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millhouse412 t1_j1e67uy wrote

Fuckin' windy bub


Ambitious_Ask_1569 OP t1_j1e7bqc wrote

Yeah....hope I don't need to go to the store today. That tree is going to be a bitch without a chainsaw.


millhouse412 t1_j1eclpq wrote

You live in Maine without a chainsaw?


DodgeDeBoulet t1_j1ejvni wrote

Seriously? I thought they were included in a new mom's maternity gift basket in hospitals from Augusta north ... gotta start the ankle biters off right 👍


thatnyeguyisfly t1_j1euda4 wrote

Yeah but they only give you the dinky electric ones, your parents are supposed to upgrade you to a gas power one when you're old enough.


Ambitious_Ask_1569 OP t1_j1edyxo wrote

I've got a one in my storage unit but never thought to keep one at my apartment. Lesson learned.


BFeely1 t1_j1eg6em wrote

And of course a tree is going to get in your way to getting your chainsaw.


BFeely1 t1_j1egdo6 wrote

I don't have one personally but I live next door to my parents who own one.

P.S. Have you noticed residential grade chainsaws these days are pretty much disposable junk?


Technical-Role-4346 t1_j1ehyn8 wrote

Yes they are junk - plus if you don't use them often enough the carb gets gunked up. I'm looking to get a Milwaukee battery operated chainsaw for that reason.


Kaayth t1_j1ewbie wrote

I love my battery powered chainsaw. Super awesome except on days like today where we lost power. Shrug.


GoArmyNG t1_j1ebj7x wrote

She's blowin' like a bast-ed out theyah dood! The ol' lady and I are all shacked up inside sick with the flu. I took the trash out earlier and the wind prit-near carried me to Hollis!


HAZMATt207 t1_j1eekf6 wrote

The trampoline just blew over and hit the house from 50 feet away, so yeah. Windy.


mainegreenerep t1_j1e7ewv wrote

Getting home in my town was like a mouse maze, avoiding downed trees, powerlines and closed roads. Sometimes you had to go back to go forwards.


DodgeDeBoulet t1_j1e8d4x wrote

Here in Brunswick we're at what's projected to be peak wind gusts now (12:30-1pm). It's been very windy, but not as rainy as expected.

Although we're in an area that's lost power 3 times in the last 30 days, it remains on ... for now. A few flickers in the last 30 minutes, though.


BilS t1_j1exjak wrote

Yeah, weird... our has flickered on & off all day but we still have it. (Out off Durham Rd, near the Durham line)

But we've lost it three times in the last month or so, but not today.

Meanwhile, one of ours kids is in an apartment on Congress St, Portland, near Maine Med and they haven't had power most of the day.

And where's those pics of Commercial St at high tide?


DodgeDeBoulet t1_j1f28f7 wrote

LOL I'm in the same neck of the woods. And I'm sure our power went out at the same time yours did 🤣


BilS t1_j1eybjb wrote

Well, damn... a few minutes later it goes out! Crikey....!


tesaril t1_j1fnit3 wrote



Ambitious_Ask_1569 OP t1_j1eqxin wrote

Update for Cornish at 245pm. Now we are having a thunderstorm. Now Im definitely not going outside to clear my driveway of the tree.


MilquetoastWafer t1_j1e8eo5 wrote

Pretty docile here in Paris. Just a light-moderate rain with a light breeze. Every now and then a gust of maybe 30mph.


VegUltraGirl t1_j1ebkcl wrote

I’m in western Maine and we have power. The wind is impressive but not scary…yet. It’s pouring rain and about 50 degrees. Hoping it won’t get any worse.


