Submitted by humbleaustin22 t3_117pvv1 in Maine

Hey there Maine people! My wife and I are uncle and aunt to a very interesting and specific kind of young kiddo. They come from a very unique upbringing and are home schooled. We don’t know what to get them for a gift for their 10th birthday and they recently moved to Auburn, Maine. Does anyone have a recommendation or a local store or business that we could buy a gift card from or encourage their parents to shop at on our behalf that would get them doing something outdoorsy and/or sciencey? They love dinosaurs and survivalism type skills as well.



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megamoose4 t1_j9d2m88 wrote

Two words: bowie knife.

Every kids best friend.


gregra193 t1_j9d6ilo wrote

Not sure what you’re looking to spend and what the family is into— but if they like hunting and fishing, 15 is the cutoff to buy a lifetime license. You’d need to coordinate with the parents on purchasing it.


NeverAgainTheSame t1_j9hoani wrote

I can’t decide whether I find the idea of a Resident Infant Hunting License hilarious, cute, or off putting. Somehow it’s a bit of all three?


gregra193 t1_j9hsfbz wrote

So that’s the cost to purchase a lifetime hunting license if the person is currently an Infant to Age 5.

Any hunter under age 16 must follow these rules:

•Hunters from 10–15 years of age must be in the presence of, and under the effective control of, a junior hunter supervisor.

•Hunters under the age of 10 must be in the presence of, and under the effective control of, a junior hunter supervisor who remains at all times within 20 feet of the hunter.


PowPowPowerCrystal t1_j9d6qmg wrote

The Wal Mart there has one heck of a pole


SheSellsSeaShells967 t1_j9d8p77 wrote

Hey that little 10-year-old asked to visit the pole for her birthday! The story is somewhere on this sub.


IamSauerKraut t1_j9dk8sw wrote

That was a 9 y.o.

10 is too young to pole dance, imho. But give the kiddo a shopping trip at Lowe's next door!


The_Cream_Man t1_j9d9cok wrote

As someone who also loves the outdoors:

If I was buying a gift for an outdoorsy kid near Auburn it would definitely be related to rock hounding.

Auburn is right next to Mt.Apatite where they can go look for all sorts of cool rocks and minerals.

Maybe if you can find a guidebook on rocks and minerals of Maine and a shovel and some gloves? Also, if you want to go all out maybe they sell gift cards to the business "Dig Maine Gems" at Mt.Mica? In warmer weather the Sunday outings are a ton of fun and would really get them interested in exploring Mt. Apatite which is closer and free.

Honestly just writing this makes me want to go out there 😅

Edit: link to dig Maine Gems I don't think they open till end of March or early April


eljefino t1_j9hc4to wrote

You can get a geiger counter on ebay for $50 or so. Great for the budding geologist.


pamgun t1_j9d35nq wrote

Maybe not from a local store but how about a microscope or chemistry set?


humbleaustin22 OP t1_j9d3c1o wrote

Ooh nice idea! Thank you!


pamgun t1_j9d3li1 wrote

A chemistry set with a simple microscope was the best gift I ever got. Went on to get. a Ph.D in plant sciences. You never know.


Andrew_Lollo-Baloney t1_j9dl246 wrote

This is awesome! If it wasn’t an immediate family member (or I guess even if it was) does the person that gifted you that stuff know it had such an impact?


pamgun t1_j9f2qui wrote

That is a great question. It was from my parents. Now that I think about it that gift really did light a fire in me.


RitaPoole56 t1_j9deza6 wrote

I’d suggest a folding pocket magnifying glass and a field microscope. Perhaps a decent set of binoculars too? Field guides?


IamSauerKraut t1_j9dkb8o wrote

Binocs and a bird book is what I gave one of mine at about that age.


sweetfolly t1_j9dntif wrote

Check online for sets of pre-made slides too. They're fairly inexpensive for quite a few slides.


Candygramformrmongo t1_j9d8qr1 wrote

Chemistry sets aren’t what they used to be!


Bazyli_Kajetan t1_j9dbfpe wrote

Yeah you can’t just run down to the corner store for arsenic to tan your beaver pelts. The world is goin down the tubes


kcolli07 t1_j9drtie wrote

Really nice set of binoculars or telescope


RoughOyster t1_j9d3o1z wrote

When my boy (also homeschooled) was 10 he just wanted ice fishing traps so I got him 5 from heritage which was 5 years ago.


humbleaustin22 OP t1_j9dprzw wrote

UPDATE: Their mom gave us a very specific update and they would like a gift card to this place called Artist Craftsman. But I shared all the tips and stuff with their mom too so you’ve all been super helpful


MosskeepForest t1_j9ely64 wrote

Figure out what type of art they are into. Encourage them to learn digital (it's what I do). So a computer tablet or something that lets them draw could be a huge advantage to being able to practice / learn more (if they don't have one already).

Then they can sculpt and draw and paint and do a huge range of things digitally (Eventually even 3d printing or other production techniques if they want to bring it into the real world).


Karen_Moody t1_j9f8jpd wrote

Do you live near Portland? Unfortunately Artist & Craftsman Supple doesn't sell electronic gift cards at the moment.

They're at 540 Deering Ave, Portland, ME 04103


computore t1_j9d56ff wrote

Do they have a computer? I got my kids a microscope that you could hook up to your computer. We spent hours looking at plants and rocks. If that sounds interesting, I can find the brand.


thisisntveryme t1_j9d80m3 wrote

The mineral museum in Bethel? The cryptid museum in Portland/somewhere I can’t remember?


houndshmix t1_j9dklk4 wrote

My son LOVES Bull Moose music, and there’s one in that area. They have books, music, games, movies. New and used


houndshmix t1_j9dkqne wrote

Oh, I just read the outdoorsy part. Beans is right down the road.


Guygan t1_j9d5rrr wrote

10 is old enough to have their first hunting rifle if their family are hunters.


telafee t1_j9fko37 wrote

Maine state park pass. A summer of endless delights and adventures year round! Your welcome!


bleahdeebleah t1_j9d2ya5 wrote

I'm not in Auburn, but a camping supplies store perhaps?


larkspurred t1_j9djujg wrote

Rewild Maine has lots of kid and family-friendly classes throughout the year, maybe attend with them or arrange transportation to one or a few of those?


Delicious_Rabbit4425 t1_j9dxdtq wrote

Gift card to diversion games


MosskeepForest t1_j9em1d5 wrote

Haha I was going to say "gift card to Roblox", it sounded unusual they were so outdoorsy and not into games or anything online.


dumpln t1_j9eqsyl wrote

What about those science kits you can get on a regular basis? STEM subscriptions


timothypjr t1_j9evrsi wrote

A good compass and a map of the local area’s hiking trails, and perhaps a subscription to AllTrails is another good choice. Most most out door activities such as hunting (not counting prep) is walking in the woods with the confidence that you know where you are. Fishing similarly—if you want the “good” spots. There’s few things I like more about Maine than a little off trail (be aware of trespassing) adventuring. I got my first compass as a young kid, and I have always enjoyed knowing I can navigate if I should need to.


JimBones31 t1_j9fcyfq wrote

A good hiking backpack


Miltra t1_j9h7cia wrote

Quiet City Books in Lewiston!


alexrothschild23 t1_j9hdk2a wrote

Are you trying to say this child is in a cult?


saysox83 t1_j9hg5ck wrote

There is an interesting toy/game store at Auburn Mall still I think. Otherwise, I'd recommend Beans. It's not too far


TAmber1213 t1_j9dpg2v wrote

If they live near a bass pro shop that has a bunch of stuff they might be interested in!!!!!!