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conflictedbosun t1_j6yds7f wrote

Get that lad on a lobster/fishing boat. He'll have room and board while making good money. Good enough to come home with rental dough to get set up with a place. Don't get sucked into this vortex, been there, done that, with people I really care about. (And will again, tbh, lotta "free spirits" in my circle) But there is a massive difference between helping and enabling.


AdmiralWackbar t1_j6yt6aa wrote

Room and board is not common on the east coast, you gotta head up to Alaska for those kind of jobs

That’s one of the largest commercial fishing companies in the US if there’s any interest


conflictedbosun t1_j6zsspr wrote

Umm, I have 7 friends that do this. Usually 2 to 4 weeks out. Come home with chunks.


conflictedbosun t1_j6zsxfy wrote

Always hiring. I stay anonymous on reddit but it's as real as the day is long.