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gamertag0311 t1_j0wtwhc wrote

C'mon guys, he wasn't specifically looking for strip clubs, just a place where the boys could let their hair down, maybe murder a hooker or two, burn down a locals house cuz they splashed slush on his Lexus, yuh know


GottaUseFakeNames t1_j0xbgg9 wrote

that guy was so funny. he clearly had a “every ski movie from the 80’s” idea in his head. Powder and babes, man!

poor guy is gonna end up skiing a sheet of ice for 2 days and hanging out in a hut tub with one annoying local chick and the 5 dudes she brought with her to party who are all going to over stay their welcome while his friends drink beers in the living room. but, party on.


Ferfuxache t1_j0z2lhb wrote

That guy can kiss my ass. Not on zat side or zat side but right up ze middle


critical_courtney OP t1_j0wogdx wrote

Thread in question.


Bandana-mal t1_j0wvl2l wrote

Lol the OP there is giving some “how do you do fellow kids” vibes.

Sup peeps! Me and the gang are looking for some fresh pow followed by titty and tang, any reccos?


LeoIsRude t1_j0y6ba7 wrote

His replies are even worse.

He ended up telling a woman in the comments, "You definitely have c-section scars."

Straight-up douchebag wearing a funny hat.


bugdude666 t1_j0zfnt7 wrote

That fuckin killed me. Like is that supposed to be an insult? The fuck?


Terriblemanicure t1_j0y6y8b wrote

I’m getting real straight out of ROTC or basic 22 year old marriage machismo vibes


meowmix778 t1_j0xg1ue wrote

Probably a socially awkward like 20 year old or a government deep fake.

Could go either way.


Antnee83 t1_j0x4idp wrote

Goddamn it, how did I miss that one


Leviosahhh t1_j0ygwmu wrote

That was fantastic. Bravo. Thanks for sharing that gem.


OutofShapePerson t1_j0yralu wrote

Who talks like that? And I wonder if his fiancé knows/approves of his plans?


WalkerBRiley t1_j0z8lpg wrote

She either 100% has no idea or 100% is an abuse victim.


Low-Head-1493 t1_j0ywovg wrote



geneticswag t1_j0z05we wrote

how in the world did you embed a gif in thread


Low-Head-1493 t1_j1148x4 wrote

Ha! Well, if you are using Reddit from the app on your phone it’s just there on the righthand side of “add a comment” and once you start typing it’s an option directly below the text. No clue what it’s like on a computer browser.


geneticswag t1_j114hiq wrote

I use the old reddit extension, so on desktop I probably don't have the option because I browse like its still 2011. Maybe Apollo has the option.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j0x837x wrote

"Why's everyone so hostile?!"

My guy, do you read the shit you post? Lmfao.


BurningPage t1_j0wx7zs wrote

There is a strippy about an hour East of Sunday River— I don’t know what part of Maine y’all are in but that’s not considered terribly far around here.


undertow521 t1_j0x22il wrote

The Jay Ballet?


sexquipoop69 t1_j0x28kq wrote

Stepping Out now called Hour Place I think


Afoolsjourney t1_j0x6wvs wrote

In other words, yes the Jay Ballet.

It’s like when the Chinese restaurant changes it’s name. We don’t care, it always been and always will be the Chinah Dinah.


Cockroach-Jones t1_j0xcsqs wrote

Not sure if it’s a common phrase (I’m from away) but when I lived there I was told that an hour’s drive was a “Maine mile”


metametamind t1_j0xid61 wrote

Yeah but it’s 55 year old trucker meth stripper it’s not really the same thing


WalkerBRiley t1_j0z8pp2 wrote

For us it's not that far. For Cap'n ObviousNotFromAroundHere that's a day's travel.


Sbatio t1_j0xk56i wrote

This is my favorite r/Maine post of all time


spatzelface t1_j0wut0j wrote


who knows what that used to mean?

Seriously, just hire couple of strippers already.


