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loki01 t1_j497zuv wrote

Reply to comment by The_Shredz24 in American Chop Suey by Simmyphila

Same Maine to Texas, where do you live now? I’m in the Dallas area. About an hour north


The_Shredz24 t1_j49qx9o wrote

I’m near Beaumont, down in the SE corner by Louisiana. What part of Maine are you from?


loki01 t1_j4ofhdi wrote

I’m from the Bangor area. Lived in Glenburn for about 6 years. Family moved back up there


The_Shredz24 t1_j4pm16s wrote

Oh nice! I’m from the Old Town area. Drove through Glenburn a few times last October, never seen so many deer an turkeys.