Submitted by KermitThrush t3_10mtasa in Maine

The second half of January and first half of February are statistically supposed to be the coldest time of the year in Maine.

The weather should historically be hovering around 10° right now for the state as a whole with it often dipping well below 0°, especially at night.

We’re having weather that is above freezing about half the time right now during the day.

Snow is not staying on the ground for very long.

A couple of days from now it’s supposed to get above 40° during the day for most of the state.

This is crazy.

Climate change is very real and scary.

It’s also absolutely ruining skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing and the ticks this spring are going to be horrible because of it.

This sub tends to be generally accepting of science but even here this is going to be a fairly unpopular thing to point out…

The way things are going now the scientists are predicting that the the coastal waters of Maine are going to lose their lobster populations within a generation as well as many other marine species.

The apparent inevitability of no skiing or other winter sports in the winter and no lobsters in the summer are going to hit our economy very hard.

I think this is a good time to remind everybody once again that the oil companies knew that their products were causing radical climate change as far back as the 1970s and actively colluded to cover up the information for decades.

And don’t forget that the majority of the Republican Party is still denying that climate change is a significant issue.

“Conservatives” will be the death of everything.



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GeeFLEXX t1_j65roue wrote

Just so you’re aware, the first set of data you linked is for a town in Wisconsin called Maine, not the state of Maine average.


WarmGooeyCookies t1_j65rzyv wrote

I agree with you but the first link is for Maine, Wisconsin not Maine the state


bitspace t1_j65axnr wrote

> oil companies

Hey, did you see that Irving got owned in a reddit post?


pairsof t1_j667hhu wrote

By 2050, the climate zones of the US are estimated to shift north up to 500 miles, giving us the weather of Virginia. Source: read in a physical irl book


EsmeSalinger t1_j6827l7 wrote

Does that mean we will have poisonous snakes on hikes?


pairsof t1_j685egw wrote

I’m sure we will see some new species appearing in Maine in the next few decades. Source: my opinion


Alphatron1 t1_j67hj4h wrote

Look up blue ocean by 2027


pairsof t1_j685ube wrote

So almost all the ice except right around the arctic circle will be gone in 4 years?! 😬


JimBones31 t1_j67fng7 wrote

Could you please name the physical irl book? I'd be interested in reading it.


pairsof t1_j685knr wrote

Here’s a link and a description. The authors are from Maine.

“Pretty Good House provides a framework and set of guidelines for building or renovating a high-performance home that focus on its inhabitants and the environment”


AggravatingReading41 t1_j6807qt wrote

This winter was so /not/ a winter, it convinced my extremely republican 74 year old grandfather that global warming is real. He asked why people weren’t trying to stop it.


siebzy t1_j651mv2 wrote

I'm not arguing with you about the impact of climate change or the importance of addressing it head on, but ironically after the last week we're right on track or above historical average snowfall in most parts of the state.


KermitThrush OP t1_j652r8v wrote

But the temperature is way above the historical average


siebzy t1_j659iy1 wrote

Not arguing with you bro. Im scared too.


EsmeSalinger t1_j682e67 wrote

The ice on my nearby river is still iffy. It’s usually safe by now.


siebzy t1_j683xv3 wrote

Seriously are you guys not able to read


BeNakedTogether t1_j66y4id wrote

Yeah, but that's another example of climate change. Warmer temperatures means the atmosphere can retain more moisture, hence more snowfall.

Edit: Why can a warming climate increase snowfall?


siebzy t1_j6840cz wrote

Can you read? I'm not arguing about climate change here.


Friendly-Matter-3819 t1_j66mgm5 wrote

They’ve been also saying for a long time now that winter and snowfall will become more severe when it comes but fewer snowstorms each season until it is just always rain. Probably acidic rain too so that’ll be fun.


InfamousCelery4438 t1_j6802fq wrote

I agree that climate change is scary. I've observed that many people just don't have the bandwidth to address the issues on a daily basis, because they are super busy just trying to work, provide for their families, and deal with the stresses that regular life throws at you. I don't fault anyone for not taking up the reins: we all have our calling, and they might have something equally important to do, or sick relatives, worries about the cost of gas, heating oil, and food.

So how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, as the saying goes. I tend to look for articles on how various people in Maine and around the world are addressing the issues, but only when I have the time and energy. I do agree that it's a complex issue, and I also get frustrated with my elected officials, because it seems like a lot of hot air is being spewed out, enough to heat my house at times!

One article I read, about the potato farming business, said that heavy rainstorms, as opposed to smaller and gentler rain, is washing away the topsoil, so universities and farmers are exploring ways to address it. I think Maine ended up sending potatoes to California last year? Which was interesting. My Dad used to be let out of school every Fall, to help bring in the potato harvest. He made 10 cents a bushel. Times are changing, life is shorter than we think, and I applaud you for caring.


