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[deleted] t1_j6ygsuj wrote

Yeah im sure a entry level job will magically get him a rent. Grow up and stop slamming people down and out.


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[deleted] t1_j6ykvfn wrote

I dont disagree jobs are what people need to do most of the time unless your rich, but jesus stop acting like a heartless Republican. "homeless people need to GET A JOB".


Sufficient_Risk1684 t1_j6yk38o wrote

Minimum wage is now 13.80 an hour. That $550 a week 29 k a year. And most places are starting higher. That's not magic. That's the lowest possible pay.


kazaskie t1_j6ytksv wrote

Right but the issue is that say this person lands a minimum wage job tomorrow, they’re still going to be out in the cold in a day or two. No place to wash themselves or their clothes, no phone or email to keep up to date with their employer. And even if they manage to find a solution to all those problems while unhoused, they’re still going to need at least like 3 weeks pay for a deposit and months rent on a place, and that’s saving literally every penny they’re making from that job.. and also I’m not sure if you’ve factored taxes into that 550/week, so they’d be making even less than you’re suggesting


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z3dz7 wrote

This is ultimately the problem, the log term solution is obvious, need to figure something out for tomorrow.