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New-Work-139 t1_j6y63ps wrote

Oh boy. I’d agree with others here - he needs to get a job asap. Unless you want him in and out of the shelter system, that’s the only way he’s going to get housing of his own.

Good luck to you OP but I don’t see this ending well to be honest. People don’t often voluntarily part with free housing in my experience. Word to the wise, if you accept any work as payment, he is legally a tenant and you need to give 30 days notice before you can evict him.


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z356n wrote

Appreciate the words of caution. There is no payment, this is a favor for that reason.


tbone985 t1_j6zel6f wrote

I would add to this, there’s a high probability you don’t know the full story. Good on you for trying to help out, though.


[deleted] t1_j6ygpss wrote

Stop being an ass, this person is a human and the poster is asking for help.


New-Work-139 t1_j6ytg32 wrote

I did help, by posting relevant advice and a corresponding source. What did you do?


MaineJackalope t1_j6yrpag wrote

Both people here are humans, and if one of them is on the dysfunctional side that relationship can go sour quick


[deleted] t1_j6ysdql wrote

benefit of the doubts on the first person because they own a place or rent, a higher social class.


MaineJackalope t1_j6ysp6y wrote

Benefit of the doubt on the person who didn't get kicked out of their housing arrangement and is apparently aimless on how to get housing again.