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auraphauna t1_j4vj97o wrote

You’re right and you should say it


Shilo788 t1_j4vym65 wrote

I cooked under the name Butterhead, which do you think I prefer? Wrong! Cream cheese. My D also votes cc. And coffee in the cake batter. Maine WPs are better than Pennsylvania's. They use shortening mostly.


gutprof t1_j4xat84 wrote

Your D has a separate vote? Or is this a ranked choice thing?


teeceeinthewoods t1_j4vnp3g wrote

Brownie whoopie pies from Douin's market in New Sharon. If you're going to get diabetes, make it worth it.


Fake_Engineer t1_j4xy2ep wrote

My Dad tipped me off to Douins years ago when we would drive through often. It's my goto stop along route 2. The brownie whoopie pies are my absolute favorite. The chicken tenders are complete shit the last 2? years which sucks, because they used to be very good as well.


camXmac t1_j4yl7j8 wrote

They sold to new owners around that time. Probably a correlation on the chicken.


Johncarllos t1_j4ycslx wrote

Preach! I don't really like traditional cakes or shortening for filling so Douin's brownie whoopie pies are a godsend. I'll make my own brownie cookies at home and go half and half ice cream sandwiches and cream cheese or peanut butter based whoopie pies.


camXmac t1_j4yl3or wrote

I worked there for a little while and can confirm. Diabetes soon to follow.


MuForceShoelace t1_j4vybel wrote

woopie pies are the best if you use a different recipe for the frosting and for the cake, and don't make woopie pies at all.


Faendol t1_j4wgs1t wrote

Even less popular opinion Whoopie pies are too sweet and just too much. (I'm sorry I know this is heresy)


cwalton505 t1_j4ww3u2 wrote

I agree tho I've never heard of them with cream cheese. I don't really care for much of any sweets but I'm mildly intrigued now


standardbanana t1_j4x26mk wrote

I definitely agree with this, however, I’m guessing I’ve never had one with butter or cream cheese. I can see that being a better option


1-900OkFace t1_j4vqizw wrote

The hint is fluff.


Rootool OP t1_j4wcv4w wrote

That's what my teammate just told me her family uses. Good idea.


1-900OkFace t1_j4wkavo wrote

fluff is for EVERYTHING and it's hard to find outside of the north. I use it in my fudge.


gordielaboom t1_j4wugru wrote

I lucked out - it’s in the international section of Walmart here in Michigan.


lambaghetti t1_j4w9sci wrote

Best one I ever ate was in Sherman mills. Pumpkin with cream cheese frosting.


Rootool OP t1_j4wncn9 wrote

This doesn't surprise me. My wife's family is from there. Their food is especially delicious.


Elouiseotter t1_j4vm435 wrote

Homemade whoopie pies are the best.


Apprehensive-Mango23 t1_j4vq019 wrote

Shortening is just gross.

Also I bought a whoopie pie from the grocery store that looked amazing but it tasted strong like plastic bc it was wrapped tight in Saran Wrap for who knows how long. That was vile and put me off whoopie pies for quite a bit


CrazyBreadPresident t1_j4vx2eq wrote

I’ve had this happen so much! I think some stores use a kind of plastic wrap that makes everything taste like plastic. I’ve gone to my local store and gotten whoopie pies that were baked the morning before, but they tasted exactly like the plastic wrap they were stored in. Same with muffins, croissants, literally anything they wrapped in that disgusting plastic wrap tasted bad.


jellyrollo t1_j4w7vgl wrote

If food is wrapped while warm it will tend to heat up the plastic and transfer the plastic taste into the food. Truly revolting.


Mikerm3 t1_j4vr156 wrote

agree to disagree - my moms whoopie pie frosting is shortening, confectioners sugar, and vanilla extract. it’s a disgusting recipe, but it has to be that frosting for me.


cmcrich t1_j4w72k1 wrote

Yup, mine too, others are too sickly sweet.


L372 t1_j4w8dna wrote

I make awesome whoopie pies. Team butter & marshmallow fluff.

I used to make big whoopie pies, but bringing them to work and seeing folks cut them in half inspired me to make them muffin cup size.


ecco-domenica t1_j4x6yc0 wrote

Good idea. In the old days they were much smaller. They were a small lunch box treat your mom could make for not too much money rather than today's commercial monsters.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j4vk300 wrote

I'm gonna one up you buddy, whoopie pies are just gross. It's like eating diabetes.

