Submitted by SnoglinMcSmellmore t3_zj2kzq in Maine

Are there any good men's barber shops anymore? I am looking for a classic barber who uses scissors not electric clippers and finishes up with a straight razor to the back of the neck in the Augusta/Waterville area.



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siebzy t1_iztfmce wrote

Water Street Barber Co has been great to me a couple times. Great crew in there and a good atmosphere


SnoglinMcSmellmore OP t1_izughi5 wrote

Do they use the straight razor on the neck?


PGids t1_izwz3ux wrote

You will absolutely need to make an appointment though, they no longer take walk ins. They do have an app that makes that easy peasy though.

I’ve been seeing Mike there since 2017, I refuse to go elsewhere lol


jonesie24 t1_iztcmjc wrote

The Barber Parlor, College Ave. in Waterville. Elijah is great!! How your hair is cut depends entirely on the look you're going for though.


WalkerBRiley t1_izwzhjd wrote

Not Central Maine but if you're willing to head to Rockland, Doug's Barber Shop on Main Street. Classically trained. Went to him for years before I didn't have enough hair to bother with anymore.

He does use clippers a lot now to start, finishing with scissors, but I'm willing to bet if you ask he'll forgo them entirely. Nicest guy on the planet, too.