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Mewexx_ OP t1_izf6ba3 wrote

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We’re both into gaming, I like art and nature oriented things as well. We both grew up really city locked so we’re not used to too much of the nature oriented things but we’re both trying to get into better shape stamina wise to do more. We both love animals, horror, I’m really into gardening. Honestly we’re really up for anything. Gabe really wants to try lobster fishing and to get into hunting.


hesh582 t1_izlejvt wrote

> lobster fishing

There's some baggage associated with this one. You can do some amateur lobstering without issue, but if you aren't plugged into the local scene it's easier than you might think to step on toes or otherwise piss people off. Lobstermen aren't... nice, to put it politely.


A lot easier to get into if you have some firearms experience, but there are a lot of rules. Read them, follow them.