Submitted by WhaleDinosaurDog t3_zxiy55 in Maine

I don’t care how good your snow tires are, speed limits are for good weather. You should be going under the speed limit, not ten over.

I was just driving on a narrow, curvy road with enough snow on the ground that neither the lines nor the edge of the road were visible. The speed limit is 50. I had at least four cars pass me going 60+ mph. Please be safe out there.



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hobodank t1_j20uw5x wrote

I actually do care how good your snow tires are.


acister t1_j21yk41 wrote

Honestly yeah, if you don't have 4wd/AWD please have snow tires for the rest of everyone

Edited to just say "snow tires" instead of "good snow tires" and 4wd to 4wd/AWD


Chimpbot t1_j23nso1 wrote

If you have 4WD/AWD, please don't drive as if that will actually do anything to keep you on the road during snowy or icy conditions. These are about getting your vehicle moving, not about steering, braking, or staying on the road.


LilYoungJedi t1_j21yzuw wrote

sure, just let me know when 'The rest of everyone' is willing to pay for those nice snow tires and I'll get right on it


acister t1_j220rfe wrote

Yeah it sucks, I used my winter tires in summer because I'm broke. Cars suck and are expensive but winter here is real. There's a threshold with vehicles where they are dangerous for everyone else if you don't have things it needs (brakes, lights, easy examples). Cars are just expensive to have. I'm not a fan and wish we had a less car centric society but uhh I'm not trying to die right now. There's a certain responsibility with driving to keep others safe.


LilYoungJedi t1_j22232e wrote

Surprise, but poverty is also real. People can only do what they can afford to do and survive. Almost like it's a factor that impacts all of society. A great argument for making the wealthy contribute their fair share. If you don't care and won't do it for others, at least hold them accountable for your own sake. If you are forced to choose between upgrading your snow tires and feeding your family for the week, what would you do?


acister t1_j222si8 wrote

I live under the poverty line. I had my winter tires on all summer like I said. If your vehicle isn't safe that does suck, and I have not been able to afford basics this year as well. Money sucks but you don't get a pass killing people. I'm not even saying its a moral issue either, I get it if you can't afford them and drive but yeah I'm saying generally I care and if possible make it a priority. Get chains if you can't afford them for adverse weather. This was common place before snow tires were popular. Not sure why you're arguing about snow tires making a northern climate safer.


Shambud t1_j249qiq wrote

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a normal car with chains in Maine, I don’t know that they’re even legal.


acister t1_j25tazb wrote

They're legal in the same time range studded tires are legal. They're not used much anymore (they are in mountain regions of the US and required at times to pass ranges) because of snow tires getting better the past 30 years.


LilYoungJedi t1_j224yz3 wrote

cool, so we agree. if possible, it should be a priority. While you may verbally well be under the 'poverty line', you may not realize just how far under others are. The point is, hurting other people is not human nature, especially when it's those you care about and yourself. Any reasonable person would get the best snow tires they can afford while the rest, by nature, cannot be reasoned with. Best to worry about what you can do for others, not what they can do for you. People do the best they can. At least until they have enough money to ignore the problems they cause for everyone else, apparently. You're argument isn't wrong but you are aiming it in the wrong direction.


WalkerBRiley t1_j23w9ru wrote

You let me store them at your place for the ten months out of the year I don't need em and maybe we can talk about it.

Or I can continue being a careful driver with all seasons in the snow and watch the people who think snow tires gives them the ability to travel 70 mph in blizzard conditions fishtail off into a ditch.


ZingZongZaddy t1_j20iclu wrote

I'm not going to read this while I'm speeding around in the snow, sorry.


Technical-Role-4346 t1_j20p5ih wrote

I got 4 wheel drive snow is not a problem…..
Oh S#it my steering and brakes don’t work any better than those on a 2 wheel drive!


Outnabout3535325 t1_j23kqby wrote

they most certainly do if you have snow tires, i live on a mountain where you have to have 4wd and snow tires. I have driven through actual blizzards where i could not see past the hood of my truck.

