Submitted by garrettofdoom t3_10rvog4 in Maine

I have a 20 yr old male neighbor who has been kicked out of his house. He's currently staying with me due to the cold, but would like to find something more permanent for him. Can anyone please suggest resources for finding housing? He does not have a job, and is sober as far as I know. Looking for assistance programs to get him on his own so this "one or two nights" staying over doesn't stretch into weeks.


Edit: Thanks to all for the responses, we got him in contact with some of his family, who are getting him help.



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happyMLE t1_j6y5qtj wrote

He's the right age for job corps. I've only heard good things about the program. They provide housing, meals, and training.


BillDStrong t1_j6y6zoh wrote

As someone that was in Job Corps more than 20 years ago, I think it is a good program for those that are motivated.

Also, I don't know what is available here in Maine, but taking one of the trades is a great path forward for a good living, especially with the clear lack of them today.


Alternative_Sort_404 t1_j70ftqv wrote

Getting into the trades here is kind of a crap-shoot… You never know whether you will work for someone responsible and organized or whether you will be treated as just a casual laborer with no hope of advancement or even the most basic training about anything. (From experience) Edit - a formal program would be a better bet for success


BillDStrong t1_j70l4yf wrote

When I was at Job Corps, they offered Building Maintenance and Plumbing as one of the options to train in. This is what I was referring to, specifically.


Silktrocity t1_j7519io wrote

Honestly, the best way to work a trade is start your own business within the industry.


SeantheBangorian t1_j702shs wrote

One of the projects I had to complete was English tutoring at Job Crops in Bangor. The tutoring was eye-opening and rewarding. This is an excellent program for those devoted. I suggest he looks into this. Depending on his needs as well, it is near the bus station, so he can get to places if needed.


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z2luv wrote

This is a great resource I wasn't aware of. Thank you.


Darcola123 t1_j6ygzj2 wrote

This is good advice. They also offer job placement and financial transition assistance.

You just have to follow the rules, and there are a lot of them, but it's worth the work for all the help people can get.


jAhn523 t1_j6z2vja wrote

I went back in 2018 to the Penobscot one and it was absolutely not good.


AndronicusI t1_j6zmi29 wrote

Second this option, but check with him to see if he has access to any of his personal documents - birth certificate, state ID/DL, social security card, income statements (if any) and if he's currently on probation. Depending on the center/contractor, they usually need copies of those to move forward further along with the admissions process. Having any pending legal entanglements (i.e. probation, upcoming court hearings, etc.) will deny him entry outright or delay it until resolved.

If he has a "documented disability," then the income requirement is waived and he's essentially conditionally accepted barring something negative popping up on background check.

If he's interested and has those docs, then he should mention that he wants to become a "residential student," which will prioritize entry, as most centers are desperate to fill spots on campus.

Happy to further assist if he's interested .


bwma t1_j6ybj7i wrote

It’s all seasonal work. Jobs include cheap, and even sometimes free, housing and food. It’s a great way to save money because you work and don’t really have bills. I have a friend who got a DUI, lost his license and was on track to be homeless. He found a job at a resort and over the course of a season was able to save up $10k.


missing1102 t1_j6ysnw0 wrote

I have worked with the homeless for 25 years. The system has no real place for kids his age. There may be a youth shelter in your community that's where I would start. People have lots of different ideas about homelessness..most kids his age don't do well in any kind of shelter environment. The ones for youth have extreme rules and the ones for adults are no place for 20 year old. They typically become targets for predators or instigate issues. This is based on managing a shelter that held hundreds every night.

Your kindness means something. The posts here about being careful or not extending that kindness are very accurate ...unless the young man is exceptional. If you have the patience you could sit down with him and have him call community resources. If he's not capable of doing it himself and it's overwhelming for you then pm me and I can try to help you.


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z3qex wrote

Thank you, I look at a shelter as an absolute last resort since he can't stay here. This is a he might die out there tonight with nothing, but come normal temps (meaning after this cold snap), he's not staying here. Period.


odmcgirt t1_j6z4gmn wrote

You could contact New Beginnings - right in Lewiston, they support individuals his age and would be a great resource.


DeyCallMeTimmy2shoes t1_j6y6eob wrote

The coast guard!


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z2w45 wrote

I come from a Navy family, so I probably can't suggest Coast Guard ;). But great idea. In all seriousness, thank you.


New-Work-139 t1_j6y63ps wrote

Oh boy. I’d agree with others here - he needs to get a job asap. Unless you want him in and out of the shelter system, that’s the only way he’s going to get housing of his own.

Good luck to you OP but I don’t see this ending well to be honest. People don’t often voluntarily part with free housing in my experience. Word to the wise, if you accept any work as payment, he is legally a tenant and you need to give 30 days notice before you can evict him.