Seppdizzle t1_j685koo wrote

Maine ended up sending potatoes to CA? What does that have to do with anything?


InfamousCelery4438 t1_j68anm0 wrote

Because California was short of potatoes, due to the drought conditions at the time. So in terms of climate change, they are also going to have to look at growing crops that don't require huge amounts of irrigation. Buying Maine potatoes isn't going to sustain them in the long run. Almonds also require a ton of water, and I believe they are a big deal out there. It's not just a local issue, potatoes.


Seppdizzle t1_j68zy7a wrote

Grew up in CA, always ate potatoes from Idaho. CA is growing so much stuff I never even knew we were known for potatoes lol


InfamousCelery4438 t1_j693i58 wrote

Haha, you're right, it was a drought from Idaho and Washington state:

I have a poor memory for details when I'm skimming articles.

I've only been to California once, years ago. My friend took me to Long Beach and then he took me for a walk on some mountain trail with lots of greenery. I was amazed by the mountains, lol, because I had never really thought about SoCal as having them, don't ask me why. He was house sitting for some friends in a town named Arcadia. Weirdly, my grandmother from Dexter had a cousin who married a woman from California, and they lived in Arcadia. I just found out recently, when doing some genealogy research. But you are right. Nice beaches, btw.


Seppdizzle t1_j693usf wrote

I looked it up, they are 10th in production of potatoes so you weren't entirely wrong :) I live in Gardiner now, we do miss the beaches :)


StarWarder t1_j67m6k0 wrote

Republicans are in denial. Democrats are proposing complicated, expensive, and ultimately ineffective solutions. Same dynamic as ever. This is why we haven’t addressed this problem.

Only one thing is needed and it’s possible only one thing will work politically and socially to solve this problem. Carbon Tax + Dividend. Go tell your reps.


banana-talk t1_j6dlvw3 wrote

Florida guy here.

When the hurricanes come, the wind is strong!

The thin and narrow trees bend with the winds and drop their leaves.

The strong, hard trees snap off branches, or become uprooted by the winds and die.

Remaining flexible ensures a long life. The palms do well here.


Tronbronson t1_j6akeqf wrote

Yelling at members of your community who agree with you is always a good way to gain some support. Isolating the people that disagree with you is a great way to get things done. Anger solves problems! No wait none of that is true. I hope you've taken some deep breaths and maybe thought about how you're an angry little asshole. We all live on the same dying planet, quit crying and acting like you're the only one who's affected and cares.


SR70 t1_j67dq1e wrote

Take a look at day 7 on the 7 day forecast. You’re welcome.


[deleted] t1_j655kk2 wrote



gooinmypants t1_j668df8 wrote

I dont know why you’re getting downvoted this is funny as hell


elt0p0 t1_j651ns9 wrote

Our climate is now shifting to El Nino conditions this year. A whole different weather dynamic.


KermitThrush OP t1_j652exa wrote

Actually for the last three years we’ve been experiencing Lanina conditions which makes things colder here than the otherwise would be.

And within the next few months the El Niño and La Nina weather cycle is actually supposed to enter a neutral phase.

And none of that accounts for the radical change in climate we’ve been experiencing over the last few decades and especially over the last decade.

But keep on watching Fox News and popping out misinformation tp discount the serious nature and threat of climate change.

Unfucking believable ignorance


elt0p0 t1_j652qv9 wrote

The only constant seems to be uncertainty.


[deleted] t1_j652yg0 wrote



elt0p0 t1_j653pgr wrote

I wasn't trying to bait you. Really. My posting history is not confrontational. Chill, bro.


KermitThrush OP t1_j654jih wrote

Maybe stop spreading bullshit then, Especially as it relates to critical social issues


elt0p0 t1_j655510 wrote

I don't spread BS. My footprint is tiny and you should really stop bullying and kindly FO.


ecco-domenica t1_j65rav8 wrote

You've just rendered yourself impotent as a persuader for your case. Which is too bad.


Interesting-Ladder24 t1_j66wkiz wrote

I dig all of this and I'm not disputing climate change but.. the Earth is always changing just like our own bodies. We really only have a few hundred years to play with. Maybe things are shifting and not so constant? Winter is still here. Just seems like it'll run end of December to mid May versus end of October to March. About the same amount of time.


MathematicianGlum880 t1_j66dxxa wrote

Soooo…why complain about something we can’t change? We might as well live with it and enjoy life as much as we can before we leave this experience.


Friendly-Matter-3819 t1_j66mqhh wrote

Good thing there’s a few millions scientists and engineers among many others dedicating their lives to figure it out and slow it even reverse it. You sot there and do nothing like a good little boy and the adults in the world will make sure your grandchildren are ok.