Pokedude1110 t1_j0xahmv wrote

There's strip clubs in Maine?!


WorldlinessFlimsy489 t1_j0xcqxu wrote

You haven’t heard? It’s what the LLBean models do in their off season


jagger2096 t1_j0xfigr wrote

True story, we hired them for a friend's arbor day party, 6 of them showed up in the boot car!


Ebomb1 t1_j13loa2 wrote

First I remove my flannel. Then I remove my second flannel


meowmix778 t1_j0xg7bc wrote

I think PTs or whatever the fuck it's called now is legally a strip club. But your results may vary from what I've heard.


schilling207 t1_j0xkpr4 wrote

It’s Ricks Cabaret now. Put some respek on the name.


meowmix778 t1_j0xqwj9 wrote

Of course. How could I be so foolish.


Existing_Bat1939 t1_j0zin8g wrote

What, are the dancers not taking their tops off now? I know Portland doesn't allow bottomless.


meowmix778 t1_j0zvnvx wrote

I've never been to a strip club because the whole thing seems strange to me but I'm pretty confident most places don't let them go bottomless. That's like a pretty universal thing, yeah?


Existing_Bat1939 t1_j0zxy5x wrote

Full nudity is actually legal in Maine unless there's a local ordinance against it. The closest place I'm aware of that features it, though, is the Golden Banana in Saugus, Mass.


OmniMegaGiraffe t1_j0wz7k6 wrote

When I was a kid I heard tales of a place called La was never clear where that was. The only other strip joint I know of is Diamonds...and I wouldn't go there either


wadeboogs t1_j0x14zn wrote

Mi Casa was in Millinocket and recently was turned into a firearms range after the old motel was purchased


sexquipoop69 t1_j0x2fv3 wrote

It was called La Casa, La Casa de Fiesta to start with, then shortened in the 90s. Technically it was in Dolby between Millinocket and East Millinocket


BigRedBuddhaMan t1_j0ylc9r wrote

It's a gun range now? I'm intrigued.


wadeboogs t1_j0zkqnz wrote

I don't know much about it. I took the NRA SRO course and one of the attendees was the owner, I think it's relatively new. But hey, indoor range.


sm1ttysm1t t1_j0x9xrl wrote

Send him to the North Jay Ballet. Seems his speed.


chiarascura88 t1_j0yso0q wrote

Is that “guy who just bought a boat?”

But in all seriousness, it’s a troll. There’s no way that guy is actually from away… he knew that peanut butter and fluff belong together.


Cartoonlad t1_j0ytk7q wrote

>Is that “guy who just bought a boat?”

Omg. I read everything that dudebro wrote in his voice.


oddesttable t1_j0xi2nx wrote

Anybody else feel bad for the fiance? I now wonder if they oked Maine because they knew there wasn't any strip clubs in the state.


Slmmnslmn t1_j0yfq9k wrote

I went to the topless doughnut shop once. Then someone burned it down.


Ok_Olive9438 t1_j0zohm3 wrote

Wait until they find out that when its really cold, Maine strippers only bare themselves down to their long underwear.


MisterMan-Maine t1_j0ztyt7 wrote

I like how nobody mentions that the dude is a Masshole and that you can figure that out just from his post history


jlena429 t1_j0zwvzp wrote

That entire thread is gold and I'm laughing hysterically. You all made me so proud with that one. I bet you anything he is reevaluating his trip and thinks we are all a bunch of meanies now. Good stay away dude bro. This sub did maine right. Don't need more out of state assholes here.


leroydudley t1_j0xiqpl wrote

stratton hotel used to have girls come in from away to strip


MSCOTTGARAND t1_j0yt24c wrote

Just go to steppin' out in Jay for a quality strip club experience.


bugdude666 t1_j0zg2dh wrote

Anyone else remember the Zumba prostitute? Maybe she’s still available for this fine gentleman.


markleighton75 t1_j0ydblm wrote

Lol private bachelor partiies have them