But for ice snow tires are useless, and i didn't have much luck with studded snows either.


Chimpbot t1_j23ocie wrote

Physics disagrees with your anecdotal experience, for what it's worth.


acister t1_j21z46j wrote

Slowing down is technically easier on a 4wd vehicle and they handle better objectively in adverse conditions. A two second google search could teach you how they work and what that means. Not saying to drive dangerously but uhh that's the point of 4wd.. to drive better offroad or in adverse conditions (not just getting unstuck).

Edit: funny being downvoted. Drive safe yall but I'm just saying the comment is literally wrong. You will not find anything to say otherwise. If you want to promote safety and not have people roll their eyes at you, spit facts


-gabagool- t1_j228hnv wrote

4wd/AWD helps you move forward in adverse conditions. In an emergency stop situation it makes no difference. Having a better grip on the road surface is great, but an all-wheel vehicle should be operated no differently than a 2wd vehicle if conditions are poor.


acister t1_j22c9da wrote pertaining to stopping, it has to do with the wheels being locked in a 4wd drivetrain vs free

Regarding adverse condition in roads, more traction means better handling. I've driven quite a bit being a professional driver and you can feel the difference when 4wd is engaged, it's objectively true. I can downshift and stop faster with all the wheels locked to the drivetrain. I'm not effing saying to drive too fast or dangerous. Handling is definitely affected by traction and where the vehicle is getting power from.


-gabagool- t1_j22eklt wrote

Your argument doesn't dispute the fact that in an emergency stop, which is the ultimate nightmare scenario in slick road conditions, power distribution to all wheels just doesn't make enough difference to justify driving any differently than if you were in a FWD vehicle. The video you linked is two vehicles in a fairly low-speed controlled situation.


acister t1_j22i0il wrote

I never said one should drive differently but OP said

>I got 4 wheel drive snow is not a problem…..Oh S#it my steering and brakes don’t work any better than those on a 2 wheel drive!

Handling and stopping are generally better in 4wd in adverse conditions objectively. Did not scour the internet for hours looking for a video but just a quick search for a vibe. IDK I just have driven A LOT and it is different to drive 4wd but one shouldn't be reckless because of that, 4wd at least out on the road in the snow is great for safety (and serves purposes other than just being able to move foward), guess I'm more trying to argue that.


blissoasis t1_j23ppec wrote

people that downvoted are the ones without 4wd. if you have it it does help steer better and brake quicker. it's not a save all but yes its a lot better that your little sedan electric vehicle or your high priced sports car. sometimes going to slow on bad roads is unsafe as well. you gotta go a steady pace so tires are always gripping. hence why 4wd does help


Chimpbot t1_j23o9ol wrote

You're being downvoted because you're wrong.

The point of 4WD/AWD is to help get your vehicle moving and/or get it over obstacles by powering four wheels instead of just two. These modes will not assist you with steering, braking, or staying on the road.

Edit: Everyone downvoting me doesn't understand how 4WD/AWD actually works, or what it actually does.


heavymetaltshirt t1_j20ruyj wrote

Just want to mention that the Redditors here may not be the best cross-section of safe drivers. I’m with you, OP. It’s best to slow down in the snow. People can go around (as they did) if they’re in a hurry.


Antnee83 t1_j21bsb6 wrote

All jokes aside, I'm going the speed limit if I feel like the road sucks.

I've also never had a line of traffic up my ass in those conditions either- I'd pull over if I did.

But OP is still being cringe so I'm here for that.


heavymetaltshirt t1_j21dbrn wrote

Yeah, I mean, I guess it’s a little cringey to tell other people how to drive, but the people here saying you have to go fast are doing the same thing.

I’ve lived here almost 50 years and I’ve totaled two cars due to driving too fast on sketchy winter roads and my neck is permanently jacked. I’m not interested in the insurance hike or the chance that I might hurt myself or someone else in another crash.

