Submitted by Badairquality t3_10pwizu in Maine

I haven’t had one since moving back to Maine in September, but I think today’s the day and I don’t want a dud. Priorities- flavor & quality (obvs), appropriate bun size (not so thick you need to have a python jaw to take a bite), accompanying French fry quality, and restaurant hygiene.



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chexmex22 t1_j6mtk31 wrote

Meridian's in Fairfield, and front and Main in Waterville are easily two of the better spots around.


FlyingUdonMonster t1_j6n5965 wrote

I’ve gotten a real good burger at the A1 diner in Gardiner—one of the best I’ve had at a restaurant, in fact. It’s not too far out of the way if you’re driving in between Waterville and Freeport.

I’ve also had good burgers at Whipper’s in Augusta, right off of Cony Circle. Also just a minor detour if you’re en route from Waterville to Freeport.


WalkerBRiley t1_j6oq7hv wrote

A1 Diner has the most disgusting kitchen I've ever had the misfortune to work in. Hood vents covered in grease and dust so think I could swear I saw fungus growing on it. Fryer oil that hadn't been replaced for a month. A thick coating of dust over everything. Nothing in the prep cooler labeled or dated. A pile of dirty rags in the corner that had been there for a week. No gloves, no hats, no nothing out back.

I refuse to ever step foot in there and I still don't know how that guy still is open with the multitude of health code violations there.


IncenseAndPorpoises t1_j6nfsvc wrote

Thoroughfare in Yarmouth. A little bit out of your way, but it's the best burger I've ever had. And their fries and milkshakes are also great.


MaineKent t1_j6mjc65 wrote

I like the burger at Nighthawk Kitchen inside of Mast Landing brewery in Freeport. I typically get the one with onions on it but I can't recall the name. I get the Gluten Free bun for health issues and it's pretty good. I can only imagine the regular bun is much better.


Metal_Worldly t1_j6n1kux wrote

Proper pig Waterville has a good burger. Haven't been for a year or so but sure it's still decent. All the apps we had and everyone's meal was good not just the burgers.


NoPossibility t1_j6mimjv wrote

May not be what you’re looking for, but I really like the burger at Selah Tea in downtown Waterville. Don’t think they do fries, they have chips and a pickle, pasta, and other sides though. That said, pretzel bun and toppings are delicious. Not very greasy either, just a delicious burger.

Edit: Huh, based on the URL it might be Turkey, actually!? I’m amazed honestly. It’s my go to when I’m in town there, and I’d rank it up there with some of the best burgers I’ve gotten. It’s definitely worth the try, even if it’s not your traditional beef burger and fries that you may have been seeking.


Alternative-Crab-663 t1_j6nczey wrote

SoPo may not be that close to Freeport, but the burger at David’s 388, on focaccia with fries, is worth a trip.


ghstber t1_j6ob1lb wrote

I've had a burger or two at Mainely Brews on Main and have enjoyed them. Otherwise, I'm also watching this thread for good burger suggestions in Waterville!