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missing1102 t1_j6ysnw0 wrote

I have worked with the homeless for 25 years. The system has no real place for kids his age. There may be a youth shelter in your community that's where I would start. People have lots of different ideas about homelessness..most kids his age don't do well in any kind of shelter environment. The ones for youth have extreme rules and the ones for adults are no place for 20 year old. They typically become targets for predators or instigate issues. This is based on managing a shelter that held hundreds every night.

Your kindness means something. The posts here about being careful or not extending that kindness are very accurate ...unless the young man is exceptional. If you have the patience you could sit down with him and have him call community resources. If he's not capable of doing it himself and it's overwhelming for you then pm me and I can try to help you.


garrettofdoom OP t1_j6z3qex wrote

Thank you, I look at a shelter as an absolute last resort since he can't stay here. This is a he might die out there tonight with nothing, but come normal temps (meaning after this cold snap), he's not staying here. Period.


odmcgirt t1_j6z4gmn wrote

You could contact New Beginnings - right in Lewiston, they support individuals his age and would be a great resource.