I personally drive as fast as I feel safe driving. Sometimes that’s the speed limit, sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more. If there’s a big line of cars behind me and no place for them to pass I will pull over, but I’m not going to put my own safety at risk because people have a hot foot either.


Antnee83 t1_j21dxgm wrote

> the people here saying you have to go fast are doing the same thing.

Oh agreed. A certain someone down below is fucken TURNT lol


houndshmix t1_j20ln8y wrote

Next time find a spot to pull over a bit and let traffic go by. If four cars needed to pass you, you we’re probably going too far under the limit. It sounds like the road you were on had plenty of packed snow to make a good base- this isn’t as unsafe as light/fresh snow or ice.


WhaleDinosaurDog OP t1_j20lx2f wrote

The four cars that passed me were over the course of 30 miles- I was going less than ten under. It had just started to snow so no plow or sand trucks had come through yet.


bugdude666 t1_j20wphx wrote

I understand your apprehension, but going significantly below the speed of your fellow drivers can be dangerous too.

If you’re genuinely worried about your speed in weather like this, please take side roads or pull to the side when there are a bunch of cars behind you and then get back on the road when it’s clear for you to do so.

I, and many other Mainers, not only learned to drive in these conditions, but have a lot of experience in them. We know how to drive safely in snow. If you do not, you should not be on frequently travelled roads in these conditions.


AbrasiveDad t1_j210qoc wrote

Especially when the road has hills. I've been behind traffic on a couple occasions where 1 car going too slow up a hill in the snow loses momentum and traction and causes an entire line of traffic to have to stop. This then compromises the safety of others in multiple ways.


startbox95 t1_j21m7ds wrote

This is my BIGGEST pet peeve when driving in snowy conditions.


bugdude666 t1_j2ab7d6 wrote

It’s seriously unsafe. I’ve also been on the end of a lineup on a hill where someone decided to be ~super safe~ and slid down the hill and it’s fuckin terrifying. At that point it doesn’t even matter how far back you are from the car in front of you or how defensive a driver you are, it’s fuckin dangerous.


New_Sun6390 t1_j20q89m wrote

>It had just started to snow...

IOW, no snow had actually accumulated on the road. You are doing 40, have a huge line of cars behind you, and are holding up traffic.

News flash: you do not need to slow to a crawl at the sight of the first snowflake.

If you are that scared to drive on snow, do the motoring public a favor and stay off the road.


WhaleDinosaurDog OP t1_j20qtnr wrote

It had been snowing for about 15 minutes so there was accumulation. I was going slow because there was enough accumulation that the lines were covered and I couldn’t tell where the edge of the road was. There were no cars behind me. The only cars that came behind me over the course of 30 miles are the ones that passed me. I wasn’t holding anyone up.


bugdude666 t1_j20xjyw wrote

If this level of accumulation and not being able to see the lines is a problem for you, I have really bad news for you regarding the rest of the winter.


houndshmix t1_j21l6z2 wrote

So 100% of the drivers who came up behind you on the road thought you were going slow enough to pass, but they’re the problem??


cepheus42 t1_j23b70l wrote

I don't know where you were, but we were out driving all day in the weather yesterday, from Gilead all the way up to Farmington, and down to Portland before returning to the Farmington area. Weren't even enough snow to do more than blow away when cars passed. Roads were fine.


houndshmix t1_j20m2rc wrote

Do you really think your PSA is going to change anything?


Antnee83 t1_j20q452 wrote

It changed me. I'm currently typing this as I go 20 over, speeding towards the ocean to chuck a car battery in there


4rastapasta2 t1_j21iqab wrote

If you're going under the speed limit let people pass or don't complain that they passed you. If they did it safely they apparently knew how to handle the conditions they were driving in. Just because you can't handle the conditions doesn't mean someone else can't and being forced to go ten or twenty miles below the speed limit is obnoxious when it isn't necessary.


