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TheDiceMan2 OP t1_izxyptm wrote

follow up from my post the other day that you all loved…..

based on the responses to that post, i assume most of you will think there’s nothing wrong with this? i’ll be curious to see which direction this one goes!


BlaineThePainInMaine t1_izy31r3 wrote

I'm gonna admit that I'm lost.

No idea what I'm supposed to be looking at in this pic.

Can't find a recent post by you that you seem to be referring to.



KingfisherC t1_izy3svu wrote

People love posting photos of quirky custom Maine license plates.

That car has no license plates.


BlaineThePainInMaine t1_izy46pq wrote

Oh ok, I thought there was more of a reference that I was missing!

Thanks for the explanation :)


DidDunMegasploded t1_izyxbkn wrote

The post OP is referencing talks about him wanting to go without a front license plate because everyone else goes without one and the law of not having one is not enforced. He got blasted for it. This is the followup.


BlaineThePainInMaine t1_izyxw2n wrote

Ahhhh. This is the context I was looking for! Didn't see that post when it happened and OP must've deleted it from their profile, so thank you for explaining! Appreciate it :)


TheDiceMan2 OP t1_izz39pr wrote

also yeah i was responding to your comment at lunch but i typed out a craaaazy rambling post and at the end i was like ??? why did i just do that so i just discarded the draft and went back to eating and then i never followed up.. i’m glad that two people provided context; one for the general and one for the specific


DidDunMegasploded t1_izzb7y1 wrote

It shows up for me when I go to his profile, and AFAIK it wasn't removed by mods, so IDK what the deal is with it.

Either way, you're welcome!


BlaineThePainInMaine t1_izzejxn wrote

Huh. That's strange. I mean, I didn't scroll through a bunch of OP's profile, just enough to see the last r/maine post, but for me that was something about mead a month or two ago. Apparently reddit doesn't want me being privy to all of the license plate debates! Harumph.


acister t1_j010cae wrote

Completely confused on this one. I don't understand either side, if anything more with the OP. First who cares about having to have a front license plate? Also most states let you put them on your dash if it's readable, not sure about Maine. Also who cares enough to give someone shit for not wanting to have a front license plate? Out of all the things to care about and put energy into..

Edit: Poked at the thread with said debate and feel braindead