TQA-1015 t1_j1ecd2k wrote

I'm in New Sharon -- lots of rain but not much wind & the power hasn't gone out yet.


megamoose4 t1_j1ed3r2 wrote

That’ll only take like 15 minutes with the ol’ Homelite.


maineiacess t1_j1fr8d3 wrote

Hate the wind. Hate it hate it hate it. There's trees around my house. I'd rather have snow and ice and tourists and any other misery other than wind.


z-eldapin t1_j1e7i9j wrote

Windy in Biddeford. Haven't been outside yet, but I'm sure it's a shit show out there


raynedanser t1_j1e9ojb wrote

I'm at work in Bangor - almost no wind, lots of rain. So far. If this is the worst we get, I'll be happy


-off-and-on- t1_j1egu7t wrote

Blowin' pretty good here in bucksport. Plenty of rain, too.


Nervous_Cellist_3106 t1_j1evdas wrote

Here in Lebanon, Power been out since around 7:30am, tree fell all the way across the dirt road, but power company already came by to chop it up, still no power though.


2muchyarn t1_j1extxr wrote

Our shed was blown over and we check on it about every hour to see it implode.


standardbanana t1_j1ey74t wrote

I just got in from tracking down all of the busted and blown around pieces of rigid insulation that I thought were securely stored behind the barn. And, the pillows from the porch furniture that I should have put away a month ago… she’s wicked gusty!

Edit: a word


Jakezilla4190 t1_j1ez3ab wrote

Pretty windy and raining but Still have power in bangor fingers crossed it stays no wood stove yet


DodgeDeBoulet t1_j1ezz97 wrote

3:30pm in Brunswick and I was hoping we'd gotten through the worst of it without losing power. Wind seemed to have abated somewhat, and the rain had also diminished.

And then the power went out.

Genny's on and I'm estimating it's burning a gallon of propane an hour. Internet still working, thanks to Comcast's UPSes. So life remains relatively normal, except for the dog. She freaks every time a UPS clicks or beeps and hates the sound of the generator. Better to have a neurotic dog than sit in the cold and dark, though.


JoshKnoxChinnery t1_j1f4k9m wrote

Most of Casco has no power afaik. I lost it around 10:30 this morning. Wind started up a bit earlier than that and has been intense all day. Fortunately we've got a propane stove for cooking and hot water, but it'd be much nicer to have a generator that could power the house, or better yet, a big ass battery bank.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j1f8e4x wrote

My neighbor didn't take their trash can and recycling bin in. Trash can was sitting in the middle of the road due to all the wind.

Not 5 minutes after I made this discovery and I hear a loud boom noise as someone driving by hits the can. And that is enough for the neighbor to go and take the pails in. 2 days later.

Make sure you secure your pails with hooks and ties before the wind hits, folks!

Also, no, we didn't lose power. We hardly ever lose power around here. When we do it's usually brownouts.


DaytonaDemon t1_j1fee9v wrote

Mount Desert Island. Lost power. Again.


Ambitious_Ask_1569 OP t1_j1fgt54 wrote

Have family on the Island....that's gotta suck. I heard downeast took it pretty hard in Ellsworth and surrounding towns as well.


ShireFolk33 t1_j1gll87 wrote

No power no heat no problem


WalkerBRiley t1_j1e2bja wrote

What wind? No's been breezy outside but not the sustained 20mph wind with 50 mph gusts we were being warned about.


[deleted] t1_j1ekeb7 wrote

Just lost power in Lincoln.


DragonRider001 t1_j1elbvo wrote

Cornish area, shocked nothing has fallen on our property yet. Super windy and no power since about noon.


cobaltcrazy207 t1_j1en9ak wrote

Power been on and off all day in Bath. Wish it would make up its' mind.


puffpuffitsgone t1_j1ghdel wrote

Hanging out by the propane heater, hope I remember to turn it off but I'm starting to get awful sleeppy


pastrybaker t1_j1hhx3e wrote

Got pretty crazy on swans Island. Ferry hasn’t been able to run since the first boat yesterday. Lost power around 5 last night and still not back. Fingers crossed it comes back soon.


DodgeDeBoulet t1_j1hl4mk wrote

Doesn't look like CMP made much of dent in Brunswick overnight. Hope they make better progress today ...

14° here. Things could get dicey for folks whose heat is dependent on electricity.