Coffee-FlavoredSweat t1_j20ovml wrote

I’m probably just going to drive the way I usually do in the snow. If you had 1 car that wanted to get by, then I could probably understand they were going too fast for the conditions, but when you have 4 cars trying to get by, you gotta start thinking, “maybe it’s me?”


CarcassFiend t1_j20u8ku wrote

Argumentum ad populum fallacy. Just because there are a ton of idiots on the road doesn't mean driving like an idiot is okay.


andreq92 t1_j20rn4i wrote

Right how fucking dense is this joker?!


raynedanser t1_j20za7k wrote

As dense as the other jokers up voting them.


Antnee83 t1_j215qlz wrote

They're upvoting him because they agree with him

I'm upvoting because its a hilarious thread


raynedanser t1_j219u5b wrote

hahahaha! That's one way to look at it! Have an upvote of your own! :)


DiscoRichard t1_j20u10d wrote

Truck/Subaru drivers have entered the chat


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j21kjeh wrote

I think you mean tiny dicks and boys with mommy issues?


DiscoRichard t1_j21vsmy wrote

Hypothetical and tooootally not me, but what if you have both of those and drive a Prius?


acister t1_j220u50 wrote

Lol wth, i have a little Tacoma 4wd with a 4 banger but you're right my mom is dead. That's why I like 4wd living in the country in Maine for my peen and mother, not to safely get me to where I need to go on roads that have bad conditions often (or even my driveway). You're a smart one Karen.

Also Subaru Outbacks are like Maine mom cars (practical and safe - a good thing).

Definitely a big truck small peen macho vibe out there but you're kind of getting it all wrong if you equate anyone with 4wd/awd with that energy.


GhostOfPostersPast t1_j23s3h7 wrote

Considering Outbacks are the official car of Maine lesbians, I'd say the small peen energy still fits.


BuddyBear17 t1_j226p20 wrote

There's something in this state that I call snow-machismo, when certain individuals, usually men, need to prove their driving badassery in winter weather by driving way over a reasonable speed for the conditions. Correlates highly with jeeps, lifted trucks, and loud Subarus FWIW.


No-Tumbleweed9002 t1_j26nhwk wrote

nah always - passed a jeep gladiator this morning doing 50 on 2 lane no ice/no snow - they then proceeded to ride my rav4 ass the rest of the way as obvs they make the rules....slow or fast ;P.


Super-Lychee8852 t1_j22w3r1 wrote

It's called people owning vehicles that can handle driving in snow without any problems.


berrygood81 t1_j240pvg wrote

Well I work in an emergency room, and I can confirm that such vehicles do not exist. What does it hurt to drive slower?


Super-Lychee8852 t1_j27clbe wrote

Didn't know ER staff were experts on vehicles.

Some of us drive on frozen lakes for fun


Super-Lychee8852 t1_j21coi0 wrote

No. Between my $1500 tires and 4wd on my truck and more, it can handle snowy roads perfectly. I'm going to pass you if you're driving slow. I'm not going to blame you for driving slow or road rage at you but expect to be passed


xrocket21 t1_j20vhg5 wrote

I am curious how fast you were going?


gypsy611 t1_j217ar1 wrote

A lot of real assholes on this thread. I just made a long road trip. I was taking it easy because I definitely wasn’t comfortable. But the level of assholery out there by the dimwits being in such a big hurry that they actually created worse conditions than I was by going a little slow was ridiculous. And don’t even get me started on the 18 wheelers. I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing at times.

Reading this thread clarifies it glaringly. People are crazy. This world needs help


berrygood81 t1_j2441mq wrote

Seriously. I was returning home after a 12 hour shift in snow after the last big snowstorm. Going 45 on a curvy 50 mph road. I was going slow half from snow, half from fatigue. The amount of lifted truck road rage aimed at me was scary for a 3 mile drive. I guess the world has just changed, but it makes me sad.

