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BillDStrong t1_j6y6zoh wrote

As someone that was in Job Corps more than 20 years ago, I think it is a good program for those that are motivated.

Also, I don't know what is available here in Maine, but taking one of the trades is a great path forward for a good living, especially with the clear lack of them today.


Alternative_Sort_404 t1_j70ftqv wrote

Getting into the trades here is kind of a crap-shoot… You never know whether you will work for someone responsible and organized or whether you will be treated as just a casual laborer with no hope of advancement or even the most basic training about anything. (From experience) Edit - a formal program would be a better bet for success


BillDStrong t1_j70l4yf wrote

When I was at Job Corps, they offered Building Maintenance and Plumbing as one of the options to train in. This is what I was referring to, specifically.


Silktrocity t1_j7519io wrote

Honestly, the best way to work a trade is start your own business within the industry.


SeantheBangorian t1_j702shs wrote

One of the projects I had to complete was English tutoring at Job Crops in Bangor. The tutoring was eye-opening and rewarding. This is an excellent program for those devoted. I suggest he looks into this. Depending on his needs as well, it is near the bus station, so he can get to places if needed.