Submitted by taskforceslacker t3_1028hz7 in Maine

Good day, all. My spouse and I are in the market for a house. We currently rent in Cumberland County, but we’re ready to buy our permanent home. That said, I’m medically-retired military, but she goes to work every day. Finances are in order, but but for her professional development, I have a few questions-

Houses are insane in York/Cumberland count where I grew up, so we’re looking up North. With the exception of near Bangor/Augusta, how are the job markets in the quieter parts of Maine? How do people earn their income when not near metro areas? Is telecommuting the most viable option? Looking for advice/experiences. Spouse does not have college education, but will be attending. She has clerical/logistical experience. TIA.



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Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j2rsmtn wrote

There are still businesses in small towns. Everything from restaurants, stores, and oil companies. This time of year, however, most businesses tend to slow down a great deal and finding a job that's actually hiring is tough. You're lucky to find even part-time work. Alternately, if traveling for work in an option, then you have more of a reach. And obviously, if you can find remote work, that doesn't require you living within 1 hr of the location, that's an option too.

This isn't New York, it's up north, not upstate. 😂


petrified_eel4615 t1_j2rwvgx wrote

Bangor area and surrounding towns are awesome - I miss living in Old Town.

Houses are considerably less expensive than York County, but depending on the town (Hampden, Orono, Veazie) can be pricy.

If you are okay with the boonies, being across the river (Eddington, Bradley, Milford) is much less expensive, while still being convenient to Bangor and Brewer.


The_Shredz24 t1_j2s3898 wrote

Have you been to Old Town lately? Man, it’s not like it used to be when I was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. Still miss it though, and probably pretty affordable and pretty central to the bigger towns.


petrified_eel4615 t1_j2s3xie wrote

I sold my house there last year, moved to NH in 2019 to take care of my dad. OTES was really good for my kids.

Yeah, there were two meth houses not far from us that were raided in the past few years, and a couple of sketchy areas, but I felt safe enough to let my kids bike to school most days & let them run around down the park without helicoptering.


joeydokes t1_j2s06fl wrote

I'd second the Bangor/Brewer area. Very Central, more than less affordable, safe, it's probably as much job opportunity as you'll find anywhere but Portland.

Otherwise, expect a 30-40 minute commute if you're in the hinter parts.


the_wookie_of_maine t1_j2rvbo0 wrote

What does your Wife do?

If she's someone that interfaces with the public, remote work isn't an option.

If she's behind a screen that has no physical needs to be in an office, remote will work, check with her current employer.


ozzie286 t1_j2vf233 wrote

If she's working remote, make sure you consider/research internet options before you move. IMO spectrum 100Mb should be a minimum requirement for video conferencing. DSL is not fast enough in most areas, and I wouldn't count on Starlink being around in 5 years.


JimBones31 t1_j2s5mcy wrote

I live in Union and life is great in our little area, all of Knox county is nice and quiet. My wife works in public health and I work out of state on tugboats.


SwvellyBents t1_j2v7ukr wrote

If you can believe the hype, there's about to be a gold rush for job hunters at Columbia Falls in Washington County. A town of population 476 has something like 5000 jobs coming open at Flagpoleville.

Again, if you can believe the hype.

Land and housing are pretty reasonable around there compared to Cumberland County if you stay away from the ocean a bit. Social life might be problematic though.