I grew up in the county, and I still remember how patient that other drivers were the first year I got my licence and was really nervous in snowstorms. Like I was part of a community and we cared about each other or something.


gypsy611 t1_j28ke7n wrote

It makes me sad, too. So many of the comments on this thread really got to me. It was so bad that I took the insensitive advice of the people on this thread and got off the road. I was afraid, not because of the weather, but because of the way they were driving in that weather. And myself and my son sat in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere as it snowed and he cried. So, that few minutes that they all think is so important that they have to drive like idiots cause “they know how to drive in snow” actually cost me hours of sitting and waiting because I didn’t want to be on the road with them. Now, that’s sad. But people just don’t care anymore….about anything…. Especially when it comes to others. So, here we are.


anonreddituser78 t1_j2162gj wrote

These posts are so weird. Are all of you guys new to driving in snow and ice?


MisterSophisticated t1_j212ehb wrote

I love slowing down when people tailgate me.


andreq92 t1_j21aym8 wrote

If you make it noticeable I will get in front of you and hit the brakes 10x as hard


Antnee83 t1_j21dgvn wrote

Youre only wasting your own time, you know that right


andreq92 t1_j21dj67 wrote

I'm home sick with the flu. I've got days to waste friend


NoahSavedTheAnimals t1_j2315vl wrote

And I'll wreck you in court with my dashcam. Have fun paying for my new car.


andreq92 t1_j23gveg wrote

Run in to the back of my car and you'll be calling an ambulance, BUT NOT FOR ME


NoahSavedTheAnimals t1_j25dhuo wrote

I drive a Volvo 240. It's made of steel, not plastic, silly.


andreq92 t1_j25eaw7 wrote

I own my shitbox of a malibu that's nearly 20 years old and have EXCELLENT insurance, try me friend


NoahSavedTheAnimals t1_j25gd8n wrote

Only 20 years? Mine is a '92.

Anyway, I'm not keen on car accidents or bogans like you.


andreq92 t1_j25irzw wrote

As it happens I'm not fond of idiots clogging up the roads, looks like we're at an impasse guy!


DidDunMegasploded t1_j21jxq5 wrote

There are so many accidents and pileups on the highway caused by idiots who want to get absolutely fucking nowhere fast (and certainly nowhere important). Usually by speeding and doing zoom-zooms in the snow. Snow tires and AWD tires be damned, there are signs that say "slow down in inclement weather" for a reason.

That being said...I see the idiots have come out to play for this r/Maine Top Thread of the Day. Consider that an accomplishment, OP, not a detriment.


ascentoffailure t1_j22u77p wrote

I have people riding my fucking ass while I’m driving 5 mph over the speed limit on rural rods. They will get up in my fucking grill as if I’ve personally offended them.

I used to work with paramedics. If these nutjobs don’t get squished this year, they will eventually. Of the hundreds of crashes I’ve responded to, they always thought they were right. Didn’t stop them from being paralyzed or losing their best friends.

Life is fucking short. You can think snow tires or front wheel drive will save you, and even bet on it. It will still be my friends shoveling your corpse off the road. But hey, if you think your ego is big enough to save you ¯_(ツ)_/¯ be my guest.


SunBlindFool t1_j21pkg6 wrote

Was the snow really that bad? There was a light dusting on the ground in Freeport but you live in Maine, if this weather was too severe to drive then you might want to move.


lafnmatt t1_j22vrcl wrote

Every winter, without fail, 4WD/AWD vehicles are always the first vehicles I see in the ditch after/during the first snowstorm we get. Doesn’t matter how great your tires are when it comes to icy slick roads. How quickly thee forget. Slow down, save a life.


Runnah5555 t1_j211bip wrote

Drive as slowly or as quickly as you feel comfortable with. BUT! Get the fuck out of the way for others. It’s not your job to be the traffic police.

Also, for anyone who needs to be told, get out of the left lane!


gypsy611 t1_j216m0l wrote

“it’s not your job to be the traffic police”… while simultaneously being the traffic police. Heh


IHadADreamIWasAMeme t1_j21rvl9 wrote

I don’t care anymore because I work from home full time now, but my god the worst thing about driving in the snow wasn’t the snow, it was the 20 minute commute turning into a 90 minute commute because people can’t handle driving at a reasonable speed in even a little bit of snow.


vhiran t1_j225zs8 wrote

i'd like an explanation as to why people have devolved into such shit drivers in a year.


yea they were always bad but not *THAT* bad+.