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z356n wrote

Appreciate the words of caution. There is no payment, this is a favor for that reason.


tbone985 t1_j6zel6f wrote

I would add to this, there’s a high probability you don’t know the full story. Good on you for trying to help out, though.


[deleted] t1_j6ygpss wrote

Stop being an ass, this person is a human and the poster is asking for help.


New-Work-139 t1_j6ytg32 wrote

I did help, by posting relevant advice and a corresponding source. What did you do?


MaineJackalope t1_j6yrpag wrote

Both people here are humans, and if one of them is on the dysfunctional side that relationship can go sour quick


[deleted] t1_j6ysdql wrote

benefit of the doubts on the first person because they own a place or rent, a higher social class.


MaineJackalope t1_j6ysp6y wrote

Benefit of the doubt on the person who didn't get kicked out of their housing arrangement and is apparently aimless on how to get housing again.


imnotyourbrahh t1_j6y37o4 wrote

Location would be helpful because counties have different programs. KVCAP in Kennebec helps people like him.


conflictedbosun t1_j6yds7f wrote

Get that lad on a lobster/fishing boat. He'll have room and board while making good money. Good enough to come home with rental dough to get set up with a place. Don't get sucked into this vortex, been there, done that, with people I really care about. (And will again, tbh, lotta "free spirits" in my circle) But there is a massive difference between helping and enabling.


AdmiralWackbar t1_j6yt6aa wrote

Room and board is not common on the east coast, you gotta head up to Alaska for those kind of jobs

That’s one of the largest commercial fishing companies in the US if there’s any interest


conflictedbosun t1_j6zsspr wrote

Umm, I have 7 friends that do this. Usually 2 to 4 weeks out. Come home with chunks.


conflictedbosun t1_j6zsxfy wrote

Always hiring. I stay anonymous on reddit but it's as real as the day is long.


Cashewcamera t1_j6z2kk7 wrote

The military is good for this with a big addendum:

The right job.

He should aim for fields like health care, nuclear, aircraft mechanic (specifically aircraft), underwater, computer security, wielder, electronics repair, Intelligence, or a job with a high clearance he can then push into the civilian sector (at least Top Secret). There are lots of good jobs that translate well to civilian life with good paying jobs.

He should steer clear of infantry, supply, truck driver, artillery, mechanic. They will give you nothing.

There are lots of subreddits to help with this. If he’s not into military life it’s better to go Coast Guard or Airforce.

He should at least study for the ASVAB and take the test.

Active duty is full board, food, health care, 30 days paid vacation and college money. Should anyone HAVE to do this? NO. But it is an absolutely viable option to get ahead of the game when your starting off at the bottom of the ladder.


Fit_Ad_7218 t1_j6yoql2 wrote

Step one is get a job


IamSauerKraut t1_j6zq6vr wrote

Yeah, for sure. Tell him to get his arse off your couch!


Flashy_Yam967 t1_j6ygxf0 wrote

Military service. Paycheck, housing, job training. At age 20 and absent disqualifiers (drugs, felonies, medical), homelessness is a choice because military is an option.


IBOstro t1_j6zy920 wrote

If he has a birthday later than his housing needs there is a youth homeless shelter in Bangor that will help establish a record of housing insecurity and help file the paperwork for attaining a housing voucher with the state. The day program is 7:30-7:30 and the shelter runs 7:30-7:30. They can help with transportation to/from work with cab vouchers. Food assistance is available too. They accept 13-21 last I checked. There is also a transitional living program in the same building that helps youth get into apartments.


houseonthehilltop t1_j6zpm26 wrote

You are very kind and thoughtful. By your example maybe this young man will one day be able to do the same and "pay it forward". I don't live in the area so I am of no help but I am sending my best to you both


halfkender t1_j6yxdt0 wrote

Contact 211 . They have local resources just for this scenario.


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z3rww wrote

Great idea, I didn't know that was a thing. Thank you.


farmingmaine t1_j71y4vv wrote

Join the Navy. Food, housing, training, supervision.


VegUltraGirl t1_j6ye604 wrote

What area?


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6yefzx wrote

Lewiston/Auburn, but frankly I'd be willing to drive him anywhere he needed to get to.


hapsap15 t1_j6ypqyh wrote

Pleasant Street Drop in Center in auburn can probably help with resources, and point him in the right direction. If he’s not sober, An Angel’s Wing is a great starting place for information and referral in the L/A area.


awhol01 t1_j6zxck2 wrote

Cmcc has great technical programs. Try an auto program may be able to do apreteurship program with a shop and get paid while going to school. Shops are looking for good techs.


contra-bonos-mores t1_j6yj1i4 wrote

Around what city are you near? I help folks find housing and have some resources but I’m on the Midcoast


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z37qs wrote

Lewiston/Auburn, but willing to take him anywhere he needs to go.