MathematicianGlum880 t1_j66ofxw wrote

You are wrong on sooo many levels. Seems you suck at figuring things out. The government has been burying things for many many years and you think they are ‘working on it’? 🤣🤣🤣

First of all…I’m not a male. Secondly…They can’t reverse anything. Our oceans are polluted and rivers are too. Research pole reversal and then come back and talk. It has happened before. I’m a 62f and have known for some time the acronyms they create are for your benefit not humanities. Nothing but a load of crap. Read about Love Canal and all the other places companies have buried chemicals,,,there are lots. Also, the lay person can’t change anything, when semis, dump trucks, planes, trains and other commercial vehicles dump WAY more shit into the air than our cars. They just want you thinking it’s your fault. Well you can own that guilt…I’m not. I lived in MA back in the 80’s and they had emission testing, that stopped right quick. Then it was in Maine for a very short amount of time. Go back to mommy’s basement.


mymaineaccount46 t1_j670xag wrote

The average person drives demand for the products creating pollution and emissions. If more people cared to take steps to reduce their foot print it would have an impact. Companies aren't dumping C02 in the air for fun, it's because they can make money from us for doing it.


Friendly-Matter-3819 t1_j677ps2 wrote

You’re wrong on virtually everything you said, but you’re too stupid for me to waste any more of my life responding to. And my basement living quarters are just lovely thank you very much.


mymaineaccount46 t1_j65gqnm wrote

I would kill for the snow to melt by me right now. Getting out was a struggle from hell and someone plowed my road shut.


kaozennrk t1_j65qw96 wrote

Yeah, nobody wants to admit that there's a third side to this discussion. Those of us for whatever reasons are not against climate change.


mymaineaccount46 t1_j670lpv wrote

I'm not gonna say I'm for climate change. I like Maines climate and wildlife for the most part.

OP just seemed overly upset by a few warm days coming up and I had a particularly bad struggle with the snow (that's not melting in my area) today resulting in some car damage.


RoyalRootersRallyCry t1_j65ux9m wrote

OP check the extended forecast. Brutal sub zero overnights coming with daytime highs in the teens.

And as an aside, did you not see the 25” of snow that fell last week?

GTFOH with your circular jaded political nonsense.


Calm_Captain_3541 t1_j660rbe wrote

That snow was much heavier than normal and barely brought us to average so that means nothing as far as your argument goes. And those temps you mentioned are normal so if you average a baseline of 0 with +2 you still get +1. Look at the data, we’re still warmer than average.


Wooden-Importance t1_j64zps2 wrote

It's totally helping with my heating bill.

No complaints here.


Commercial-Amount344 t1_j650it3 wrote

Yeah, I thought this when I lived in MO and we stopped getting long or really cold winters. Then realized 95-degree 6-month summers were not worth it. I was paying 300-600 dollars a month to heat or cool all year long. It goes from frozen to swamp ass. With 1 week of fall or spring in between.


KermitThrush OP t1_j65038z wrote

Gotta love the ignorance of comments like this

And as far as utility bills go I had to install air conditioning in my house this past summer for the first time ever and will have to run it more frequently during the summer year after year as things continue to get worse.


Wooden-Importance t1_j6519im wrote

Thanks for calling me ignorant.

Let me ask you, what can I do about global warming.


KermitThrush OP t1_j651co2 wrote

Maybe not cheerlead for it?

“Iz gOod Cuz iT rEDooZes mE hEaTiNg BiLLs!”


ZealousidealTreat139 t1_j651p1w wrote

Talk about ignorance, God forbid anyone try to bring a little light humor to a dreadful topic. Best we all be gloomy and miserable about it from now on.....


makemenutraloaf t1_j652ekl wrote

It’s what gets shit done. Dont forget to stay in bed all day, it’s the best way to decrease your carbon footprint

Edit- not saying i dont acknowledge human-driven climate-change, im just saying that being miserable gets nothing done and will stress you out and you will live a shorter life for it.


Antnee83 t1_j65cwsg wrote

Hey were you aware that you're being a knob for absolutely no reason?


Wooden-Importance t1_j6537yk wrote

I am not "cheerleading" for it.

Governments and industry are the cause and there is nothing that I can do to fix it.

What I can do is realize that warmer weather means that I use less heating oil. That benefits the environment and saves me money.

If you think that I am ignorant for realizing that warmer weather saves poor Mainers money then good for you bub.


KermitThrush OP t1_j6540vq wrote

To quote from your original comment about the warming climate:

“No complaints here.”

Piss off “bub”


Wooden-Importance t1_j654nrt wrote

Why are you so mad?

Was your school lunch cold today?

Did mommy not give you a kiss this morning?


DidDunMegasploded t1_j65seos wrote

That's not an acceptable answer.

PSAs do a better job of explaining what people can do about global warming than you. And one of 'em had a girl about to be hit by a train!