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transmorgrifier t1_izy00af wrote

Where's the license plate?


TheDiceMan2 OP t1_izy8lmk wrote

that is also what i am wondering


Mannymarlo t1_j015j1t wrote

It’s a tesla so the owner is obviously wealthy and not required to abide by the same laws us mortals do


TheDiceMan2 OP t1_j01d6f6 wrote

i would think that they wouldn’t want to be bothered by the police, though. i assume driving around like this is going to attract unwanted attention more than just having a plate on there. but perhaps i’m just a confused pleb and they have it all figured out


King_O_Walpole t1_izxz3vs wrote

It’s a Tesla, sums it up perfectly

Likely one of those people from the South Park episode where the people love the smell of their own farts


TheDiceMan2 OP t1_izxyptm wrote

follow up from my post the other day that you all loved…..

based on the responses to that post, i assume most of you will think there’s nothing wrong with this? i’ll be curious to see which direction this one goes!


BlaineThePainInMaine t1_izy31r3 wrote

I'm gonna admit that I'm lost.

No idea what I'm supposed to be looking at in this pic.

Can't find a recent post by you that you seem to be referring to.



KingfisherC t1_izy3svu wrote

People love posting photos of quirky custom Maine license plates.

That car has no license plates.


BlaineThePainInMaine t1_izy46pq wrote

Oh ok, I thought there was more of a reference that I was missing!

Thanks for the explanation :)


DidDunMegasploded t1_izyxbkn wrote

The post OP is referencing talks about him wanting to go without a front license plate because everyone else goes without one and the law of not having one is not enforced. He got blasted for it. This is the followup.


BlaineThePainInMaine t1_izyxw2n wrote

Ahhhh. This is the context I was looking for! Didn't see that post when it happened and OP must've deleted it from their profile, so thank you for explaining! Appreciate it :)


TheDiceMan2 OP t1_izz39pr wrote

also yeah i was responding to your comment at lunch but i typed out a craaaazy rambling post and at the end i was like ??? why did i just do that so i just discarded the draft and went back to eating and then i never followed up.. i’m glad that two people provided context; one for the general and one for the specific


DidDunMegasploded t1_izzb7y1 wrote

It shows up for me when I go to his profile, and AFAIK it wasn't removed by mods, so IDK what the deal is with it.

Either way, you're welcome!


BlaineThePainInMaine t1_izzejxn wrote

Huh. That's strange. I mean, I didn't scroll through a bunch of OP's profile, just enough to see the last r/maine post, but for me that was something about mead a month or two ago. Apparently reddit doesn't want me being privy to all of the license plate debates! Harumph.


acister t1_j010cae wrote

Completely confused on this one. I don't understand either side, if anything more with the OP. First who cares about having to have a front license plate? Also most states let you put them on your dash if it's readable, not sure about Maine. Also who cares enough to give someone shit for not wanting to have a front license plate? Out of all the things to care about and put energy into..

Edit: Poked at the thread with said debate and feel braindead


jimberley t1_izxzn8a wrote

Any time I see someone in a 100k car I just think “why not burn the money?”


hike_me t1_izy250r wrote

Isn’t that a model 3? They’re not anywhere close to 100k

Edit, no it’s the Model X. Definitely more than 100k


notawight t1_izy2w8g wrote

No, that's an X. Def $100k+, but good for them. Sweet ride.


hike_me t1_izy4tnu wrote

Yeah you’re right.

I’ve seen the X a few times in person but never ridden in one. I’ve only been in the model S and model 3. They were okay, but if I’m going to drop 100k I don’t think it would be on a Model X. I have a reservation for the Rivian R1S but I’m getting closer and closer to canceling—seems a bad idea to spend 90k on a car where the nearest service center is 4.5 hours away from a company that could go out of business during the useful life of the car (but I have a feeling the Amazon delivery can contract will keep the lights on until they are more established)


notawight t1_izy66ti wrote

I've been seeing a lot of R1Ts on the road lately.


hike_me t1_izy72xd wrote

Saw my first in Death Valley a little over a year ago, and finally saw one in Maine (NJ plates) in Bar Harbor this summer. Haven’t seen an R1S yet.


oculus42 t1_j00grbn wrote

I was loaned a Model X when I went in for service a few years back. It was...fine. Didn't help that it had all season tires and it was snowing.

I honestly didn't care for it compared to the can feel how much heavier it is, even with all the power. Falcon wing doors were interesting, but I don't have a need for them.

I did enjoy showing a friend the light show, though.