Money-Topic-725 t1_j6zfosa wrote

Have him call Knox County Homeless Coalition if he’s in Knox, Waldo, or Lincoln County! We have TCM (case mgmt) services. 207-593-8151


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6zo82z wrote

Lewiston/Auburn unfortunately but appreciate your input.


IamSauerKraut t1_j6zq0df wrote

20 years old but no job...

I hear the Army is looking for a few good men.


awhol01 t1_j6zwevt wrote

What does he have for skills? Does he have ambition to work? Why are you asking not him? If he wants to work I know places hiring for laborers.


CommonAmazing1796 t1_j6yaftw wrote

He needs a job then send him to the homeless shelter (Portland). He will have food shelter


Sufficient_Risk1684 t1_j6ygipx wrote

This tell his lazy ass to get a job. Literally everywhere is hiring.


[deleted] t1_j6ygsuj wrote

Yeah im sure a entry level job will magically get him a rent. Grow up and stop slamming people down and out.


[deleted] t1_j6yj1uw wrote



[deleted] t1_j6ykvfn wrote

I dont disagree jobs are what people need to do most of the time unless your rich, but jesus stop acting like a heartless Republican. "homeless people need to GET A JOB".


Sufficient_Risk1684 t1_j6yk38o wrote

Minimum wage is now 13.80 an hour. That $550 a week 29 k a year. And most places are starting higher. That's not magic. That's the lowest possible pay.


kazaskie t1_j6ytksv wrote

Right but the issue is that say this person lands a minimum wage job tomorrow, they’re still going to be out in the cold in a day or two. No place to wash themselves or their clothes, no phone or email to keep up to date with their employer. And even if they manage to find a solution to all those problems while unhoused, they’re still going to need at least like 3 weeks pay for a deposit and months rent on a place, and that’s saving literally every penny they’re making from that job.. and also I’m not sure if you’ve factored taxes into that 550/week, so they’d be making even less than you’re suggesting


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z3dz7 wrote

This is ultimately the problem, the log term solution is obvious, need to figure something out for tomorrow.


DidDunMegasploded t1_j6yl34c wrote

OP doesn't even specify why he doesn't have a job. Is it laziness? Is it lack of physical and/or mental capability? Is it transportation issues? You don't know. No one knows. Slow your roll.


[deleted] t1_j719o8g wrote

OP, thanks for doing what you can to help those in your community. I've learned more from reading this thread too.


BeatNick5384 t1_j71atum wrote

Depending on what county you are in, contact your local County Action Program and refer him for Family Coaching or Workforce. They have funds to help people in situations like that.


Eccentrically_loaded t1_j6zc1on wrote

Username doesn't check out!

Ha, ha. Thanks for caring. Sounds like you have had a lot of good advice.


Seyword t1_j6ziv4c wrote

Kicked out by whom? Family? Landlord? Stopped paying rent?


Buccimister t1_j6znjtk wrote

If he’s in the Augusta area, reach out to Bread of Life.


Chupacabra2030 t1_j6z22dt wrote

Surely someone on this subreddit has an extra room.


Freeman0032 t1_j6yi1mt wrote

is that a joke this is capitalism, monetize whats left of him and then blame him for his misfortune. There is no incentive to help each other under capitalism.


Wooden-Importance t1_j6xw51o wrote

For him,

  1. Get a job
  2. Get paid
  3. Find housing

IDK what he expects, but there are people WITH jobs and families that don't have housing. You should send him on his way (after this cold snap) with directions to the nearest homeless shelter.

Why doesn't he have a job? There are jobs available everywhere.

Perhaps he should make nice with whoever kicked him out, and return to that house. Unemployed 20 year olds don't have a lot of options for free housing.


Runnah5555 t1_j6y5hrt wrote

You should make signs or leaflets to let all these homeless folks know that their salvation is only 3 steps away.


Wooden-Importance t1_j6ybrzb wrote

Did you miss the part of my post where I said:

there are people WITH jobs and families that don't have housing.


Over_Sheepherder4744 t1_j6yiv37 wrote

No, we didn't. You just missed the part where you were dropped on your head repeatedly as a child and as such cannot form a coherent thought process.


Wooden-Importance t1_j6yqjat wrote

Very good argument. /s

Seriously what part of my post triggered you?

There is very little public assistance available for an unemployed 20 y.o single man.

I gave totally reasonable advise an some folks just freaked out.

Seriously, instead of talking garbage, tell me what was wrong with my post.


ODBEIGHTY1 t1_j9ym2qa wrote

Dude, you really need help. You really are just nasty aren't you?