(I have tried them a bunch throughout my life, I can't be 100% on the ingredients though, so you could be on to something OP)


[deleted] t1_j4vnpi7 wrote

Homemade are good. I’ve had good store bought whoopie pies before but in general I’m not really a baked sweets person so being able to make them at home and tone them way down is the best option. Those monstrosities that look like a scooby doo hamburger made of frosting are gross though.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j4vpnn5 wrote

I've even had homemade "this person makes the BEST you'll ever find" kinds. The cake part tasted better, for sure, it's that middle though, kills the whole experience.

It's like getting a cake but with "traditional" frosting. Can't even finish the piece of cake because the frosting is too much.

Scooby and shaggy were stoners, I'm sure they could even do a better job at creating some awesome munchies 🤣


[deleted] t1_j4vt9ff wrote

Oh I basically just make a cake sandwich with a little bit of a frosting I like whipped in the mixer. Maybe like a 1/4” schmear. How do you feel about oatmeal cream pies?


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j4vwv3e wrote

Me and oatmeal are not friends... Lol it's almost ok, until you find the raisins then I'm done entirely


[deleted] t1_j4vyk2x wrote

Raisin hater? I think you might just have terminally bad opinions. Please see a doctor before it gets worse.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j4vzqiz wrote

Nah. I'm picky and I know it. I like what I like. Doesn't mean anyone around me has to do anything different. I've stomached some pretty nasty meals because I'm not about to make someone change their normal stuff for me. (Like mushrooms in stuffing... or mushrooms in general 🤢)


[deleted] t1_j4w1c5z wrote

Mushrooms too? Oh no it’s metastasized


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_j4w25ku wrote

Oh trust me, it's a long list. I do try things again occasionally, taste buds change and what not. I barely eat anywhere other than home (mostly because I'm broke and can't eat out or travel). If ever I am elsewhere, I just suck it up and deal. Unless we're talking about ketchup on or in anything, I'd rather starve. The smell alone makes me gag.


timedrepost t1_j4z3dfq wrote

Ketchup too?? Just when I think you’re done, you just keep digging the hole deeper! ;-)


DidDunMegasploded t1_j4vye2h wrote

Finally, someone else who hates whoopie pies! There is another!

Really, I just never saw the appeal of them. Tried them once. As my generation likes to say, they are mid.


timedrepost t1_j4z3lj6 wrote

Imagine trying one whoopie pie your whole life and saying you hate whoopie pies.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j4zc68s wrote

Oho no, I've had more than one whoopie pie in my life. I just don't find them appealing. I have much simpler tastes.


Shilo788 t1_j4vztj3 wrote

All sweet baked goods are bad for you. I cut down not out. I am happy with a taste.


Technical-Role-4346 t1_j4vpofq wrote

The one at Big G’s are pretty good- small though


soulc t1_j4w8sqc wrote



Blue_Eyed_ME t1_j4xjthr wrote

This will sound disgusting, but I use a mix of cream cheese, fluff, and cool whip (same recipe as fluff fruit dip) instead of the traditional shortening/sugar mix. It tastes a bit like cheesecake.

My whoopie pies have raised hundreds of $$$ at local bake sale fundraiser auctions, so I know they're good.


Enigmedic t1_j4vkn2n wrote

The only good whoopie pies were the ones sam's made in the 90s before they went to the mass produced ones.


Runnah5555 t1_j4vlnop wrote

Can’t Sam just make some more or is he busy?


Enigmedic t1_j4vs708 wrote

I don't remember exactly what happened but there was a disagreement between the guy who had the recipe and the restaurant owner or something. My dad knew him and he only makes them for family now.


Dizzyluffy t1_j4vtt2l wrote

Call me crazy, but I see little difference between “homemade” and the ones you find next to the cash register at rural gas stations, or even Steve’s or some other Maine brand. It’s all just cake and frosting to me.


WalkerBRiley t1_j4wkud6 wrote

That'd be because those are often 'homemade' using the same recipes you'd find in your gramma's cookbook, just at a larger scale.


BMFhartz1 t1_j4whai2 wrote

Whoopie pies are gross. The better frosting delivery device is the CREAM HORN.


EdSmelly t1_j4wnrla wrote

Cream horn? Is that what we’re calling ’em now…?


BMFhartz1 t1_j4wqvlx wrote

In my day you couldn't get whoopie pies at any corner store... but you could always get a tasty cream horn filled with thick white goo. The superior product is almost forgotten now.


drew0216 t1_j4w30k5 wrote

Team butter cream!!!


