Submitted by South-Satisfaction84 t3_ztvflf in Maine

I live in OOB but I’m down in Maryland for Christmas. How’s the power situation today? I’m just wondering if I should be tossing my food from the fridge when I get back. I didn’t have much in there when I left, just a few things I was hoping to eat when I got back.

It’s been much calmer in the mid-Atlantic region from my understanding



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BeardedBaxterholic t1_j1fook8 wrote

Next time you go away, freeze a cup of water. Once frozen, place a coin on top. When you return, if the coin is on top, you're good. If it's sunk at all, you'll know a thaw has occurred.


snackexchanger t1_j1ggjbe wrote

I prefer the method of just putting some ice cubes in a glass. If they they still have their shape when I get back then they didn’t melt. And you can tell even if they just melted a little bit because they’re is a puddle at the bottom of the glass. Means I don’t need to think ahead and freeze a cup of water or find a penny.

Also, as I/mrlonely_ pointed out you could have a situation where most of the cup melts but the penny ends up on a little iceberg so it doesn’t drop.


MrLonely_ t1_j1g9fog wrote

Another option is to take a bottle that stands nicely upside down like a Gatorade bottle and half fill it, let it freeze and than flip it upside down. The coin method works but the part that the coin is on might not melt first.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j1gsu33 wrote

Oh, this is a nice least for people unlike me whose freezers are not packed to the brim.


RubberWishbone t1_j1g25pf wrote

Don't you miss the days you could call your house and if the answering machine picked up you had power?


NotYou007 t1_j1g33ol wrote

I just check my cameras now and if my cameras are offline for more than 10 minutes I will get a notification informing me that they're offline which means either the internet is down or I've lost power.

I also get a notification for CMP if power is out at my location so I personally don't miss having a landline and an answering machine.


Starboard_Pete t1_j1gyr7o wrote

In Gray; power’s been out since 9am on 12/23. It’s 1:56am on 12/24 and I woke up to investigate a thud…still no power and thud is inconclusive.


fissionmoment t1_j1glapf wrote

I live in OOB and haven't lost power at all. I'm about 2 miles from the beach though.

If your place is within a few blocks of the beach it may be flooded. There is also a few outages downtown.


Quiet-Second-918 t1_j1g9tby wrote

Live in Saco but went down to check on beach today and most of OOB and Ocean park flooded today and lost power probably 6/7hrs


South-Satisfaction84 OP t1_j1ghug9 wrote

Thank you for the hours! That’s what I was hoping to hear. I probably won’t keep my food then


andsendunits t1_j1grvql wrote

I am in Bangor, just off of Mt. Hope, and we were fine. My coworker, a long with another 330 residents of Hampden are not so lucky. Hers has been out since 3ishPM, and it is now 12:30am.


Starbuksman t1_j1hrvk3 wrote

We’re good in York county. For once we did. It loose power.


SimpleAdhesiveness81 t1_j1jc2ad wrote

If your house lost power it was likely for long enough to spoil the food.. pretty much everyone I know that lost power lost it for 24ish hours+


South-Satisfaction84 OP t1_j1jjwij wrote

Yeah thankfully it was only a pack of cheese and almond milk that was new last week


on-my-path t1_j1fnt3j wrote

In Skowhegan and have power.


VegUltraGirl t1_j1j2sph wrote

Sweden is still out of power since about 6pm yesterday