Maine_Detailer-IM t1_izz34x6 wrote

Temp plate probably fell off after getting soaked


TheDiceMan2 OP t1_izz3dqk wrote

that’s what you tell the officer, right??


Maine_Detailer-IM t1_izz4md8 wrote

I would assume they would have some paperwork backing up that claim proving whether they were within the 30 days or not. Dealers not wrapping their paper plates and them falling off is a thing. I worked at Lee.

But looking closer the windows are tinted and it’s been debadged in the back so they either had it detailed right away, it’s a used car dealer and you can’t see the plate in the window through the tint, or they are out here just breaking the law. Lived next to neighbors with registrations & stickers years out and they’d still hit up McDonald’s every night with them without observable issues. Idk, not my car and not my problem.


NoHate_95347 t1_izzoef6 wrote

This. Not a dealer but recently purchased a new used vehicle. I could not for life of me, get the back license plates bolts out (to change plates). So covered back plate and put new plate in rear window until able to hardware store. Anyways.... my windows are tinted. I didn’t notice no one could see my new plate until I was at hardware store. Yep felt like a fool lol


Maine_Detailer-IM t1_izzpk4x wrote

They may have wound the wrong screws in and that’s why you can’t get them out. Self tappers on a machine screw threading I bet. That’s a problem I would make the dealer fix for you


oculus42 t1_j00i0dc wrote

It could be a bought-out-of-state issue?

Two of my cars have been new out-of-state purchases and neither came with plates. I drove down to pick up one and had to secure my own temporary transit plates, as Massachusetts couldn't/wouldn't provide temp plates for me. The other was delivered to my driveway with no plates, so it sat in the garage until I could register it.

I didn't drive without plates either time...and driving a Model X they probably have access to another vehicle to go get the registration, but who has the time?!


Maine_Detailer-IM t1_j00iqfc wrote

Writing out temporary license plates I’m sure has some business investment. States vary with laws. Bro dozers bought out of state usually don’t pass our emission laws. That was slack for a few years but I think the law finally caught on


Maine_Detailer-IM t1_j00j399 wrote

Got 3 vehicles I insure and find the time to register in a timely manner. Comes down to priorities. Making sure your vehicle is legal with paperwork and mechanics is up to you. Some people like to bend the laws to save money. People died to get these rules into place so I play along at least for them


diaryofsnow t1_j01au6x wrote

Christ dude it's not a big deal lmao


TheDiceMan2 OP t1_j01cyor wrote

i know. as much as it might not seem that way, i’m actually a reasonable person.

stuff like this only riles me up because my brain immediately jumps (perhaps a bit irrationally) to the scenario where i get into a hit and run and it just so happens to be with the guy with no license plate. or i get hit walking in the street. i know that’s a lot to project on to every driver out there who for whatever reason doesn’t have a plate but i’m not perfect, we all have our thing. this is my little battle to fight. i’m well aware i’m in the minority


DobermanCavalry t1_j02zj7d wrote

> o the scenario where i get into a hit and run and it just so happens to be with the guy with no license plate.

Trust me, increase your uninsured motorist coverage. Its more likely than you might think. It also covers hit and run.


SheSellsSeaShells967 t1_izyipqo wrote

Within the city limits of New Orleans, I would say that 20% of the cars have no plates. My daughter said it’s because people don’t bother to do it because they’re so short on cops there that they won’t get stopped, which seems to be the case.


207Simone t1_izzaokr wrote

SoPo here in the thread…wow lol


Expensive_Break210 t1_izy6k09 wrote

Move to Colorado and you can see cars with no license plates multiple times a day. Best part is most are stolen cars opposed to this guy


rtp_oak t1_izzar3d wrote

Made me immediately think about when I was in college in Washington State. WA (and Oregon for that matter) have paper temp plates that just need to be on the car somewhere. I think the law is "visible from the rear window". So all these blacked out cars and sports cars have their temp plates for months hidden behind their black tint or up in the dash in a way you can't even see it.

I think it's kind of dump they don't make you display. But also 20% of the cars in Washington are stolen so stealing a temp plate seems like it would be a pretty common crime.


eljefino t1_j04qvon wrote

Until recently California residents could drive new cars without plates for six months because their DMV was so backed up. Steve Jobs leased new a Mercedes twice a year to preserve his (douchey) privacy.


8005T34 t1_j00w0cw wrote

Damn what a sexy car


TheDiceMan2 OP t1_j01d2yr wrote

idk i guess it’s better than some of these e cars that are trying to be rocket ships but i’m not particularly attracted to the X