_GeoffreyLebowski t1_j21q7xl wrote

I solidly believe that driving super slow is just as dangerous as going too fast. If you are a cautious driver in snow or rain, please check your rear view mirror and if someone is creeping up on you, pull over.


sockzippers t1_j21qg3u wrote

Stating my opinion so you all know that my opinion needed to be stated in public forum so people know that my opinion is fact. I drive in snow!


Arpey75 t1_j210w48 wrote

If you feel you are in an unsafe environment, the only option you have is to remove yourself... Don't mean to come off harsh but it is the reality. Sure, they could cause an accident and you may be involved as a result but you cannot control another's behaviors so all you can do is remove yourself from situations that you don't feel good about. How you feel is no one's problem but your own.


wackybones t1_j21kmhz wrote

You gotta let people make their own mistakes, PSA posts like this will never convince them.


eljefino t1_j21vl5x wrote

Narrow, curvy roads are what slow me down. Particularly if they have a bad/ aggressive crown trying to slide me into the ditch.

Give me a straight two lane highway, that I'm alone on, with wide shoulders, and telegraph poles set way back, and I can recover from anything.


wing1801 t1_j228h0a wrote

Don’t even get us started on telegraph poles


rel0din t1_j216bs7 wrote

If it’s a nice straight stretch on a level road, I hate when people are driving slower than necessary. Or worse brake for no reason. I never understood why some people brake to slow down when there is no obvious reason to slow down like an upcoming intersection, a turn, or an obstacle. They just brake because they feel they are going too fast. It’s safer if they just ease off the gas and let the engine slow the car down gently and safely. Even with an automatic this slows the vehicle nicely.


NoFeetSmell t1_j21alw7 wrote

I agree with the content of your comment, but in the context of this thread it comes off more as a "naw, fuck you op, I hate when people actually drive slow", so imho it should be downvoted to shit.


rockpapergenocide t1_j21b3ky wrote

Deal, unless you're one of those cwords that's does 67mph in the fast lane on 95.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j21m01q wrote

4 cars is nothing. There are occasionally people who drive super slow (25 is a 55) down the most common way to come into town. It's typically too busy to pass. Last week I was stuck in a line of at least 20 cars with no chance to pass. The idiot in the front should have pulled over, there are plenty of spots to do so and allow people to pass without disrupting or endangering anyone.

Everyone should know in the winter the roads typically suck. You should leave a little earlier and expect the drive to take a little more time. Just because you can't plan accordingly, doesn't mean that everyone has to move out of your way so you're not held up.


BeemHume t1_j21xsry wrote

How about: Drive within your ability in the snow.

Not that you should drive fast, but some cars can go faster and still be safe in the snow


acister t1_j21ymwm wrote

The speed limit on 95 is 95 right, lots of signs say 95? Plenty high enough for me


peteregelston t1_j233sqk wrote

Four (all) wheel drive gives a false sense of security. It won’t prevent you going into the ditch; it just makes it easier to get out of the ditch once you’ve gone in.


Wear_Overall t1_j237btx wrote

Funny how telephone poles and Darwin have a way of solving this problem.


capt_jazz t1_j23l5d8 wrote

For real, Maine is the only state where I consistently see cars and trucks that have slid off the road in RAINY conditions, y'all drive like maniacs and I think you maybe need different outlets for your energy lol


ASK_ME_ABOUT_RALOR t1_j23phc0 wrote

Ever lived in a more urban state?

I saw worse in mass every single day


vhiran t1_j277bgu wrote

He's not wrong though, Maine is on track for roughly equivalent deaths as Louisiana, which has 3 million more people.


e2346437 t1_j24ugmv wrote

Let em pass. I'd rather have those types in front of me than behind me. They'll find the bad spots before I do!


