_izejfwv wrote

Yeah we both don’t mind going out in that way every once in a while but definitely not our fave scene. How old are you and your partner of you don’t mind me asking?


heady-cheese t1_izek9t8 wrote

Fun times out at the Hollis/buxton bridge area over the Saco River in the summer. There are shitheads but I’ve met some good people out there


Treewolfy93 t1_izep5y7 wrote

We moved to Maine from AZ too (29f) and people seem super friendly but seem to have VERY established relationships/family already. I’ve been extremely introverted since COVID and I’ve been thinking about getting out and making an effort but it is daunting so I understand where you are coming from.


Mewexx_ OP t1_izer6ow wrote

Right? It’s definitely been hard. People already have their groups. Where from az are you if you don’t mind sharing


Treewolfy93 t1_izgtb44 wrote

Right outside of Tucson- in the dirt desert. So, very different than here. I’m loving the green!


Mewexx_ OP t1_izh3dfe wrote

Feel free to shoot me a message some time!


Mewexx_ OP t1_izh3bx5 wrote

Oh yeah, I know what you mean. It’s total shell shock but in the best way.


Eccentrically_loaded t1_izey1vt wrote

Ever been a volunteer firefighter before?


Mewexx_ OP t1_izf6nb7 wrote

Unfortunately I’m heavily asmatic and we both are epileptic


dubadoo1 t1_izfq9p2 wrote

Why would you move to Limerick of all places?


Mewexx_ OP t1_izfs9bl wrote

Lmao, it’s where I found my apt 💀


Carolina-Hurricanes1 t1_izgia3m wrote

Moved here from AZ in June, Bangor area.


Mewexx_ OP t1_izh3i0j wrote

Oh nice! Just a few months before us. Shoot me a message sometime:)


Slmmnslmn t1_izhcfgh wrote

I only go to the Flask Lounge for dancing.


mmmboats t1_izmf70z wrote

R/Maine is hard left and is not a great representation of most of rural Maine. Like others have said, keep your politics to yourself for a while, and play it lowkey. Observation and old school common courtesy go a long way with humans. Community events are pretty much everywhere and there are great people all over the place. And again I’ll echo what others have said; Disc Golf.


Snoo_1464 t1_izetyye wrote

It's cool to know people my age are moving IN to the state instead of leaving like a bunch of other friends have done! My wife and I live up in Chesterville so we aren't exactly local

What are you guys' interests? There's a pretty decent amount of stuff to do


Mewexx_ OP t1_izf6hzc wrote

I added this under adventurous deers comment :) how old are you and your wife?


Snoo_1464 t1_izf7nui wrote

Cool! I'm 24, my wife is 21. She is very much into art and nature as well :) I'm into gaming, music and cars among other things

I've lived in cities my entire life up until this past labor day weekend, when we moved to where we are now in the woods. I'm trying to do more outdoorsy things to get back into shape

We are both pretty strongly introverted so going out on the town etc isn't something we really do, so we don't know a ton of people around here either

Not that there's anything to do in Chesterville anyway lol


wittyname01 t1_izg2xg5 wrote

At least you can get some good food delivered out there in Chesterville! If you havnt tried it yet there's a locally owned delivery service called Downtown Delivery out of Farmington that offers 6 of the best local restaurants! WWW.DOWNTOWNDELIVERY.ME

I also highly suggest Disc Golf to you as well, Troll Valley is in Farmington (right next door) and they have an amazing course that's groomed all winter. Also, you have Titcomb mountain in Farmington, a local smaller skiing mountain! Farmington is a great little town to live next to!


wittyname01 t1_izg3a3g wrote

Feel free to ask away if you want to know more about what there is to do in the greater Farmington area!


Snoo_1464 t1_izg3gh2 wrote

I had no idea we could get stuff delivered! The site only has a couple options for us at our address, but it's certainly better than none at all


wittyname01 t1_izg489o wrote

Wellll, I may know the guy that owns it (and/or be him, lol). Calzolaio's is top tier Italian food with locally sourced foods and a full drink menu. Their pizzas and sandwich are also top tier. I highly suggest the Maine Maple Salad, it's a personal fave. DM / private message me and I'll stretch the range a bit on the others so you can give them a try! Our range shrinks a bit for winter but we're pretty flexible if we've got the availability


wittyname01 t1_izg6654 wrote

There's also a movie theater/ drive in theater in Farmington with some great food/drink places within walking distance. Highly recommend "the Dugout", the food is great and pizza is award winning. Uno Mas (Mexican food), a Thai restaurant, and the dugout are all within a couple blocks of the theater - makes for a great date night. Trivia at the dugout is a must!


Mewexx_ OP t1_izf8ihf wrote

Haha I totally understand the feeling. We tend not to go out into town unless we need something lol. Feel free to send me a chat sometime!


EdSmelly t1_izfx07e wrote

Pretty much the same places you made friends in AZ. Except with snow. ⛄️


9wild9 t1_izgdm5y wrote

Do you guys swing?


Mewexx_ OP t1_izgdq3q wrote

We don’t, no judgement for those who do though.


9wild9 t1_izgevin wrote

I don’t either but it’s fun to pretend.