KenMcKenzie98 t1_j4wz36e wrote

Best ones I ever had came from Hillman’s Bakery in Fairfield


ODBEIGHTY1 t1_j4xyfxh wrote

Where does one obtain a Whoopie Pie made with cream cheese in the Portland area? I've never seen that (not a Mainer originally). I'm getting older, fatter and more stupider every day and maybe I should never have a cream cheese filled Whoopie Pie... But if I wanted to get one for a friend?....


YouAreHardtoImagine t1_j4vxk7w wrote

Crisco and Fluff was the best base mix before Crisco changed in the mid 2000’s. Since then, it’s hard to make it taste the same vintage way from the past.

Edit: a word


TJsName t1_j4wbnbx wrote

I see a few others mention it, but Butter, Confectioner's Sugar, Vanilla, and Fluff for me. It's a bit less viscous, so I use it as a 'build your own Whoopie Pie' type desert, otherwise it can spill out.


macesta11 t1_j4wfvva wrote

All the recipes I have call for fluff, marshmallow fluff. I had to get someone to bring me some back from the states. That's my weekend project.


Natprk t1_j4xmvap wrote

Funny, my wife just made some today. I’ll ask what she used.


Alibutts1983 t1_j4y9qx9 wrote

Unpopular opinion- whoopie pies are gross 🫣


hobodank t1_j4w0iqu wrote

I don’t think mother ever knew what cream cheese was lol.


TnekKralc t1_j4w10jl wrote

Lies, big g's peanut butter whoopies are best


pbrontap t1_j4wlqlc wrote

Someone had to say it.


OOOtOOOt t1_j4wukp1 wrote

I might be biased toward my hometown, but Wild Oats in Brunswick makes the best whoopie pies. I think it's a butter-based filling, but whatever is it, it's delicious and tastes of my childhood.


Serializedrequests t1_j4zp84z wrote

95% of them that I have ever had were sickly and not worth eating. I don't really get them. The only edible ones I have experienced did indeed have different frosting.


cylon_h t1_j505cwq wrote

I think whoopie pies suck regardless


KezarLake t1_j53lr33 wrote

I agree. I have a friend that makes the filling with Crisco and they taste, well, just like shortening. Horrible.


Subject_Meat5314 t1_j4vznzy wrote

Wow. Sacrilege. Shortening or nothing. You guys are all nuts.


PGids t1_j4we7g8 wrote

Yeah no doubt, everything else is way way way too fuckin sweet


anyodan8675 t1_j4wa838 wrote

You are so brave! I would like to say whoopie pies are somewhat nasty. Speaking as a lifelong Maine resident they are too much sugar for not enough satisfaction.


987nevertry t1_j4wp0xs wrote

If you want the full experience you have to wash ‘em down with Moxie.


Monstermart t1_j4we9p1 wrote

This is an actual unpopular opinion: whoopie pies in general are pretty gross


inpantspro t1_j4y2y12 wrote

The cake to frosting ratio is way off. It needs to be much less frosting than most are sold as.


GoodDecision t1_j4y4grb wrote

I agree. I'm a big ratio guy with sandwiches and whatnot. It's never a popular opinion, but cake, and in this case, the pies, have too much frosting the same way lots of Italian sandwiches have too much meat. I don't want a block of ham and salami, I want a nice ratio of veggies, cheese, meat, etc. I joke all the time about opening an eatery called hoRATIO Sans(wiches). Like the comedian. ( a stretch I know)


inpantspro t1_j4y8koy wrote

Keeping the witches out on Halloween may be a challenge in New England.


jcwhorewrath t1_j4y45o6 wrote

I had a friend who actually made homemade whoopie pies one time and they told me knowing the amount of lard that goes into them made them less pleasurable to eat.


camXmac t1_j4ykn5n wrote

I absolutely hate cream cheese frosting. Give me those damn whoopies from Sam’s Italian. I still can’t find better than those no matter how many people say they make homemade ones better.


planningcalendar t1_j4zn6wj wrote

If you are going to use shortening, try equal parts fluff, xx sugar and shortening. Add vanilla. If you're going to a gathering, make your favorite chocolate cake and frost it with filling. Ta-da! Whoopie Pie cake.


soulc t1_j5qybia wrote

Not a whoopie pie you flatlander.


Runnah5555 t1_j4vnnvs wrote

I wasn’t born here so I can talk all the shit I want about these alleged “pies”.

They ok.


Shilo788 t1_j4w0cap wrote

Try the blueberry cake, those lowbush berries are so much better than the big marble sized ones.