Fantastic_Painter_15 t1_j23sm7p wrote

Sorry need to keep my speed up to make it up the icy hills. It’s always the flatlanders who slow down, lose their momentum, and get stuck


leseulloupgris88 t1_j244n96 wrote

I have studded snow tires AND AWD and I still go way under the speed limit when the roads are gross. I don't understand how others go 10+ over the speed limit when the weather is bad. They are putting themselves and others in danger by doing so.


Tumbleweed-53 t1_j24px0s wrote

Years back was giving the same speech to my daughters. Driving down the turnpike, right on cue a businessmans special passed on my left. the car then turned sideways with the front towards me, and proceeded to make a semi circle in front of us ending up against the side rail on my right side, always front towards my car at all times. To this day my daughters insist it was a setup, couldn't really happen.


americanineu t1_j255amd wrote

The ones passing must be coming from BIW because my coworkers all seem to fly out of there like hell on wheels with a death wish.


FreedomXFromme t1_j23lqjc wrote

I drive down the middle of the road when it snows and only move over when traffic is coming, or I encounter a hill or a curve in the road. I only do this in back roads, but sometimes do this through town if the snow accumulation is too much for the plows to keep up with. I think the rule of staying within the lines goes out the window during snowstorms and the only time I follow that rule is when I encounter other vehicles.


blutigetranen t1_j21vici wrote

It... snowed?


Valash83 t1_j23mxxq wrote

Hampden had nothing but a few flakes yesterday, but a friend a few miles away in Jackson said there was enough to lightly cover everything.

So it seems like it depends on just exactly where you were


ColdTiger0 t1_j21w452 wrote

Thanks. I’ll now drive slower.


coffeeisdelishdeux t1_j23huki wrote

My rule of thumb for driving on snowy roads: never shift out of second gear. Keeps me from drifting above 25-30mph.


Notmystationbro t1_j218ral wrote

Sorry but all four of my tires are studded and I’m in 4wd so let me go cause your scared to drive


mainemtnrover t1_j2198jh wrote

Yes and no. I work hard to make sure I've got proper equipment for winter which includes an AWD vehicle with studded snow tires with lots of tread. I also remove all the snow from my vehicle before I drive. I have lots of experience and know how to drive for the conditions. I'm also cautious. Too often I get behind people that haven't cleared the snow off their windows and have a two-wheel drive vehicle with worn tires. I feel like they are unprepared to be driving in those conditions and should be going slower than I am or not on the road at all. I don't think I should have to go slower just because you are inexperienced or didn't prepare for the driving conditions.


gypsy611 t1_j21l6wf wrote

Yes, of course, because everyone can afford to have all the nice things that you do. So, fuck ‘em if they can’t, right? They deserve to be passed. And most of the time, you assholes do it very unsafely, creating a terrible deadly situation for all, including my child in my back seat. Jesus Christ you people are entitled assholes on this thread.

Maine mountain “rover”. Yep, that sums it up nicely.


mainemtnrover t1_j23fete wrote

No surprise that a “Gypsy” skimmed over the part where I said I worked hard. Also not surprising that you make assumptions. My vehicle is 16 years old and I bought it used. Also I bought used snow tires that had seen a season and had them mounted on wheels I got from a junkyard. I’m smart, safe, and thrifty, not entitled.


gypsy611 t1_j23py3d wrote

Well, the tone of this comment sounds a whole heck of a lot nicer than the first one. And a lot of people work hard…. And drive safely and slowly to get home to their families. I picked gypsy for my user name because I love the song by Stevie Nicks, not because I lack reading comprehension skills. I didn’t miss any part. Anyhow, be safe out there.


ecco-domenica t1_j21v3eb wrote

Oh well. You don't think you should have to go slower. That makes all the difference. Thanks for explaining.


t2ktill t1_j20yhqp wrote

Someone is from away


andreq92 t1_j20re55 wrote

So you're the fucking asshole I have to pass in an inopportune spot because you are not capable of piloting your vehicle properly? Please do everyone a favour and let someone else drive you around. If that's not an option you should be pulling off to let traffic pass you so you don't cause road rage to others. I know my limitations and they far surpass our outdated speed limits Karen.


