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thenoweeknder t1_j6mpkq8 wrote

New Yorker (city) here. What the hell does it feel like outside when it’s -44 degrees????? When it hits 10 degrees here, it feels like death. What is -44f suppose to be? How does one survive it, what clothes can you wear? Does the car even start?

Ps would love to visit when it’s actually warmer lol


Antnee83 t1_j6mq13o wrote

It's the type of cold that when you inhale, your boogers freeze all the way up to your brain


thenoweeknder t1_j6mu80i wrote

Haha damnnn


BantamBasher135 t1_j6mwfh7 wrote

No that's for real. I mean the brain part is a small exaggeration but legit if you don't have face covering you are getting ice crystals all the way up your nose.


thenoweeknder t1_j6mwnu9 wrote

Oh I believe you. Like I said, when its in the teens here on the rare occasion it’s like death. I can only imagine dropping a few degrees and then into the low low low -40s must be exponentially worse. Thanks for the heads up!


indyaj t1_j6p6wj9 wrote

It's true. "Booger-freezing cold" has been a temperature description since I was a kid. Doesn't matter what the thermometer says. If your boogers are freezing, it's cold.


MaineSoxGuy93 t1_j6msg1v wrote

>What the hell does it feel like outside when it’s -44 degrees?????

To me, I feel like I can't breathe, it becomes somewhat difficult to walk, and the world hates me. It's like you want to gasp for air and vomit at the same time.

>What is -44f suppose to be?


>How does one survive it, what clothes can you wear?

You wear as many layers as you can and refuse to go outside as much as possible.

>Does the car even start

When it wants to.


Artistic_Fly7811 t1_j6ohs0t wrote

I moved from northern Minnesota to Maine 5 years ago, the winters there are brutal, with frequent and consecutive below 0 temps such as these. It hurts to smile, talk and breathe. Sometimes you'll choke on the cold, you'll stop feeling your nose in a few minutes and snotcicles will form. If you have a beard you'll get condensation frost around you nose and mouth. You can toss boiling water in the air and it will Instantly turn to fog. I love Maine winters, but will always and forever hate this depth of cold. Stay warm friend.


thenoweeknder t1_j6mtt3k wrote

Gentleman and a scholar right here. Thanks for the info haha - I’m going up to Montreal Canada and it’s definitely not -44 but it’s going to be pretty cold and when I saw this, I figured if you guys can do it, I could probably get some information from the more extreme location that can translate to a lesser extreme location.


Blue_Eyed_ME t1_j6ni84a wrote

Coldest I've been in is -52 degrees (actual temp, not wind chill) while living in Alaska. To be honest, I didn't feel much difference between -20 and -50. It was all just f#cking cold. One cool thing was that if you tried to spit, it would freeze mid air with a popping sound.


thenoweeknder t1_j6nlfa5 wrote

Haha thats crazy. I’m glad where I’m going it wont be -52. I don’t know how it’s possible we survive these types of weather but people do!


biglymonies t1_j6o38f8 wrote

> What the hell does it feel like outside when it’s -44 degrees?

The air hurts your face and any other exposed skin (ears especially), boogers freeze, cheap gloves/mittens don't work, eyes can sometimes sting a little, and everything that is wet becomes ice. Having a beard that's completely iced over is a lot of fun, though! I always liked walking around indoors looking like Santa lol.

> How does one survive it, what clothes can you wear?

Layers and a good hat, gloves, socks, boots, etc.

My personal outfit for extended recreational outdoor time was usually: Wool socks, waterproof/windproof boots, regular underwear + long/thermal underwear, winter pants, long winter jacket with a fur hood, ski mittens (mittens are better than gloves for warmth), ski mask, and sometimes goggles.

When I worked manual labor, it was mostly the same minus the jacket and goggles, and dual gloves/mitten combo because I needed a bit of fine motor control. Had to wear the company Carhartt jacket, too.

> Does the car even start?

Depends on the vehicle, but most will so long as the battery is good. When it gets really cold, diesel vehicles have issues so they usually need to be plugged in overnight. There's this helpful mechanism called a Glow Plug that helps the startup process. Diesel fuel contains paraffin wax that gels up when it gets super cold.


indyaj t1_j6p5exs wrote

As long as the wind isn't blowing, -44F feels the same as -5F or 0F. It's just fucking cold. Your boogers freeze. It's hard to breathe. Your skin feels like it's being pinched (until it doesn't and then you're in trouble and need to get inside). If the wind is blowing, it's a completely different game.

I generally don't go outside unless I have to when it's below -5F which isn't that bad for a short cold spell like the one coming up. A longer cold spell has a whole checklist of things to do before it hits and behavior changes while it's here.

"Fashion" winter wear generally doesn't work in cold weather. You have to wear brands that build clothing for cold weather and then layer up.

My car has a built-in engine block heater that I just need to plug in for a few hours if I think I need to go somewhere. But why would I want to go out when it's that cold? It'll warm up eventually.


thenoweeknder t1_j6p8ioa wrote

Oh wow, thanks for the heads up. I’m looking forward to the experience but also I’m not haha. Going to definitely layer up with my cool weather gear and pick up some cold weather stuff as well.


indyaj t1_j6p9pwn wrote

Cold is a temporary state and easily remedied if you have access to indoors with heat. If you do, getting from Point A to Point B in extreme cold is a short, uncomfortable experience but it will end. It's also optional. You can always not go out.


theora55 t1_j6okbty wrote

temps shown are with wind chill, but subzero temps are just miserable. Frostbite can happen So Fast. Car doesn't care about wind, but I'm not going anywhere.