WildlyUnprepared4___ t1_j20z2wp wrote

Maybe you shouldn’t be so impatient. Where the fuck do you have to get to do fast? If you’re passing at an i opportune spot that is YOU making a decision that could impact multiple people by not driving safely. This person driving at a speed they feel comfortable doesn’t make them a Karen, what makes you a Karen is being an impatient dick driver because you’re mildly inconvenienced for a minute of your drive. Wait five minutes for a good spot to go by, don’t drive like an asshole.


andreq92 t1_j21b4ur wrote

Or get the fuck out of my way. It's great that you're a vapid waste of human space but I am not and have places to be. So kindly fucking move


DidDunMegasploded t1_j21jp5r wrote

Like where, hmm? Anywhere, oh, you know, important? Like the hospital? A nursing home? The police station?

If not, then perhaps you are the projectionist of the "vapid waste of human space" insult. There's no excuse to be ripping 30 over besides the reasons above.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j21kxru wrote

If you leave earlier, then you won't have to rush so much. Plan better


WildlyUnprepared4___ t1_j21nk90 wrote

It’s weird how managing your time and planning your commute wisely helps you not drive like a total asshole


ASK_ME_ABOUT_RALOR t1_j23py68 wrote

I’ll remember that the next time my partner is almost dying due to pregnancy complications and someone decides to get a justice boner and go 30 in a 50 because “OH MY GOODNESS they’re going TEN OVER THE HUMANITY”.

Yes, some people have emergencies that aren’t planned. Do some thinking outside of your box.


WildlyUnprepared4___ t1_j23ra88 wrote

If your partner is dying of pregnancy complications are you going to call an ambulance or feed your hero complex by driving excessive speeds to the hospital yourself in a snowstorm?


ASK_ME_ABOUT_RALOR t1_j23shwm wrote

Oh yeah, I forgot, I live in maine. So ambulances totally can’t take an hour to get to rural locations. So, two hours waiting for an ambulance? Or 45 minutes to get them to the hospital?

I’ll take my chances.


Runnah5555 t1_j212mye wrote

How about, it’s none of your business as to the reason for my haste? I could be heading to the hospital to see a dying relative, rushing a child to the hospital or even about to shit my pants.

Regardless of the situation, if someone is in that much of a hurry, let them by. You going slowly is not a moral/ethical win.


andreq92 t1_j20rsz5 wrote

Did you make a reddit just to bitch about this? Oh honey, wrong state and wrong place. No post history? Dafuq?


WhaleDinosaurDog OP t1_j20rwxz wrote

My account is three years old…


andreq92 t1_j20s0js wrote

And this is your first interaction?! Please stay off the roads and reddit.


WhaleDinosaurDog OP t1_j20s5e0 wrote

I have a different account but I don’t reference my location on it


andreq92 t1_j20s8rp wrote

Why??? Legit who cares?


Antnee83 t1_j21bdm0 wrote

Nah its actually smart depending on how fucked up their main account is.

I don't really try to hide my actual identity all that much, not like I do fucked up shit on reddit but I'm pretty politically opinionated and I sure wouldn't want anyone in Meatspace to know this is my account either.


andreq92 t1_j21c8af wrote

If you're not proud of what you do online and don't want it tied to you, maybe you need to look deeper and ask why that is? People are too afraid to tell others, "that's stupid and so are you."


bettyclevelandstewrt t1_j20sw4b wrote

Guess you’re not from here. Sorry you don’t like our driving. Not sorry. We know how to drive in the snow.


megamoose4 t1_j20mrhw wrote

Don’t like it? Stay off the roads.


robbins290 t1_j20r9k8 wrote

Exactly. They aint no pig. Drive how i want.